Types of down filled comforters

You know that you want to buy a down filled comforter but which variety? The market has various options to offer. Each one of the comforters comes with its specific characteristics and properties that make it suitable for use during one season or another.

Before making up your mind, it is important to explore the various kinds of down filled comforters that the market has to offer. Here are some of the top distinctions.

Fill Power Differences

Down filled comforters are most often differentiated by their fill power. This is one of the most important numbers you’ll have to get acquainted with.

In essence, the fill power is the amount of space that one ounce of down (or another material) occupies. The higher the fill power, the larger the down cluster is going to be. This fact will result in a fluffier and bigger comforter.

The fill power will also refer to the insulating quality of the down filled comforter. If you want a comforter for year-round use, you’ll have to choose a certain fill power. The number would be different from what you’ll need during the winter.

Comforters that have fill power in the 450 to 500 range are relatively flat and they can be used during the summer. Fill power in the range from 500 to 600 typically indicates that the comforter is suitable for year-round use. This type of comforter is appropriate for moderate weather and it’s usually relatively affordable.

High quality down comforters have fill power in the range from 600 to 700. They are warm, fluffy and breathable. If you live in a colder climate, you can use such a comforter throughout the year. A comforter that has a fill count in this range will be more expensive than the types mentioned previously.

The final category consists of comforters that have a fill count above 750. These comforters are best for use during cold winter weather and they are the most expensive variety. They are incredibly fluffy and as they age, such comforters will become even cozier.

Goose vs. Duck Down

When it comes to the types of down filled comforters, you’ll also have to choose between two main varieties of filling – goose and duck down.

In essence, goose and duck down are quite similar to each other. Both of them provide sufficient insulation, making the comforter warm and cozy. Usually, the goose clusters of down tend to be a bit larger than the duck ones. This is the main reason why goose down filled comforters come with a higher fill power. If you are looking for a fluffier comforter, goose down will be the right pick for you.

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There’s also some evidence that goose down is much more resilient than duck down. As a result, goose down comforters tend to be among the most expensive on the market. They do pay off for the investment in the form of longevity and many years of worry-free use.

Down and Feather Mixes

People looking for a more reasonably priced options will usually opt for a comforter that uses both goose down and feather. The most expensive products on the market feature 90 to 100 percent goose down filling. The material is very fine and smaller than feathers. This is why larger quantities will be required to fill the comforter.

Down and feather comforters are once again fluffy and warm. The only difference is that they could be a bit heavier than down-filled comforters. The texture of feathers is specific and you’ll be capable of differentiating down and down/feather mix comforters by touching them and squeezing the filling.

Down-Alternative Comforter

If you are looking for an even more affordable option, explore down-alternative comforters. This final type of bedding contains synthetic materials that replicate the authentic down. Because the filling is synthetic, the price of the comforter will be much lower than in the case of genuine down.

Down-alternative comforters are still soft but they’ll never be as fluffy as the real thing. On the upside. The fillings used are hypoallergenic, which makes such comforters great for people that are prone to experiencing allergic reactions.

These are the main distinctions between down filled comforters. Think about the fill count and the material that you’d like the filling to be made of. Once you make these decisions, you can narrow down the number of suitable options to just a few.


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