Top 3 California King Down Comforters – The Best Rated Comforters For Oversized King Beds


The best rated down comforters made for California king beds

Here are the 3 comforters I’ve chosen as the best choices for oversized king beds. It actually took a surprisingly long time to find these down comforters. Be careful when you’re shopping for California King comforters. It seems that unscrupulous sellers will often list regular King sized comforters as California King/Oversized King.

A regular King comforter measures 110″ x 96″ versus 110″x100″ for a California King comforter. That’s a difference of 4″ between regular King and California King comforters. For most people this difference won’t be noticeable, but if you have a Cal-king mattress, the lack of overhang will make your comforter look out of place. The comforters listed below are true California King sizes.

It seems that the Canadian bedding manufacturers came out on top when it comes to oversized bedding. Many of the popular American companies only make regular King comforters or lazily call their regular King sizes “California King”. The few truly oversized King down comforters I found that also met my criteria for quality were made by Highland Feather and Daniadown.

My first choice is a standard “all seasons” warmth comforter from Highland Feather, a Canadian down bedding company that makes their comforters in Ontario. My second choice is a light summer fill comforter that’s also made by Highland Feather. For my third best comforter I chose a luxurious winter warmth white goose down comforter from Daniadown that’s not only wide enough for a Cal-king mattress, but so big that you get an extra foot of comforter to snuggle into! This comforter is perfect if you’re a snuggler who likes to wrap your comforter around your shoulders and feet.

All three of the comforters I’ve chosen are made with quality materials such as 550-800 fill power goose down and are constructed with real baffle boxes instead of inferior quilt stitching so you will get the loftiest comforter with a minimal amount of bare spots and shifting.

How did I choose the top 3 comforters for this list?

To be sure I picked the best comforters for this list I spent several hours going through buyer reviews and made sure to look out for any complaints about sizing and quality. One criteria that is non-negotiable for me is that all comforters have to measure over 110″x100″ to be included in this list. I consider anything under that to be a regular king sized comforter.

If you personally have any experience with these 3 comforters (good or bad) please leave a comment below.

Here’s a short explanation of how I chose the 3 comforters on this list.

--------- #1 Rated Goose Down Comforter ---------

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  • I went through buyer reviews and eliminated any products where buyers said the comforter was too small to hang over the edge of the bed.
  • I favored comforters that have real baffle boxes versus just plain box stitching. Chances are that if you have a large King bed, then you will accept nothing short of quality fit for a king.
  • Quality is of utmost importance! I’ve eliminated any comforters where there were mentions of feathers leaking out and bare spots in the comforter.
  • Are you a hot sleeper? Do you keep your bedroom extra cold? Or maybe you love the fluffiness of down but live somehwere hot like Arizona or Florida.. I’ve included year-round, light summer weather, and extra warm winter weight down comforters in this list.

#1 Highland Feather’s Standard Fill Goose Down Comforter


A medium warmth comforter filled with 550 fill power Canadian goose down that you can use all year round. This comforter measures 110″x100″ which is big enough for a California King bed with several inches to spare. Baffle box walls separate and prevent the goose down inside from shifting. The comforter fluffs up to over 2″ in height due to a combination of baffle box construction and gusset walls along the side.

The only complaint I have is that the cotton shell is 298 thread count cotton rather than 350+ thread count. This isn’t a big problem as the comforter will be covered by a duvet cover anyways.

This comforter is made in Canada according to the strict quality and hygiene standards of the Down Association of Canada. We usually see American brands of down comforters on this site, but I have to say that Amreican companies really came up short when it came to comforters for California King beds.

After hours of research I found no customer complaints about leaking feathers or other quality issues with Highland Feather. The fact that Highland Feather is a Canadian company that manufactures all their products in Canada with Canadian sourced materials and the fact that they have a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty more than justifies the slightly higher price for this comforter over other mass produced comforters from China.


#2 Highland Feather’s Summer Fill Goose Down Comforter


This comforter is the lighter summer warmth version of the previous down comforter. Like the medium warmth version, this comforter is also filled with 550 fill power Canadian goose down and measures 110″x100″.

What really made this comforter stand out is the fact that it is the only light warmth down comforter I’ve found that has baffle boxes instead of box-stitching. Manufacturers rarely make summer comforters with real baffle boxes since they sell at a cheaper price.

The Highland Feather summer fill comforter is made in Canada with Canadian goose down. It comes with a 15 year warranty.


#3 Daniadown’s Winter Paradise Goose Down Comforter


My final best rated down comforter for Cal-king beds is Daniadown’s Winter Paradise comforter. While at the upper range of the budget at over $800, the quality of the white goose down inside and the construction is well worth the price.

You’ll find over 60 ounces of 800 fill power European goose down inside which is 30%+ more down than a standard medium warmth comforter. 800 fill power goose down is also the lightest and warmest grade of goose down short of very expensive Icelanding eiderdown. All of this means that the Winter Paradise comforter is warm enough for brutally cold ALaskan and Northern Canadian winters or bedroom temperatures below 50F.

Not only is this a heavy winter warmth comforter, but it is also an oversized comforter. Even by California King bed standards this comforter is big. It measures 110″x112″ versus the normal 110″x100″ measurements of California King comforters. You’ll get an extra foot of comforter to wrap around yourself! This means that the Winter Paradise comforter is the perfect choice if you like to curl up and snuggle deep into your bed and wrap yourself in your comforter from shoulder to toes.

There are extra baffle boxes inside so you can expect about 3″ of loft from this comforter. The shell is made from silky smooth 400 thread count cotton and the comforter is machine washable. Though with over 60 ounces of down inside I would recommend you take this comforter to a professional launderer instead of doing it yourself.

The manufacturer Daniadown is a boutique down bedding company based in western Canadia. They have a history of over 40 years and stand behind their products with a 10 year warranty. Product quality, customer service, and the warranty and repairs policy are the main reasons to buy a Daniadown comforter.


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