Review Of Pacific Coast Deluxe White Goose Down Duvet Comforter

The ultimate in luxury and warmth.  Pacific Coast’s deluxe comforter is an improvement on the best selling “classic comforter”.  While the “classic comforter” is an entry level product, the deluxe comforter features better materials and better construction including full baffle boxes.
Compared to the classic comforter, this deluxe comforter has the following improvements and upgrades:

  • Higher fill power down that’s fluffier and warmer
  • Higher thread count Egyptian cotton covers
  • True baffle boxes rather than just stitching

Why are baffle boxes so important?

The baffle box construction that ensures the maximum amount of loft and warmth compared to inferior comforters that just sew the top and bottom layers together. This means your comforter will expand more, feel plusher, and keep you warm better.
Baffle boxes are also important because they keep the down feathers in place better than just regular stitching.  Down feathers have a tendency to travel to one end of the comforter over time.  This is especially common with less expensive comforters as  they are usually just held in place with a single line of stitching in a quilt pattern.  On the other hand, baffle boxes are made up of multiple layers of fabric which form walls around each section of down.  These layers trap the feathers in the center of the comforter and keep them from shifting.

Can you use this comforter if you have allergies?

As someone with terrible allergies, I can vouch that this down comforter is hypoallergenic and ten times better than cheap down alternative comforters.

How is this possible?

The feathers in this comforter washed up to eight times to get rid of dander and other debris.  Pacific Coast calls this their “Hyperclean” technology.  As a further precaution, the comforter cover is made with specially woven fabric that traps in down and mites.  This is the first comforter I’ve used that didn’t make me wake up with a stuffed up nose and watery swollen eyes.

You will want to avoid washing the comforter too often though.  These special fabrics keep allergens out with a combination of a tight weave and a special coating that blocks particles.  If you wash your comforter too often and incorrectly, you’ll destroy this barrier.  Dust mites will then be able to get into the comforter and stir up your allergies again.

How warm is the deluxe comforter?

The fill power of this comforter is 600, a grade that is usually featured in very expensive down comforters.  The cover has a 500 thread count and a barrier layer to prevent feathers from escaping.  I’ll admit that I was a bit scared at first when I ordered this.  It seemed just too good to be true for the price.

Unpacking the deluxe comforter

The specifications and numbers looked good online, but how would it feel when I took it out of the package?

The comforter was compressed from shipping and it was quite flat the first night, but by the second night, it had fluffed up to 3 times the thickness and felt absolutely amazing.  I was so warm inside the comforter that I had trouble dragging myself out of bed in the morning.  They definitely got it right when they named this the Deluxe Comforter.

Pacific Coast Deluxe Comforter Review Conclusion


  • Superior 600 fill power goose down keeps you warm without feeling heavy.
  • 500 thread count cotton cover is smooth and keeps feathers from leaking out.
  • Better construction in this comforter.  Real baffle box construction keeps feathers in place and allows maximum expansion.
  • A generous border area is stitched in to further keep the down in place.
  • Oversized comforter that will fit most beds and duvet covers.  No need to worry about a funny looking comforter that’s too small for your bed or your feet poking out under your comforter!


  • The large size of this comforter means that it needs to be professionally laundered.
  • Medium/year-round warmth.  You may need to get an extra-warm comforter if your bedroom is below 60F.

The Pacific Coast Feather Company stands behind their products and you can rest assured because this down comforter comes with a multi-year warranty.  The deluxe comforter starts at about $400 depending on which size you get.  While the price seems high, I think it’s more than worth it to pay $100-$200 just for the baffle box construction and the high fill power down.  Think of this as insurance against a lumpy uneven comforter 2 years into the future!

I highly recommend this Deluxe Goose Down Comforter by Pacific Coast.

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