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Royal Hotel Comforter Review (White Siberian Goose Down)

This week I’ve been working on a series of reviews of inexpensive goose down blankets.

You can see the other comforter brands right here in my list of the best comforters.

Royal Hotel Down Comforter Review

Today, we’re going to look at a down comforter that is easy on the budget at just under $200. The brand of this down feather comforter is “Royal Hotel” and it is a year round warmth comforter.

This “Royal Hotel” comforter is filled with 750 fill power “Siberian” goose down and made with an incredible 1200 thread count Egyptian cotton fabric.

From my research, Royal Hotel is a manufacturer of luxury bedding that specializes in Egyptian cotton. They offer a range of products including duvet covers, sheets, feather pillows, and goose down filled comforters.

What I Like About The Royal Hotel Down Comforter

Royal Hotel Siberian Down Comforter ReviewFirst off, the two facts that stand out for me about this comforter is the fact that it uses high thread count Egyptian cotton and high fill power goose down. In my experience, even down comforters that cost more than $400 use cotton fabrics of at most 500-600 thread count and the fill power usually only goes up to 700. Royal Hotel stands ahead of the pack with 1200 thread count Egyptian cotton covers and 750+ fill power goose down.

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Pinzon Pyrenees Goose Down Comforter Review

Pinzon Pyrenees White Goose Down Comforter ReviewFor a down comforter of such high fill power and thread count, this Amazon exclusive price is an incredible value.

This Pinzon branded goose down comforter is available in twin, full/queen and king sizes on Amazon.  It also comes in light, medium, and extra warmth models so you will be sure to find the right comforter that fits your bed.

What I Like About The Pinzon Pyrenees Comforter

I like that the manufacturer uses a tightly woven high thread count fabric. The Pyrenees comforter uses a 400 thread count cotton fabric.

This means a silky smooth comforter and you won’t have feathers leaking out of your blanket. Loose feathers are a common problem in cheaper comforters with thinner fabrics.

The Pyrenees comforters have 600 fill power goose down feathers which is an exceptional find at this price point.

Fill power describes how much space a given amount of feathers can fill. A larger volume (fill power) means a warmer and plusher comforter.

High end features at a value price – real baffle boxes and 1-inch high side walls

The baffle box construction which Pinzon calls “PermaBaffle” means the feathers will not clump together in one corner of the blanket and leave bare spots in other areas.

Feathers that move from one end of the comforter to another is my pet peeve as it means I’ll have to buy a new comforter.  It is impossible to fix even with hours of shaking and fluffing.  Not only are baffle boxes the best way to keep down feathers in place, but it also gives you the fluffiest comforters.  Regular stitched comforters squish and compress the down while baffle box walls let them expand to their full height.

Pinzon Down Comforter Baffle Box and Gusset WallsIn addition to the baffle boxes, there is another really exceptional feature you’ll find in this Pinzon goose down comforter.

The 1″ tall side walls. Usually in cheaper down blankets, the two fabric sides just stitched together which means the feathers are packed down.  This creates a flat comforter that is heavy and dense.

The side walls in this Pinzon comforter means that there is 1″ of space in the comforter for the down feathers to fully expand so you are sure to get superior loft and warmth.

How much down filling do you get in the Pinzon Pyrenees comforter?

The king size extra warmth blanket contains 60 ounces of goose down which is enough to keep you toasty warm in the winter without being too heavy and weighing you down.  This is the standard amount of down fillng for a year-round comforter.

Can you wash this comforter at home?

Another really big plus is how easy it is to wash this Pinzon down feather comforter. It is both machine washable and dryable so there’s no need to worry about expensive dry cleaning fees.

Pinzon Pyrenees White Goose Down Comforter – What I Don’t Like

While the label makes you think this comforter is made by “Pinzon”, it is actually made by the DownLite feather company and just re-branded with the Pinzon name. DownLite is a feather company with a history going back to the 1970s and is a large manufacturer of feather bedding products for many brands including L.L.Bean, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Costco, and more.

Also, the under $200 price is an exclusive offer available only on Amazon.

What Others Are Saying About the Pyrenees White Goose Down Comforter

Several reviews have mentioned that the Pyrenees comforter will keep even the coldest feet warm during the winter. Curiously though people who run hot also find the Pyrenees comforter to be just right without being too sweaty.

Many people are skeptical of the low price, as was I. However almost everybody found that despite the low price, this is a very light and fluffy comforter that is also thick and warm.

Where To Find The Best Price On Pinzon Pyrenees Comforters

The very best price is the exclusive offer that is currently on The King size extra warmth model is the most expensive one at under $200. You get free shipping on all models.

Go Get It At

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You can find more buyer reviews of the Pinzon Pyrenees down comforter at Amazon and here on this blog:

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The Best Premium Hotel Down Comforters At Home

Have you ever wondered where luxury hotels such as the Ritz-Carlton and Hyatt get their thick luxurious goose down comforters?

We’ve found that many of the top four and five star hotels use the same brands of down bedding. The good news is that these brands are not exclusive to just multi-billion dollar hotels. You too can get the same high quality down feather comforters at home and turn your bedroom into a five star luxury suite.

The two most common brands of premium hotel down comforters are the Pacific Coast goose down bedding company and the Down Lite company. Both companies make a full line of down and feather bedding products including feather beds, pillows, down comforters and comforter covers.

The pricing is pretty reasonable too. All season warmth comforters start at around $120 and upwards for thicker warmer blankets and luxury bedding.

What to look for when you buy your hotel style down comforter

  1. Choose comforters with at least 500 fill power. Fill power is the measure of the quality of goose down feathers. A higher fill power means you’ll get a warmer but lighter comforter. High fill power down clumps together better and will insulate better without weighing down your comforter. Lower fill power feathers will do a poor job of keeping you warm and will make a comforter limp and heavy.
  2. Get a comforter with a thread count of at least 230. A higher thread count cover feels silky smooth like lotion. Not only that, but goose down comforters with a higher thread count are less likely to leak feathers after months of use. A tightly woven fabric with higher thread count feels smoother to the touch and is more durable than a 100 thread count fabric.


Most popular hotel comforters. Pacific Coast's hotel down comforter and hotel white goose down comforter.

Most popular hotel comforters. Pacific Coast’s hotel down comforter and hotel white goose down comforter.

Chances are, that if you’ve fallen in love with a down comforter at your favorite hotel, that it was a Pacific Coast comforter. Pacific Coast is one of the biggest suppliers of down bedding for top of the line hotels. You can see Pacific Coast’s full line of hotel quality goose down comforters here on their website. These are the retail versions of the comforters they make for popular hotels such as Hilton, Ritz-Carlton, Marriott, Hyatt properties.

There are 2 main hotel comforters from Pacific Coast.

The first is their standard hotel down comforter. This is the retail version of the comforter used in many 3-5 star hotel chains around the world. Filled with 550 fill-power down and a 100% cotton cover, this comforter is the surest way to recreate the luxury hotel experience at home. It is a standard medium warmth comforter so it’s perfect for year-round use.

The second line is a premium product line. Their hotel white goose down comforter is filled with 600 fill-power white goose down and has a higher thread-count cotton cover. Like the standard hotel down comforter, the white goose down comforter is also a medium warmth comforter that’s perfect for year-round use.

The main difference between these two comforters is in the white goose down filling. This comforter will feel fluffier and lighter than the regular hotel down comforter. Compare the two comforters in the picture above and you’ll see that the hotel white goose down comforter is thicker and plusher.

Which hotels use Pacific Coast Comforters?

Pacific Coast down comforters have been seen in these hotel properties:

  • Hilton
  • Marriott
  • Hampton Inn
  • Ritz-Carlton
  • Hyatt
  • DoubleTree
  • MGM Grand

To recreate the 5 star hotel experience like the one at the Ritz-Carlton, you’ll need to get the luxury hotel bedding set which includes Pacific Coast’s:

  • “pillow in a pillow” Double Down Around pillows
  • a white goose down comforter
  • and a baffle box feather bed

What’s the difference between hotel down comforters and regular down comforters?

The main advantage to Pacific Coast’s hotel comforters is that they have developed a standard of quality and consistency that meets the needs of top hotels. Hotel bedding lines have been standardized to be not too warm and not too thin, but just right for guests from all around the world.

If you truly want to get the 5 star hotel experience at home, this is the easiest and surest way to get it. Other down comforters may be cheaper, but they will not be made to the same standards and specifications which you expect from a luxury hotel.

The luxury hotel experience is not all about the down comforter!

The feeling we love so much about 5 star hotel beds is the absolutely delicious feeling of being surrounded by plush clouds of bedding on all sides. To get this same experience at home you’ll need to get a feather bed and down pillows to go along with your comforter. If you want the complete hotel experience, be sure to get the entire hotel bedding suite set which will include the same down pillows, feather beds, and comforters we love so much from our favorite luxury hotel suites. You can purchase each item separately, but buying it all at once will get you 20% off and free shipping, so that’s something you’ll want to consider!


  • By far the number 1 brand of goose down bedding found in top hotels.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Just the right amount of warmth for every month of the year.
  • Comes with a quality warranty.
  • Filled with high quality goose down, not an inferior duck down blend.


  • Can be more expensive than less popular brands. Expect to pay at least $200* for a standard hotel down comforter.
  • Made with box stitching rather than true baffle boxes.
  • Get the best deal (20% off) by purchasing your bedding as a complete set rather than separately.

Down Lite hotel down duvet inserts are often seen in 4-5 star hotels.

Down Lite hotel down duvet inserts are often seen in 4-5 star hotels.

Besides Pacific Coast, the second most popular brand you’ll find under the covers at 3-5 star hotels is Down Lite.

Compared to Pacific Coast’s hotel down comforters, Down Lite has the advantage because their white goose down comforters have real baffle boxes rather than just stitching. This means the down inside a Down Lite comforter will be able to expand all the way for a really fluffy, light, and warm comforter.

You’ll also want to grab a pair of Down Lite pillows and a feather bed
to complete the luxury hotel experience.

Which hotels use Down Lite Comforters?

Down Lite down bedding has been seen in these hotel brands:

  • Hilton
  • W Hotels
  • Ritz-Carlton
  • Fontainebleau Hotel

The Good

  • Made in the USA.
  • Their comforters (duvet inserts) have real baffle boxes for the maximum amount of loft and plushness.
  • Medium warmth comforters are perfect for year round use.

The Bad

  • Expensive. Expect a queen size comforter to cost $320+*.

Westin Hotel Heavenly down comforters by Westin At Home

Westin has their own line of hotel down bedding called Heavenly by Westin at Home

Westin has their own line of hotel down bedding called Heavenly by Westin at Home

Other hotels like the Westin use their own in-house line of down comforters. However I would only recommend their Heavenly down comforters with “European goose down”. It seems they have a similarly named hypoallergenic down alternative comforter that I would not recommend based on the reviews I’ve seen online. Their king duvets with real down start at around $300* while the hypoallergenic duvet (which you should avoid) costs about $165*.

Personally I do not have any experienc with the Westin at Home comforters, but the specifications seem top of the line. Their down comforters have real baffle boxes as well as extra stitching to keep feathers from moving to the edges of the comforter. Their down pillows also have a very high 5 star rating.

You can see the entire Westin at Home line here on Amazon.


For the closest luxury hotel experience at home, Pacific Coast or Down Lite‘s hotel comforters are the best choice. Get a baffle box feather bed and a pair of down pillows with your down comforter if you want the sensation of being surrounded by fluffy down all around.

What other comforter brands have you found under the covers at your favorite hotels? Leave a comment and share what you’ve found!

*at the time of publication

The Best Hypoallergenic Down Comforter Reviewed

Is It True All Goose Down Causes A Blocked Nose?

goose down comforters for allergies and runny noses

Do you get a stuffed runny nose from goose down? See which comforter I found to be the best for allergy sufferers.

Can you still sleep in goose down bedding if you have allergies?

If you find your nose gets stuffy from down pillows or comforters but you still love the luxurious plushness of down, then there may be several solutions to this problem.

First, down comforters with hypoallergenic barrier fabrics trap allergens in so you are never exposed to the dust and mites that make your nose run.  The best goose down bedding brand that also makes hypoallergenic comforters is Pacific Coast.

Another solution is to keep your regular goose down comforter, but you’ll need to keep it inside an allergen blocking comforter protector like this one.  These protectors are made with a barrier fabric like the one covering the AllerRest comforter, but the protectors are sold separately.

Pacific Coast makes a down comforter just for allergy sufferers.

Reviews of Pacific Coast AllerRest Down Comforter For Dust Mite Allergies

A real goose down comforter made especially for people with allergies. Comes with an allergy guarantee.

I really like the Pacific Coast AllerRest Down Comforter because not only do they use a allergen blocking fabric cover but they also clean the down to minimize the amount of allergens that are normally found in natural goose feathers.

The comforter comes with an allergy-free guarantee for a period of time too so you can try it out and confirm that your allergies aren’t triggered.

Should you get a hypoallergenic goose down comforter or a down alternative comforter?

Back in my college days I used a lower quality down comforter and there were some mornings where I would wake up with a blocked nose and phlegm.  Nowadays I only buy comforters that are made with tight hypoallergenic barrier fabrics like the AllerRest comforter.  I find that this is enough to get rid of all my allergy problems and I can enjoy the comfort of real goose down filled bedding.

If you are truly worried about allergies with a comforter filled with true goose down feathers, then down alternative comforters are another option.  These comforters are filled with synthetic fibers that mimic the feel of down feathers.  While these blankets will obviously never replicate the true plushness and warmth of down, they are the best choice for very sensitive people.

Down alternative comforters are truly hypoallergenic and in my experience they mimic the feel of a light warmth down comforter pretty closely. Keep in mind that down alternative materials are heavier.  Though the comparison to real down comforters fails with extra warm alternative comforters.

Since man made materials will never be able to emulate the light lofty texture of down, even the best down alternative comforters will be heavy and flat in comparison to a real goose down blanket. This disparity is especially apparent in extra warm weights. An extra warm down alternative comforter will require so much material to provide insulation that even the best hypoallergenic down comforter cannot possibly be as light and as fluffy as a real white goose down comforter.

See my reviews of a couple down alternative comforters.

How should you wash your allergy safe comforter?

Since allergen-free comforters are treated with a special coating, you will need to avoid washing the coating off.  Some comforters need to be dry cleaned while others should only be washed in water.  Check the care tags on your comforter before you throw it in the washer!

The AllerRest comforter needs to be dry cleaned or professionally laundered so you won’t be able to wash it at home.


Pacific Coast’s AllerRest comforter is the best choice if you have allergies but can’t live without your fluffy down comforter.  While down alternative comforters are truly hypoallergenic, they cannot mimic the plushness and warmth of real goose down.


  • Has a built in AllerRest fabric cover which blocks dust and allergens. You can add another allergen blocking protector for extra protection.
  • Comes with an allergy guarantee and 10 year limited warranty.
  • Pacific Coast currently has free shipping on down comforters.


  • Can’t be washed at home.  Needs to be dry cleaned or professionally laundered.
  • Feathers are kept in place with box stitching rather than baffle boxes.



Average Price: $279 – $329

I personally prefer allergy safe comforters with real goose down feathers, like the AllerRest.

I’ve tried several down alternative blankets and found that they are okay if you are really allergic.  But the texture and fluffiness is not the same as true goose down.

If you already have a down comforter that you love, don’t get rid of it!  Cover it with an allergen blocking protector like the AllerRest protector and continue to sleep in luxury!

If your budget allows it, the absolute best hypoallergenic comforter with REAL down is the AllerRest comforter by Pacific Coast.


*at the time of publishing

Review of Famous Maker 500 Thread Count Egyptian Extra Warm White Goose Down Comforter

Update: After more than a year my comforter has started to lose feathers through the stitching. I can no longer recommend this product and would advise that you stay away from this brand.

As an alternative in this same price range, check out this list of goose down comforters around the $100 range.

Famous Maker 500 Thread Count Goose Down ComforterI just can’t resist buying down comforters on sale.  My comforter arrived just in time for the blizzard that swept through the midwest. I was outside helping my neighbors shovel out the 14″ of snow that had piled up in just hours when the UPS truck arrived with my package. I immediately unpacked it and left the down duvet air out and expand while I continued shoveling. I wasn’t able to test out the white goose down filled comforter until later that night, but when I did, my cold aching muscles sighed in relief.

I was especially excited about reviewing this comforter since it’s the first down comforter that I’ve ever tried by this “Famous Maker”. This company is known for quality goose down comforters, and other down bedding products. Even before climbing under the comforter, I could tell that this is a quality product. The fabric is a high quality 500 thread count Egyptian cotton with a striping pattern. The warmth level of this down filled comforter is “extra warm”, or “winter weight”.

The first thing I checked for were loose feathers and feathers that were poking through the fabric. This is a sure sign of an inferior product as overtime, the comforter will develop empty spots from all the feathers escaping through the fabric. I was happy to find that there were no poke through feathers or loose feathers on the outside of the duvet.

Next, I checked for bare spots in the down comforter where the feathers had shifted due to inferior baffle construction. Again, none were found. The feathers filled the comforter evenly and no shifting occurred even after I shook the comforter from several directions.

For the ultimate test, I slept in this comforter to see how it would feel. This comforter was absolutely perfect for the subzero temperatures outside that night. This down filled comforter provided the perfect amount of warmth, but was light enough to not feel heavy and claustrophobic.

In summary, this is a high quality winter warmth down filled comforter at a very reasonable price. I only tested it for one night and as someone who is allergic to dust mites and pet dander, I did not notice a stuffy nose or any allergic reaction to sleeping in this over sized down comforter.

The Famous Maker 500 Thread Count Egyptian Extra Warm White Goose Down Comforter is available in Twin, Full/Queen, and King sizes and is over sized by 20 percent. This comforter is dry clean only, so as always, you’ll also want to have a duvet cover for your comforter.

I used the following link below and got a 10% discount off the already low price. All together, including shipping, I paid just several dollars over $100. Not too shabby!

Review Of Pacific Coast Deluxe White Goose Down Duvet Comforter

The ultimate in luxury and warmth.  Pacific Coast’s deluxe comforter is an improvement on the best selling “classic comforter”.  While the “classic comforter” is an entry level product, the deluxe comforter features better materials and better construction including full baffle boxes.
Compared to the classic comforter, this deluxe comforter has the following improvements and upgrades:

  • Higher fill power down that’s fluffier and warmer
  • Higher thread count Egyptian cotton covers
  • True baffle boxes rather than just stitching

Why are baffle boxes so important?

The baffle box construction that ensures the maximum amount of loft and warmth compared to inferior comforters that just sew the top and bottom layers together. This means your comforter will expand more, feel plusher, and keep you warm better.
Baffle boxes are also important because they keep the down feathers in place better than just regular stitching.  Down feathers have a tendency to travel to one end of the comforter over time.  This is especially common with less expensive comforters as  they are usually just held in place with a single line of stitching in a quilt pattern.  On the other hand, baffle boxes are made up of multiple layers of fabric which form walls around each section of down.  These layers trap the feathers in the center of the comforter and keep them from shifting.

Can you use this comforter if you have allergies?

As someone with terrible allergies, I can vouch that this down comforter is hypoallergenic and ten times better than cheap down alternative comforters.

How is this possible?

The feathers in this comforter washed up to eight times to get rid of dander and other debris.  Pacific Coast calls this their “Hyperclean” technology.  As a further precaution, the comforter cover is made with specially woven fabric that traps in down and mites.  This is the first comforter I’ve used that didn’t make me wake up with a stuffed up nose and watery swollen eyes.

You will want to avoid washing the comforter too often though.  These special fabrics keep allergens out with a combination of a tight weave and a special coating that blocks particles.  If you wash your comforter too often and incorrectly, you’ll destroy this barrier.  Dust mites will then be able to get into the comforter and stir up your allergies again.

How warm is the deluxe comforter?

The fill power of this comforter is 600, a grade that is usually featured in very expensive down comforters.  The cover has a 500 thread count and a barrier layer to prevent feathers from escaping.  I’ll admit that I was a bit scared at first when I ordered this.  It seemed just too good to be true for the price.

Unpacking the deluxe comforter

The specifications and numbers looked good online, but how would it feel when I took it out of the package?

The comforter was compressed from shipping and it was quite flat the first night, but by the second night, it had fluffed up to 3 times the thickness and felt absolutely amazing.  I was so warm inside the comforter that I had trouble dragging myself out of bed in the morning.  They definitely got it right when they named this the Deluxe Comforter.

Pacific Coast Deluxe Comforter Review Conclusion


  • Superior 600 fill power goose down keeps you warm without feeling heavy.
  • 500 thread count cotton cover is smooth and keeps feathers from leaking out.
  • Better construction in this comforter.  Real baffle box construction keeps feathers in place and allows maximum expansion.
  • A generous border area is stitched in to further keep the down in place.
  • Oversized comforter that will fit most beds and duvet covers.  No need to worry about a funny looking comforter that’s too small for your bed or your feet poking out under your comforter!


  • The large size of this comforter means that it needs to be professionally laundered.
  • Medium/year-round warmth.  You may need to get an extra-warm comforter if your bedroom is below 60F.

The Pacific Coast Feather Company stands behind their products and you can rest assured because this down comforter comes with a multi-year warranty.  The deluxe comforter starts at about $400 depending on which size you get.  While the price seems high, I think it’s more than worth it to pay $100-$200 just for the baffle box construction and the high fill power down.  Think of this as insurance against a lumpy uneven comforter 2 years into the future!

I highly recommend this Deluxe Goose Down Comforter by Pacific Coast.

Average Price: $399-599*

See if there are any coupon codes for this comforter

Buy this product

See more specs and reviews

*at the time of publishing

Pacific Coast Grandia Classic Weight Down Duvet Comforter Review

Today we are going to take a look at the classic down comforter from Pacific Coast.  Like me, if you live where it snows in the winter you know a warm down comforter is not a luxury but a necessity.

I’m sure you’re a smart shopper too.  You know the best time to stock up and buy a down comforter is when they’re on sale in the summer.  Don’t put off finding a comforter until autumn, you’ll find deep discounts from 20%-50% during the summer!

What is the Grandia classic down comforter by Pacific Coast?

The Grandia classic down comforter is a medium weight comforter that is great as an all season comforter. It’s available in a variety of sizes from twin to king.

Filled with  “525 fill power hyperclean” goose down, this comforter keeps you warm and resists going flat.  525 fill power is greater than average, so this comforter is warmer than average without feeling heavy or weighing you down.

One reason why Pacific Coast’s classic down comforter stands out above the rest of the competition is that it’s filled with 100% pure goose down. The best down comforters are filled with goose down.  It’s is fluffier, lighter and warmer than duck down.  On the other hand, many comforters under $200 are filled with a blend of duck and goose feathers.

What do the experts have to say about Pacific Coast’s classic down comforter?

The Good Housekeeping Research Institute gives this comforter a B+ rating.

“The comforter maintained an excellent appearance after washes.”

“Our tests verified the down content claims”

Yelp users said:

“Discovered this place when I worked for Eddie Bauer – this is who makes their famous down comforters!!”

“This place is awesome. It’s a little family owned business that’s been around in Seattle since the 1960’s.”

Can you really keep using the classic down comforter when it’s hot?

I find this comforter is warm enough for chilly evenings yet light enough for more temperate climates during the summer and spring. As long as you keep your bedroom temperature above 50F this comforter should be warm enough.

The natural cotton cover on this comforter allows good airflow.  This minimizes sweat and moisture buildup while you sleep.

What does the Pacific Coast Classic Down Comforter look like when you unpack it?

The comforter is vacuum packed and flat right out of the package. A quick cycle in the dryer on low heat with a tennis ball will fluff it up.

What can be improved with the classic comforter?

I would have liked to see baffle boxes instead of just box stitching.  One of the biggest problems with down comforters is that the down tends to travel to the edges of the comforter after several years.  Baffle boxes are better at keeping the down in place.

That being said, there’s a generous border area stitched around the comforter.  This should keep the down in the center of the comforter where it belongs.



  • High quality materials such as 100% goose down filling and high thread count cotton.
  • Made in America.
  • Comes with a 10 year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Edge of comforter is stitched to keep feathers in place.


  • Box stitching instead of baffle boxes.
  • This is a medium weight comforter that might be difficult to wash in a home washing machine.  Do not dry clean.  Dry cleaning will damage the down and cause shrinkage.  Take your comforter to a laundry service to get it professionally washed.

The classic comforter is one of the best selling models from Pacific Coast. It is also one of their most budget friendly comforters.

The price is $180-$230 depending on what size you get.  This is in line with similar comforters from other brands.  What sets Pacific Coast apart is:

  • a long 10 year warranty
  • their comforters are made in the USA
  • quality materials

All in all, this comforter is the right choice for most people unless you’re subjected to Alaskan/Canadian winters without central heating.


Average Price: $180 – $230*

See if there are any coupon codes for this comforter

Buy this product

Read more reviews from other blog readers

On the other hand if you will find yourself without heat in the winter then you should keep reading about the “extra warmth” comforter below.

What If I Get Really Cold Feet At Night?

If like me, you live where winters can go 20° – 30° F below zero, then you really need to get a winter weight comforter like the Pacific Coast Ultimate Extra Warmth White Goose Down Comforter.

The cover is filled with 600 fill power down and has 100% cotton covers.  You’ll love the buttery smooth texture due to the 500 threads per inch thread count.

This is also the comforter that is used in Ritz Carlton hotels where it passes the quality standards set by thousands of travelers each year.

See what other blog readers have said about the extra warmth comforter.
*at the time of publishing