Pacific Coast Luxury Down Comforter Review

By now you all know that I am a big fan of Pacific Coast’s Goose Down Comforters for several reasons. Their products are made in the United States plus they use high quality materials and construction techniques so your comforter will have a very long lifetime and there won’t be any problems with shifting or leaking feathers.

With the cold snap that’s hit the Midwest this week I’ve taken this as an excuse to try out a new comforter! I’ve been looking for a new duvet for my own bedroom and this is the perfect time to retire my old comforter to one of our guest rooms.

This week we will be looking at the Pacific Coast Luxury Down Comforter. At over $400, this is a higher end down comforter and a step up from the duvets you usually find at retail stores.

What I Like About The Luxury Down Comforter

Review Of Luxury Down Comforter By Pacific Coast

The 700 fill power white goose down in the luxury comforter is a step up from the usual 500-600 fill power down you find in mid-range comforters. 700 fill power white goose down forms big clusters that insulate without adding extra weight. This makes the luxury down comforter one of the warmest and plushest duvets on the market. “Real Simple” magazine agrees and rated this as one of the best down comforters in their 2010 comparison.

The cotton cover is a 680 thread count fabric that feels extremely smooth and almost like satin against the hand. The fabric is very well woven with no slubs, loose threads, or defects. Pacific Coast calls the fabric “barrier weave” as it keeps loose feathers from escaping. I have not had the comforter long enough to verify this claim, but I did not notice any feathers poking out and scratching my skin nor were there any loose feathers when I unpacked the comforter.

As always, products from Pacific Coast come with an outstanding product guarantee and this comforter is no different. There’s a 30 night comfort guarantee and a 10 year lifetime warranty so you can try out the comforter and not need to worry about the quality of the comforter after several years of use. Plus an allergy free warranty means even those who get stuffy noses with feather bedding can try this comforter without risk.

While the official description of this comforter says it comes in oversized dimensions I found that it fit just perfectly in my king size duvet cover. This may be because the comforters are often measured before they are filled with down feathers. The puffy down filled comforter will end up with final dimensions that are less than what’s specified on their packaging. So in this case “oversized” means perfect fit. At least this is better than other brands of comforters that end up being a couple inches too small!

What I Don’t Like About The Pacific Coast Luxury Comforter

The price is not cheap starting in the 400s and up depending on which size you choose. I like to think of this as a luxury investment that will last through many years of restful sleep.

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I know this is going to be a very weird complaint, but I actually found this comforter to be very warm. I know that’s kind of the whole point of a luxury down comforter but it’s described as a “year round” warmth by Pacific Coast. I find this to be more of a fall and winter season comforter.

Where To Get Pacific Coast’s Luxury Down Comforter

The best place to get this comforter is straight from the Pacific Coast website (click here) as you’ll get the full 10 year warranty and other product guarantees that way.

You can also see the full range of sizes and prices as well as check out other customer reviews of this goose down comforter.

Click here to go to Pacific Coast


I’m a semi-retired part-time personal assistant. More importantly I’m a luxury bedding hedonist and bargain shopper extraordinaire. Always searching for bargains on the highest quality luxury comforters, pillows, and bedding accessories. In my spare time I write this blog and do research online.

Gem - October 11, 2013


I love reading all your reviews about the different down comforters! I am looking to invest in buying a nice one for myself but can’t decide which brand to get. Have you heard about Cuddledown comforters? The problem I am running into is trying to find the correct comforter size that will fit into my duvet cover, which is 95″x87″. Do you have any recommendations what size and kind of down comforter I should buy?

Kay - October 12, 2013

Hi Gem!

Thanks so much!
I absolutely love Cuddledown comforters but only have one (the regular batiste comforter). If only my budget was large enough to buy multiple comforters to test out all at once!

If your main concern is a warmth, plushness, and weightlessness the Cuddledown Batiste comforters (like this one) are the absolute best choice on the market. Most of the weight of the comforter comes from the heavy cotton fabric and the batiste fabric cuts this down dramatically.

As for the size of the comforter, I would err on the side of getting a comforter that’s larger than the cover rather than smaller. Your duvet cover is made for a standard American Queen sized comforter, but some comforters end up being a couple inches smaller than what’s stated on their labels! For that reason, you should get a King sized comforter, but not an Oversized King. That would be too big!
And here’s why:
A smaller comforter will shift around and leave an edge of empty space along the edges of the cover. This gets pretty annoying when you snuggle into your comforter only to end up with your leg tangled up in the cover fabric!
As long as the comforter’s dimensions are not too much larger, it should fit inside your cover without too much bunching.
I would say that you have about 12″ of “give” so you should look for a comforter that’s smaller than 107″x99″. Any larger than that and you might have bunching problems. Your comforter will also feel heavy since it won’t be able to fully expand.

Stephanie Alexander - October 24, 2013

Hi Kay,
I’m wondering about the construction of a down comforter. I currently have one that “looks” boxy but I’m constantly shaking the feathers back on top, as the feathers seem to slide down around the edges. This is so annoying to have to do! I don’t recall what the construction stated on the tag, it’s at least 8 years old and the printing has faded away. I purchased mine from Macy’s.

I want a comforter where the feathers STAY IN PLACE.
Any suggestions on what construction I should be looking at? It’s so confusing. “Square Baffle, Baffle Boxstitch, Gussett” Thanks for your help.

Kay - October 30, 2013



The only way to keep the feathers in place is to get a comforter with real baffle boxes that are sewed in place and closed on all 4 sides. The best way I know to tell if you have real baffles inside is to pull the two sides of the comforter up with your hands and use your hands along the stitching of the boxes try to search out for a layer of fabric inside. If you can’t find a layer of fabric inside then chances are that your comforter is just quilt stitched. Quilt stitched comforters will leak feathers over time. The only way to avoid problems with feathers shifting to one side of the comforter is to rotate your comforter every other day.

If you’re looking for a new comforter, make sure that it has true baffle box construction. Gussets refer to an extra side of fabric along the sides of your comforter which means the comforter will fluff up even more. This is a nice feature, but will do nothing to keep the feathers in place! At all costs avoid comforters with “quilt stitching” or “boxstitching”. These are just fancy ways to say that the feathers are held in place by stitching through the two sides of the comforter.

I know for sure that the Superfluff comforter has baffle boxes plus a “no go zone” around the edges of the comforter. These two features work pretty well to keep the feathers in the center.

Here’s a bit more info if you’re interested:

I think the manufacturer is having a 20% off sale too right now, but you’ll have to check to see if the discount still available.

Hope this helps,

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