Pacific Coast Grandia Classic Weight Down Duvet Comforter Review

Today we are going to take a look at the classic down comforter from Pacific Coast.  Like me, if you live where it snows in the winter you know a warm down comforter is not a luxury but a necessity.

I’m sure you’re a smart shopper too.  You know the best time to stock up and buy a down comforter is when they’re on sale in the summer.  Don’t put off finding a comforter until autumn, you’ll find deep discounts from 20%-50% during the summer!

What is the Grandia classic down comforter by Pacific Coast?

The Grandia classic down comforter is a medium weight comforter that is great as an all season comforter. It’s available in a variety of sizes from twin to king.

Filled with  “525 fill power hyperclean” goose down, this comforter keeps you warm and resists going flat.  525 fill power is greater than average, so this comforter is warmer than average without feeling heavy or weighing you down.

One reason why Pacific Coast’s classic down comforter stands out above the rest of the competition is that it’s filled with 100% pure goose down. The best down comforters are filled with goose down.  It’s is fluffier, lighter and warmer than duck down.  On the other hand, many comforters under $200 are filled with a blend of duck and goose feathers.

What do the experts have to say about Pacific Coast’s classic down comforter?

The Good Housekeeping Research Institute gives this comforter a B+ rating.

“The comforter maintained an excellent appearance after washes.”

“Our tests verified the down content claims”

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Yelp users said:

“Discovered this place when I worked for Eddie Bauer – this is who makes their famous down comforters!!”

“This place is awesome. It’s a little family owned business that’s been around in Seattle since the 1960’s.”

Can you really keep using the classic down comforter when it’s hot?

I find this comforter is warm enough for chilly evenings yet light enough for more temperate climates during the summer and spring. As long as you keep your bedroom temperature above 50F this comforter should be warm enough.

The natural cotton cover on this comforter allows good airflow.  This minimizes sweat and moisture buildup while you sleep.

What does the Pacific Coast Classic Down Comforter look like when you unpack it?

The comforter is vacuum packed and flat right out of the package. A quick cycle in the dryer on low heat with a tennis ball will fluff it up.

What can be improved with the classic comforter?

I would have liked to see baffle boxes instead of just box stitching.  One of the biggest problems with down comforters is that the down tends to travel to the edges of the comforter after several years.  Baffle boxes are better at keeping the down in place.

That being said, there’s a generous border area stitched around the comforter.  This should keep the down in the center of the comforter where it belongs.



  • High quality materials such as 100% goose down filling and high thread count cotton.
  • Made in America.
  • Comes with a 10 year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Edge of comforter is stitched to keep feathers in place.


  • Box stitching instead of baffle boxes.
  • This is a medium weight comforter that might be difficult to wash in a home washing machine.  Do not dry clean.  Dry cleaning will damage the down and cause shrinkage.  Take your comforter to a laundry service to get it professionally washed.

The classic comforter is one of the best selling models from Pacific Coast. It is also one of their most budget friendly comforters.

The price is $180-$230 depending on what size you get.  This is in line with similar comforters from other brands.  What sets Pacific Coast apart is:

  • a long 10 year warranty
  • their comforters are made in the USA
  • quality materials

All in all, this comforter is the right choice for most people unless you’re subjected to Alaskan/Canadian winters without central heating.


Average Price: $180 – $230*

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On the other hand if you will find yourself without heat in the winter then you should keep reading about the “extra warmth” comforter below.

What If I Get Really Cold Feet At Night?

If like me, you live where winters can go 20° – 30° F below zero, then you really need to get a winter weight comforter like the Pacific Coast Ultimate Extra Warmth White Goose Down Comforter.

The cover is filled with 600 fill power down and has 100% cotton covers.  You’ll love the buttery smooth texture due to the 500 threads per inch thread count.

This is also the comforter that is used in Ritz Carlton hotels where it passes the quality standards set by thousands of travelers each year.

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*at the time of publishing


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