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Top 3 Neck Support Pillows to Add to Your Bed

Top 3 Neck Support Pillows to Add to Your Bed

The pillow you use in your bed has a major impact on the posture you sleep in and also whether or not you wake up with neck pain. Most people go for the normal pillow they find and don’t really consider one that provides proper neck support. Neck support is important in making sure you get proper sleep and your body posture is right as you sleep. So there is no pain in your back or neck. Here are the 3 top pillows you can get that come with neck support.

1. Save & Soft Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Top 3 Neck Support Pillows to Add to Your Bed

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If you have cervical or face headaches very often, then you may consider changing your pillow. The Save&Soft Gel Memory Foam Pillow is the perfect pillow for those that have cervical as it provides them with the proper neck support they need. It also employs memory foam so the pillow is gentle and soft, allowing your head to sink in a bit and rest on it. The quality of memory foam in this pillow is exceptional as you will notice, as soon as you lift your head, the pillow goes back to its original form. It also breaths well so doesn’t heat up and allows you to stay cool while you lay your head on the pillow.

Overall, if you are looking for a pillow that provides great support for your head and neck then Save&Soft Gel Memory Foam Pillow is your best bet.

2. Core Products Tri-Core Orthopedic Neck Support Pillow

Core Products Tri-Core Orthopedic Neck Support Pillow

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The Core Products Tri-Core Orthopedic Neck Support Pillow provides you with the neck support you need to properly align your spine as you sleep. The is comfortable and firm at the same time, you get great support for your head and your neck. The support area for the neck is slightly softer so the pillow easily takes the shape of your neck. While the pillow comes in one size, it can be used by kids and adults alike. You can choose to buy the pillow in blue, white, or green print.

3. Coisum Cervical Contour Pillow for Neck Support 

Coisum Cervical Contour Pillow for Neck Support

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If you face neck pains from your pillow then the Coisum Cervical Contour Pillow for Neck Support will allow you to not worry about that anymore. Rather than taking pain relievers, you can get this pillow and say goodbye to neck pain. The pillow has high-density memory foam which provides great support but is also fairly soft. It has bamboo and breathable mesh fabric which ensures the pillow stays cool. It also comes with a hypoallergenic pillow cover so it doesn’t attract dust.

Bachelor Pad Bedding: Men’s Comforters That Suit Your Style

Highbuy Soft Geometric Queen Duvet Cover Set

When it comes to bedding, as a bachelor you never want to overdo it. The bed is something that you want to keep simple and classy. You can go with a nice silk sheet from time to time but stay clear from using comforters that have any cartoon character or anything of that sort. We have selected 3 comforters that would bring a little extra class to any bachelor pad. So if you are in the market for a new comforter, you should definitely consider these.

Celine Linen Luxury All Season Light Weight Down Alternative Reversible 2-Piece Comforter Set

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If you want a nice classy comforter for your bed then you can’t go wrong with Celine Linen’s luxury comforter set. It comes in numerous different colors, all with the same diamond design, and is probably the softest comforter you can find in this price range. It is made of microfibre fabric that is silky soft and smooth. It not only adds an element of luxury to the room but is also reversible so you can change to the other side whenever you want a change. We understand, being a man you want a comforter that is easy to take care of. This one is machine washable and dries quickly. Overall, if you want a comforter that provides comfort and classiness then look no further than Celine Linen’s Luxury comforter set.

Elegant Comfort All Season Comforter

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The Elegant Comfort All Season Comforter is a soft and comfortable comforter that will have you falling asleep in no time. While the design is simple, just diamonds made out of the seams, the comforter adds a bit of elegance to the room. It provides a nice simple look which is something that is important for a bachelor pad. You can find this comforter in 11 different colors and it is also easy to take care of as it is machine washable. It is an all-season comforter so you will definitely not to worry about getting anything else to keep you warm when it gets really cold.

Highbuy Soft Geometric Queen Duvet Cover Set

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If you want to add a little element of design to your bedding then this Highbuy set is perfect for you. We really liked the grey comforter they have with a simple design in white that is easy on the eyes and adds a bit of class to your room. The comforter is made out of cotton so is easy to take care of. It has a reversible print pattern so you can change it up when you feel the need to. This allows you to get two different designs for the price of one. It is also quite comfortable so don’t be surprised when you decide to wake up on a cold morning but find it hard to leave your bed.

Best Modal Sheet Review

Best Modal Sheet Review

​Modal bed sheets are becoming more popular and are now more common than ever before. Modal is a material, like cotton, that is used to make bed sheets. It made from beech trees by spinning the cellulose of the tree and is much more absorbent in terms of water than cotton. The best part of modal bed sheets is that they generally do not shrink or fade while mineral deposits don’t easily stick to it. That is why modal sheets are becoming more common in the household. We have tested numerous modal sheets and hand-picked three of the best out of them.

Brielle 100-Percent Modal from Beech Jersey Knitted Sheet Set

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Brielle has really constructed a comfortable yet durable bed sheet in the 100% modal bed sheets. The sheet is like the name states 100% modal so you know it is durable. Modal is high in strength but also quite soft so it the perfect material for bed sheets. While most companies do not employ 100% modal in bed sheets Brielle does. You have a wonderful color selection to choose from and also can find them in different bed sizes. With these bed sheets you get both comfort and the ease of mind that the color won’t fade. They are machine wash safe so taking care of them is not a hassle either.

Brielle 100-Percent MicroModal from Beech Premium Sateen Sheet

Brielle 100-Percent MicroModal from Beech Premium Sateen Sheet

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Cost: $$$$$

​If you prefer to have a more luxurious, sort of a 5 star hotel, bed sheet then Brielle 100-Percent MicroModal from Beech Premium Sateen Sheet is it. It costs a lot more than the 100% modal sheets but these are slightly more comfortable. They are made with 100% micro modal which is strong as modal but the fibres are even more closely knit so it provides slightly more comfort. The sateen element also provides a little extra style and these are probably not your every day bed sheet but rather ones you would use for special occasions. If you want soft and durable bed sheets and have the money to spend on them then don’t look any further than Brielle 100-Percent MicroModal from Beech Premium Sateen Sheet.

Superior 300 Thread Count King Sheet Set, 100% Modal from Beech

Superior 300 Thread Count King Sheet Set, 100% Modal from Beech

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​Superior has done a wonderful job with the Superior 300 Thread Count King Sheet Set, 100% Modal from Beech, which is as comfortable as any bed sheet you will come across. If you are familiar with thread counts, then you are well-aware that 300 thread count is fairly good in comfort when it comes to the bed sheet. Throw in the fact that the bed sheet is made of 100% modal gives you an ease of mind that not only is it comfortable but it is durable so you don’t mind spending a little extra money on it. Like cotton, this bed sheet is easy to take care of and machine washable. These bed sheets won’t wow in terms of style, they are fairly plain but that also adds to its elegance. Which is why it is one of the top three modal bed sheets on our list.

Best Back Pain Mattress

One thing that is agreeable is that if you have back pain, you should consider buying a mattress that suits your needs. Other people prefer the firmer mattress due to the idea that it helps align the spine, another group of people prefer half-firm mattress based on the idea that it will allow the spine to relax and some simply like the soft comfortable bed to sleep, without such they will not be able to sleep. I cannot decide for a group, as there is no conclusive scientific evidence on the subject, therefore, I will provide some of the best mattresses and brand so that when you have a back injury or pain you can consider buying.

The Best Back Pain Mattress to Buy

1. Dynasty 15.5-inch HD mattress Great Atlantis Cool Breeze HD GEL Memory Foam

This mattress comprises an exclusive high-density foam 5-inch (HD) foam and it helps support weight and also to keep nice posture. It has that ensures fresh air and 3 gel foam layer for the top to ensure that utmost heat is relieved. If you suffer from neck pain, chest pain or have spinal problems then I suggest you try to use Dynasty Mattress 15.5 inch HD Great Atlantis cool breeze HD GEL Memory Foam.

Dynasty 15.5-inch HD mattress Great Atlantis Cool Breeze HD GEL Memory Foam


  • Ensure blood flow through vessels well: - when you use this mattress you are assured that you will wake up feeling better than when you went to sleep.
  • Structure multi-6-layer which is sustainable: - the layers are made so as to be able to distribute the weight you will be exerting equally, as a results giving the user the much needed comfort
  • ​Stylish appearance; White luxury suede with brown cover, fire and zipper: - it has a posh looks that just by gazing at it you feel like a King already.
  • The basic technology is used is based on natural system cooling:- be it during hot season or cold season when you are using the Dynasty Mattress 15.5 inch HD Great Atlantis cool breeze HD GEL Memory Foam you will not notice the difference.
  • ​It is made with the highest quality 7.5 "gel with memory foam.
  • Enter a plush sleeping surface: - this is to maximize comfort

2. Bear Mattress

Bear Mattress

This mattress is made of cover and three additional layers. The top has a blend of polyester and Celliant. Polyester provides a strong and flexible surface while the Celliant is infinitely more. Celliant a special thermally reactive mineral wire that converts body heat into infrared light. This has significant advantages, studies have proven that. Infrared light increases oxygenation of blood in the body, leading to better internal temperature control, reduces muscle pain and improves cell regeneration and reduces temperature of the surface where you sleep.

The base layer is 6.5 "and gives the mattress a deep compression, while the top layer is infused 1 graphite foam memory gel. It offers great ease and cooling. The intermediate layer of the Mattress is a 2.5 " is a support layer that supports movements during sleep. Basically, the bear mattress users are meant to live an active life and others that require a truly relaxing night's rest.


  • A combination of graphite gel memory foam infuses proven Celliant
  • It relieves pain and reduces the time for muscle recovery of athletes, which increases performance.
  • This mattress provides retention of heat and keeps the area cool and relaxing.

3. Super Serta Perfect Sleeper Edinburgh

Super Serta Perfect Sleeper Edinburgh

The mattress works on both a standard frame with box springs and on a flat surface, it offers all the comfort and helps you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed without back pain, stiffness. The King or queen Serta Perfect Sleeper is ideal for couples or even people who like lots of space.

Reasons to Consider Super Serta Perfect Sleeper Edinburgh:-

  • It was designed with the contribution of the NSF to solve the 5 most frequent problems of sleep:
  • Sinking
  • ​Comfort decompression
  • ​A balanced sleeping temperature: - be it warm or cold outside you are guaranteed not to be affected by any of the conditions outside your bed.
  • Uninterrupted sleep
  • Prevent rolling-off: - this increases comfort and ensures you wake up the same place you slept

4. Elegance Perfect Cloud Gel-Pro

Elegance Perfect Cloud Gel-Pro s

All the materials used in the manufacture of this mattress are CertiPUR USA Certified and are hypoallergenic and resistant mites and dust. This mattress provides four layers of high quality materials, including memory foam high density injected air, air Injected regulating foam, and high density gel memory foam. Pro 12 inch memory foam mattress is a true test of the perfect cloud engagement for the top quality products that sees to offer a Night of extraordinary sleep.


  • Offers intimacy: - As foam mattresses absorb the resulting kinetic energy, which often provide a minimum bounce back. Therefore ensuring you remain closely attached to your mattress.
  • Pain Relief: - if you suffering from back pain it is advisable you consider trying this bed as it will offer you much comfort than your normal bed.
  • Four layers of high quality, durable foam: - you are 100% guaranteed no sinking, since the four layers are tightly packed to ensure the bed remains flat.
  • ​Large overpressure spot
  • Little off gassing: -Visco Memory Gel Perfect Pro Cloud Certified CertiPUR USA, which means that does not have chemicals that are known to create an odor
  • ​Comfortable in all sleeping positions
  • Minimal heat retention :- you will not sweat while you on this bed since the temperatures are moderated.
  • Certified CertiPUR US

5. Ghostbed


This mattress is both a combination of an early recovery and is very breathable. It has a mix fresh gel foam as the aerated latex which in turn facilitates cooling and privides a bounce to the mattress. It also provides support and better low compression to swell.


  • A combination of gel memory foam and latex foam
  • Take the shape of your body
  • ​Allows for quick recovery and residual rebound of any kind
  • This mattress provides retention of heat and keeps the surface cool and relaxed.

Bright coloured down comforters for your kids room

You want the best for your child and a down comforter is obviously a top pick. It’s fluffy, comforting and soft. A down comforter will give your child peaceful nights and quality sleep. Apart from being functional, a bright colored down comforter for your kid’s room should also be fun to look at.

If you need beautiful and colorful suggestions for your child’s room, here are some of the top possibilities.

Snowman Bedding Twin Size Goose Down Comforter

Available in a saturated purple, the Snowman Bedding Twin Size Goose Down Comforter will be a perfect match for a kid’s room that comes in a similar color scheme. Alternatively, the comforter could be the stand-out piece in a room filled with subdued and pastel tones.

The comforter is of exceptionally high quality. The outer shell is 100 percent made of cotton and it is down-proof. This means that the shell will keep the filling from coming out.

Natural white goose down is used to make the filling extra fluffy and warm. The filling has undergone anti-mite treatment and its hypoallergenic.

Box stitched construction prevents the filling from shuffling or settling in one end of the comforter. Twin, queen and king sizes are available, which means that you can get a comforter of this variety for every single family member.

Snowman is a company that’s been on the market for more than 18 years. It specializes in high quality down and feather bedding products. The company owns its farm and down/feather processing facilities, which gives it full control over the manufacturing process.

High Quality Goose Down Comforter – Twin Size

Blue in color, this High Quality Goose Down Comforter – Twin Size is great for boys and for kids that love the sea. In addition, studies suggest that blue is the color that’s most conductive of long and rejuvenating sleep.

The twin size goose down comforter comes with a cotton shell that has the impressive thread count of 600. This number means that the cotton is exceptionally durable and smooth to the touch at the same time.

Fill power of 700 makes the comforter extra-fluffy and suitable for use in even cold winter weather. The material is hypoallergenic and recognized for its exceptional insulating properties. Box stitching keeps the filling in place, even after the comforter has been washed.

Twin Reversible Woodland Creature Comforter by Where the Polka Dots Roam

Twin Reversible Woodland Creature Comforter by Where the Polka Dots Roam is a bedding product that addresses the needs of parents looking for something more cheerful and affordable than the standard down comforter.

While this product is a down alternative comforter, it still maintains the softness and warmth required to ensure the quality of your child’s sleep.

This is a set of two products that consists of one twin comforter and one pillow case with a matching design. The comforter is filled with soft microfiber that has good insulating qualities and that is very easy to take proper care of.

The filling is hypoallergenic and very lightweight for added convenience. The design prevents the filling from bunching, even when the comforter is machine washed. Finally, it’s good to know that the product comes with a comprehensive money-back guarantee for a risk-free purchase.

Teen Girl Pink Coral Damask Comforter Set

The product is a good option for the room of a teenage girl. This is actually a kit that consists of a comforter, flat sheet, fitted sheet, two shams and a decorative pillow. The Teen Girl Pink Coral Damask Comforter Set is an optimal product for the parents interested in cost-efficiency.

The comforter comes with polyester microfiber filling, which makes it a down-alternative product. This is the main reason why the comforter is very lightweight and very reasonably priced.

The shell and the decorative pillow are made of a soft polyester that is smooth to the touch and that keeps the filling inside. The material has been chosen because it simplifies washing and maintenance significantly.

One final very cool characteristic of this product is that the comforter is reversible. One of the sides features a gentle pastel pink design. The other side comes in a large scale offset medallion that is a lot brighter and bolder in appearance. Your child can choose one option or the other on the basis of mood and individual preferences.

The Best Down Alternative Pillows Available Online

If you are looking for an alternative to a down pillow, you’ll be happy to find various options on the market. There are numerous materials used as filling, providing sufficient softness and support to the neck.

Buying the best down alternative pillow isn’t the easiest task because of the diversity. This is why the following guide will aim to acquaint you with some of the best products that the market has to offer.

Utopia Bedding Super Plush Gel-Fiber Filled Pillows


This product is an Amazon best seller because of the quality and because of the affordable price. The Utopia Bedding Super Plush Gel-Fiber Filled Pillows can be bought as a set of two either in king or queen size.

As the name indicates, the pillow comes with gel-fiber filling. The substance gets molded according to the curves of the body. This is the main reason why such pillows are comfortable for all people regardless of sleeping position.

A cotton cover featuring thread count of 240 completes the product. These pillows are free from allergens, they come with no-shift construction, fade and stain-resistant fabric and elegant tailoring. The pillows are compress packed, which means that they will occupy very little space until you open the pack and start using them.

Langria Pack of 2 Down Alternative Bed Pillows


Another set of two pillows in the list provides cost-efficiency. Such deals are particularly beneficial for couples that are shopping for bedding together.

Langria Pack of 2 Down Alternative Bed Pillows are filled with 28 ounces of fiberfill (polyester) each. The material is great because it feels very soft and it provides down-like support at the spots where it is needed the most.

The cover is made from 100 percent cotton (thread count of 233). The material is breathable, which means that you’re not going to be sweating during the night. Even if you do sweat, the moisture will be wicked away from your skin.

A few other characteristics worth mentioning include double needle corded edges, a size of 30 by 20 inches and a vacuum-sealed cover that protects the pillows against dust.

Bamboo Soft Poly Fill Pillow


While the filling is similar to what the previous entries in the list have to offer, this pillow provides an alternative when it comes to the fabric that the cover is made out of. Bamboo Soft Poly Fill Pillow features soft and supportive polyester fiberfilling. The material is hypoallergenic and very comfortable.

The cover is made of bamboo – one of the softest and most long-lived fabrics that the market currently has to offer. In addition, bamboo is a sustainable material that’s a perfect pick for the environment-conscious shoppers.

Unlike the previous entry in the list, this down alternative pillow is machine-washable for optimal convenience.

The pillow is manufactured in the US, it features a stay cool technology that wicks moisture away from the body, the bamboo cover is removable for much easier maintenance and the filling preserves the fluffiness of the pillow for years. Regardless of your favorite sleeping position, this pillow isn’t going to get flat.

Coop Home Goods Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow


If polyester fiber filling isn’t your thing, you can always opt for a memory foam pillow as an alternative to down. The material is incredibly supportive and lightweight. Shredded memory foam pillow also delivers excellent ventilation and keeps heat from getting trapped inside the pillow.

Coop Home Goods Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is an excellent pick for anyone interested in a memory foam down alternative. As the name indicates, the pillow comes with adjustable height. You can take out some of the filling or put it back inside. The right amount can be chosen on the basis of individual preferences and favorite sleeping position.

The pillow features CertiPUR-US certified memory foam. The certification is given to products that are safe and free from mercury, lead, heavy metals, flame retardants, formaldehyde, phthalates and other harmful chemicals or substances.

You can opt for this pillow if you have sensitive skin or if you’re prone to allergies. The materials used are both hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant.

A few other characteristics worth mentioning include a 30-day money-back guarantee, a cover made from bamboo and polyester, a five-year warranty and memory foam manufactured in the US.

Types of down filled comforters

You know that you want to buy a down filled comforter but which variety? The market has various options to offer. Each one of the comforters comes with its specific characteristics and properties that make it suitable for use during one season or another.

Before making up your mind, it is important to explore the various kinds of down filled comforters that the market has to offer. Here are some of the top distinctions.

Fill Power Differences

Down filled comforters are most often differentiated by their fill power. This is one of the most important numbers you’ll have to get acquainted with.

In essence, the fill power is the amount of space that one ounce of down (or another material) occupies. The higher the fill power, the larger the down cluster is going to be. This fact will result in a fluffier and bigger comforter.

The fill power will also refer to the insulating quality of the down filled comforter. If you want a comforter for year-round use, you’ll have to choose a certain fill power. The number would be different from what you’ll need during the winter.

Comforters that have fill power in the 450 to 500 range are relatively flat and they can be used during the summer. Fill power in the range from 500 to 600 typically indicates that the comforter is suitable for year-round use. This type of comforter is appropriate for moderate weather and it’s usually relatively affordable.

High quality down comforters have fill power in the range from 600 to 700. They are warm, fluffy and breathable. If you live in a colder climate, you can use such a comforter throughout the year. A comforter that has a fill count in this range will be more expensive than the types mentioned previously.

The final category consists of comforters that have a fill count above 750. These comforters are best for use during cold winter weather and they are the most expensive variety. They are incredibly fluffy and as they age, such comforters will become even cozier.

Goose vs. Duck Down

When it comes to the types of down filled comforters, you’ll also have to choose between two main varieties of filling – goose and duck down.

In essence, goose and duck down are quite similar to each other. Both of them provide sufficient insulation, making the comforter warm and cozy. Usually, the goose clusters of down tend to be a bit larger than the duck ones. This is the main reason why goose down filled comforters come with a higher fill power. If you are looking for a fluffier comforter, goose down will be the right pick for you.

There’s also some evidence that goose down is much more resilient than duck down. As a result, goose down comforters tend to be among the most expensive on the market. They do pay off for the investment in the form of longevity and many years of worry-free use.

Down and Feather Mixes

People looking for a more reasonably priced options will usually opt for a comforter that uses both goose down and feather. The most expensive products on the market feature 90 to 100 percent goose down filling. The material is very fine and smaller than feathers. This is why larger quantities will be required to fill the comforter.

Down and feather comforters are once again fluffy and warm. The only difference is that they could be a bit heavier than down-filled comforters. The texture of feathers is specific and you’ll be capable of differentiating down and down/feather mix comforters by touching them and squeezing the filling.

Down-Alternative Comforter

If you are looking for an even more affordable option, explore down-alternative comforters. This final type of bedding contains synthetic materials that replicate the authentic down. Because the filling is synthetic, the price of the comforter will be much lower than in the case of genuine down.

Down-alternative comforters are still soft but they’ll never be as fluffy as the real thing. On the upside. The fillings used are hypoallergenic, which makes such comforters great for people that are prone to experiencing allergic reactions.

These are the main distinctions between down filled comforters. Think about the fill count and the material that you’d like the filling to be made of. Once you make these decisions, you can narrow down the number of suitable options to just a few.

Top Cal King Down Comforters Around

A California king size down comforter will ensure many relaxing and peaceful moments underneath the covers. Because of the comforter’s size and the quality of the filling being used, a cal king size down comforter could be quite expensive. When shopping for such products, you should attempt to identify the right price to quality ratio. This way, you’ll get to enjoy the comforter for a long period of time and justify the investment.

Without further ado, here are some of the best cal king down comforters that the market currently has to offer.

Egyptian Bedding Luxurious Cal King Size Siberian Goose Down Comforter

When it comes to quality bedding, Siberian goose down has unparalleled qualities. It originates from Europe and as such, the down is produced and sorted following the strictest industry standards. Egyptian Bedding Luxurious Cal King Size Siberian Goose Down Comforter is an example of what such products should look and feel like. This is the main reason why the comforter has gotten such an overwhelmingly big number of positive customer reviews.

The fill power is 750, which means that the comforter is suitable for use during the winter or year-round if you live in a colder climate. The cover is made of high quality Egyptian cotton that has a thread count of 600.

Egyptian Bedding’s comforter is 100 percent filled with down. Box stitching is used to keep the down in place and prevent it from shifting or gathering in one part of the comforter.

The comforter weighs 9.9 pounds and it comes with a warranty, helping you rest assured that it will last a long time.

Natural Comfort Classic White Goose Down Comforter, Cal King

If you are looking for something a bit more affordable, you’ll be happy with what this comforter has to bring to the table. Natural Comfort Classic White Goose Down Comforter is much more affordable than the first entry in the list. While not as luxurious, this comforter still has a number of excellent characteristics.

The cover is made of cotton and the filling consists of goose down (five percent) and goose feathers (95 percent). the cotton cover comes with a thread count of 233, which makes it soft and durable enough.

Before being put inside the comforter, the down has undergone special treatment that makes it hypoallergenic and odor-free.

The product is available in twin, queen, king size and California king size.

Luxlen Grand King/California King White Goose Down Comforter

Luxlen Grand King/California King White Goose Down Comforter is a luxurious and beautiful item that will be a real asset in the bedroom. The fill power of the goose down is 600, making the comforter suitable for year-round use.

The shell is made of luxurious cotton that has a thread count of 500.

End-to-end baffle box design keeps the down in place and eliminates the risk of shifting or bunching during washing. A dobby stripe design adds to the visual appeal of the comforter, making it somewhat more intriguing than the traditional white goose down bedding.

This is an oversized cal king down comforter that measures 90 by 98 inches. The comforter weighs solely seven pounds.

Malouf Woven White Down and Feather Blend Comforter

Some people prefer a blend of feathers and down because they consider this type of filling to increase breathability. Malouf Woven White Down and Feather Blend Comforter is an excellent pick for such buyers.

The comforter comes with a snow white cotton cover that keeps the down and feathers from ever sticking out from the inside. A box-stitched design also keeps the filling from shuffling and gathering in one part of the comforter.

The composition of the filling is 80 percent feathers and 20 percent down.

In addition, the design features piped and double-stitched edges that enhance both the visual appeal and the durability of the comforter.

The comforter is available in a range of sizes from twin, queen, oversized queen, to king, California king and oversized king. The oversized king comforter measures 98 by 116 inches and the standard cal king down comforter measures 96 by 102 inches.

Malouf Woven White Down and Feather Blend Comforter is provided with a five-year warranty.

Cozy Warm Down Duvet

When it comes to having a restful and cozy night in bed, nothing beats a cozy warm down duvet. The fluffiness and warmth of down comforters is unparalleled. To ensure the quality of your sleep, you have to make sure you are buying the right duvet. Here are some of the essentials to consider before buying.

Select the Right Warmth Level

A cozy warm down duvet should be perfectly suited to your individual needs and climate. Such products come with highly specific warmth levels. Learn to differentiate between the readings.

The fill power is the number to explore. A higher fill power will result in a bigger and fluffier comforter that will keep you warm during the coldest of nights. A fill power count of 550 is considered medium, making the comforter suitable for year-round use.

Fill power of 900 will result in a bigger and bulkier down duvet. Such a duvet would be best for use in a very cold climate, during the winter and in houses that aren’t heated during the night. Keep in mind, however, that a higher fill power will usually come with a higher price tag.

Thread Count Considerations

There’s one more number you should be looking at when buying a cozy and warm down duvet. It is the thread count and the number refers to the quality of the cover.

A tighter weave is indicated by a higher thread count. This tighter weave results in a comforter that’s softer and silkier to touch. Thread count doesn’t refer solely to cotton – it’s an indicator of quality for all of the fabrics used in manufacturing duvet covers.

Always look both at the type of fabric and the thread count. Both of these matter. A low quality of the fabric can’t be compensated for by a high thread count.


If your down duvet doesn’t come with the right construction, the filling will bunch up in one part of the product. This is something you want to avoid at all costs. A comforter becomes utterly useless when the filling isn’t distributed evenly.

Box-stitch construction is the best option when it comes to preventing the gathering of the filling in one part of the duvet. The box-stitch design should be from edge to edge, compartmentalizing the duvet in “boxes.” A certain amount of the filling is trapped in each of the boxes and it can’t migrate to the other parts of the duvet.

Gusset construction is another good option to look for. The top and bottom layers are connected through stitching. Gusseted comforters come with an added benefit of optimized fill power and loft.

In the case of ring-stitching, circular patterns are used to connect the top to the bottom layers of the duvet. The problem with this type of stitching is that the down will shift around. If you don’t take proper care of the duvet, you will have the gathering of down in the top or the bottom of the comforter.

Ease of Maintenance

Manufacturers have to provide detailed instructions about the best cleaning and maintenance practices. Always check these before buying the product.

Some of the comforters (especially the ones that are box-stitched throughout) can be machine-washed in a front-loading laundry machine. Other products are only suitable for dry cleaning. If you want to wash the down duvet at home, make sure that the care instructions aren’t too complicated.

Reputation of the Manufacturer

Some companies have a much better reputation than others.

Luckily, you can rely on internet to give you information about the practices and values of various down duvet manufacturers. You can learn from the experience of people that have already bought such products. Customer reviews are incredibly beneficial when it comes to getting information that goes beyond the official presentation.

Some companies also have farms and down-processing facilities. Such companies usually have excellent reputation because they have full control over the manufacturing process. Dig a little bit to find out more about the company’s history, the facilities that it makes use of and the origin of the materials being used.

This may all sound a bit overwhelming right now but finding the best warm down duvet will be easy after you explore a couple of products. Compare their features side by side to see what the main differences are. Once you’ve done the analysis, decide which characteristics matter the most to you and make the decision on the basis of those.

Best Pillows for Stomach Sleepers Ultimate reviews and Buying Guide (2016 version)

Stomach sleepers are more prone to experiencing neck pain and stiffness than people who prefer other sleeping positions. This is the main reason why a quality pillow has to be purchased.

On top of being more prone to suffering from neck stiffness, stomach sleepers may also experience lower back pain and pinched nerves. The selection of a good pillow can reduce or solve all of these problems completely. Stomach sleepers need to keep a couple of things in mind, when looking for the right product.

How to Buy the Right Pillow

To keep the neck properly aligned, stomach sleepers should look for thinner pillows. Since the pillow doesn’t really support the neck, the firmness isn’t a primary concern.

People that are stomach sleepers may also use a body pillow or a pillow between their legs to keep the spinal cord properly aligned. Thus, while the sleeping pillow selection itself isn’t that difficult, it may be a good idea considering additional pillows.

Based on these requirements, here are a few suggestions for quality pillows that stomach sleepers will enjoy.

LinenSpa Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Gel

This pillow brings together two very interesting materials – gel and memory foam. The gel beads are encased in memory foam, which makes the pillow cool and soft. LinenSpa Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is hypoallergenic and it features medium firmness. The characteristic makes it perfect for stomach sleepers.

There are three sizes to choose among – standard, queen and king.

The cover is made entirely from cotton, a soft and natural material that keeps moisture away from the skin. Since the cover is machine-washable, it can be cleaned easily and conveniently upon necessity.

Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Thin and bringing together gel and memory foam, this pillow is another great pick for side sleepers. Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow is medium-soft and it comes with a firmer memory foam side, as well as a softer gel side.

The thickness of the pillow is five inches. Thus, it’s ideal for both back and stomach sleepers.

It also features the company’s cool gel technology. The technology ensures proper airflow, which keeps the memory foam from becoming excessively heated.

Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow has a removable cover that can be cleaned in the washing machine.

Slim Sleeper Natural Latex Foam Pillow, Slim

Since its thickness is only 2.75 inches, the Slim Sleeper Natural Latex Foam Pillow is exclusively created for the needs of stomach sleepers.

The pillow is made from natural latex – a material that is mildew and dust mite resistant, as well as hypoallergenic. The pin-hole design keeps the filling of the pillow perfectly ventilated throughout the night.

Just like the other entries in the list, the pillow is provided with a cover that can be removed and cleaned in the washing machine.

Ultra Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow by DC Labs

DC Labs Ultra Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow is especially designed for use by stomach and back sleepers. Its thickness is 2.5 inches and the product features an intriguing half-pillow design. One of the pillow’s sides is flat, while the other one is rounded.

The pillow is made from memory foam that conforms to the contours of the body and ensures restful sleep. The material is hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant. Though the material is soft and comfortable, the head of the sleeper is barely above the mattress. Thus, the spine is kept properly aligned, reducing the risk of neck or lower back pain.

The Pancake Pillow

We’ll complete the list with one very interesting product called The Pancake Pillow.

The design of this pillow is stackable. As a result, it’s ideal for all kinds of pillows because of the easy adjustments that can be made. The pillow consists of six individual panels. They can be taken out or added back in the case, adjusting the height and the firmness of the pillow.

Hypoallergenic microfiber is used for the filling. The material is considered a quality down alternative because it reduces the risk of sensitivity. The pillow case is made of cotton (300 thread count).

For best use by stomach sleepers, the pillow should feature one or two of the six layers.

Organic Bamboo Pillow

Bamboo is an environment-friendly material. It’s sustainable, it grows fast and no pesticides are required to keep bamboo safe from pests. These are just some of the reasons why bamboo is considered natural and organic.

Switching to a bamboo pillow is a great idea if you want to decrease the environmental impact of your household. In addition, the bamboo pillow is incredibly comfortable. Various types of fillings are used, making it possible for just about everyone to discover at least one bamboo pillow to fall in love with.

If you’re looking for a truly organic certified bamboo pillow, you’ll find out that the market doesn’t feature such a big number of items. Some of the top products to consider examining are featured in this article.

Cosy House Collection Premium Memory Foam Pillow with an Organic Bamboo Breathable Cover

Hands down, this is the best organic bamboo pillow. It has a number of features that makes it much better than other similar products.

The Cost House Collection Premium Memory Foam Pillow with an Organic Bamboo Breathable Cover comes with a shredded memory foam interior. Shredded memory foam provides the support that standard memory foam is known for. At the same time, it allows better air circulation – a characteristic that maintains the filling cool.

This is a lumbar support pillow that comes with an organic bamboo cover. It’s relatively small, which makes the pillow perfect for use during lengthy trips and office hours. Because of its size, the pillow is also great for use by children.

The product can be hand or machine-washed. The filling isn’t going to get flattened because of the cleaning procedure chosen. Cosy House Collection’s memory foam pillow features high density memory foam that will maintain its density for a long period of time.

Finally, the memory foam pillow is provided with a lifetime warranty. If you’re dissatisfied with any aspect of the product, you’ll get a complete refund, no questions asked.

Bamboo Pillow with Natural Latex Foam

This is another great product that bring together organic and natural materials for maximum safety. The Bamboo Pillow with Natural Latex Foam by Natural Rest features an all-natural latex and poly shredded filling that delivers sufficient support while being soft and comfortable.

The filling is free from chemicals and according to some reviewers, natural latex can be compared to a soft and delicate material like natural down. The pillow doesn’t need any fluffing to retain its softness, which is an added bonus.

Latex foam is a hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, mildew resistant and antimicrobial material. Whether you suffer from allergies or you’re focused on maintaining a clean house, a latex foam pillow will be a good pick for you.

When it comes to the cover, it’s made of natural bamboo that maintains proper ventilation and wicks moisture away from the skin. Because of these characteristics of the fabric, the pillow is ideal for the individuals that live in hot climates.

Good Life Essentials Hotel Collection Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover

Good Life Essentials Hotel Collection Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover is made in the US and using solely the finest materials. Natural bamboo and Certipur-US certified memory foam create a comfortable experience while being 100 percent safe.

The cover features 50 percent bamboo fibers, which is relatively higher than what most other products on the market have to offer.

The shredded memory foam supports the neck, the shoulders and the back of the head. It reduces the risk of experiencing pain or stiffness in the morning. At the same time, the material is much more breathable than a solid block of memory foam. Thus, it helps for keeping the pillow cool and boosting the quality of sleep even further.

Good Life Essentials Hotel Collection memory foam bamboo pillow is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. The pillow and the cover are very easy to clean and to maintain in optimal condition.

Shredded Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow

Bamboo and shredded memory foam – this is in fact one of the best combinations when it comes to quality pillows. A shredded memory foam pillow is very comfortable and often, it comes with an adjustable design. Adding the sustainable and very soft bamboo to the mix makes the product even more desirable.

Are you wondering about this product? Going through some information about the pillow and its characteristics will help you decide whether the item is worth a purchase.

What’s a Shredded Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow?

As the name indicates, this pillow features a filling that’s made of shredded memory foam. Shredded memory foam is very beneficial because it allows the passage of air through the material. Good circulation maintains the memory foam cool. Memory foam is a material that’s recognized for its heat retention properties. This is why many people don’t like to sleep on memory foam during the hot nights.

Some of the shredded memory foam bamboo pillows are also adjustable. They feature a zipper on the side. This zipper makes it possible to take some of the filling out. By removing some of the shredded memory foam, you’re making the pillow flatter. If you need additional support, you’ll simply have to return the material that you have previously taken out.

Now on to the bamboo. A cover made of bamboo has a number of cool characteristics, as well.

For a start, bamboo is an environment-friendly and sustainable material. It grows quickly, which means that the bamboo used in manufacturing can be replaced by new plants in just a few years. The material is free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

Bamboo is very soft and very resilient. It produces a luxurious, soft sensation. Many people that have switched to a bamboo pillow report that they’ll never go back to choosing a product made from another material.

The Best Shredded Bamboo Memory Foam Pillows on the Market

Shredded bamboo memory foam pillows have become so popular that many companies manufacture such items already. When looking for such a pillow, it’s imperative to make sure that the quality of the memory foam is sufficiently high. Reputable companies do thorough lab tests to make sure that the memory foam is free from chemicals and ozone depletion substances.

Without further ado, here are some of the shredded memory foam bamboo pillows that have managed to maintain a stellar reputation through the years:

  • Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow: made in the Us, this shredded memory foam bamboo pillow features solely high quality materials. The memory foam is environment-friendly and Centipur-US certified. The cool-flow micro-vented bamboo cover allows air to pass through the pillow, making it very cool. The product is both hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. The cover can be cleaned in the washing machine for added convenience.
  • Home Comfort Premium Bamboo Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam: the fabric that the cover is made of contains 70 percent bamboo fibers, which is much higher than what the competitors have to offer. The pillow is filled with soft, premium memory foam that provides sufficient support to the neck, the head and the shoulders. Home Comfort Premium Bamboo Pillow is available in two sizes – queen (18 by 28 inches) and king (18 by 34 inches).
  • Coop Home Goods Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow: the memory foam that the pillow is filled with is Centipur-US certified. It is free from ozone depleters, phthalates, formaldehyde, flame retardants, heavy metals, lead, mercury and other hazardous chemicals. The cover is made from a bamboo and polyester blend that is soft but extremely durable at the same time. The pillow is both hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. The product is suitable for machine washing. It comes with an extensive five-year warranty.
  • Xtreme Comforts Hypoallergenic Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow: the final entry in the list is another best-seller because of several characteristics. The pillow is made from a proprietary visco-elastic memory foam that provides sufficient support and isn’t going to become flat even after the pillow is machine-washed. The product is both hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. Orthopedic support is available and the pillow is suitable for all individuals, regardless of favorite sleeping position. Xtreme Comforts bamboo shredded memory foam pillow comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Best Bamboo Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam bamboo pillows bring together the best of both worlds. Memory foam is a material that provides enough support and guarantees the quality of sleep. Bamboo is an environment-friendly material that’s incredibly soft and durable.

The market features numerous bamboo memory foam pillows, some of them having a much higher quality than others. This article will present some of the products that have gotten a predominantly positive response from buyers.

Home Comfort Premium Bamboo Pillow

The Home Comfort Premium Bamboo Pillow has a cover that’s made of 70 percent bamboo fibers. The percentage is much higher than what man of the competitors have to offer. The cover is machine-washable and it measures 18 by 28 inches (queen-size) or 18 by 34 inches (king-size).

The shredded memory foam inside is great for two reasons. For a start, it provides a lot of comfort and proper support. Since the memory foam is shredded, it also ensures air ventilation. The proper ventilation keeps the memory foam from retaining heat during the summer nights.

According to the manufacturer, the pillow has been designed to provide relief from issues like snoring, neck pain, shoulder stiffness and even insomnia. Several reviewers confirm these claims with one person reporting that the pillow has helped them overcome serious issues like migraine headaches.

Camden Hill Memory Foam Tencel Pillow

The micro-vented cover of the pillow is made with tencel fabric to ensure the passage of air through the material. Tencel is a lot softer than many of the other bamboo fabrics on the market, making this pillow great for the individuals that have the most sensitive skin.

Camden Hill Memory Foam Tencel Pillow features a filling that’s free from chemicals, PBDEs, TCEP and TDCPP. The memory foam has undergone thorough testing that determines both its quality and its purity. The material is soft enough, yet it provides sufficient head, neck and shoulder support.

Both the interior of the pillow and the cover are hypo-allergenic and dust-mite resistant. The bamboo pillow is easy to maintain in an excellent condition and even easier to clean. The cover is machine-washable for added convenience.

Since this is a quality product, it’s provided with a money-back guarantee. If you’re dissatisfied with the pillow for any reason, you can request a replacement or you can have the company issuing a full refund.

Original Bamboo Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow

The product is very cool because it’s an adjustable pillow. Original Bamboo Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow has a zipper on the side. All that you have to do is open the pillow and take out some of the shredded memory foam filling. This way, you can control the thickness of the pillow and the support it provides.

All of the memory foam that’s taken out can be stored in a plastic bag.

Shredded foam is perfect because it conforms to the body and its curves. Thus, the Original Bamboo adjustable pillow is perfect for all kinds of sleepers. It can be used to reduce the symptoms of migraine, headaches, asthma, snoring and even insomnia.

The cover of the pillow features stay-cool bamboo fabric. This specialized technology maintains the flow of air through the cover and the memory foam, making the pillow cool even during the hottest summer nights.

CozyCloud Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

The cover is made in the US and it features a bamboo and polyester blend. This combination of materials makes the fabric both strong and breathable. CozyCloud Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow has numerous additional characteristics that make it worth a purchase.

The foam used inside the pillow is certified after thorough testing for the absence of ozone depleting substances, flame retardants, heavy metals, lead, mercury, phthalates and formaldehyde. The product is approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

It’s interesting to point out that the design of the CozyCloud pillow is created by a chiropractor. Thus, it provides extra support and reduces the risk of experiencing stiffness or pain in the morning. The pillow is made in the US and solely the finest materials have been chosen.

In addition to all these characteristics, the CozyCloud bamboo pillow is hypoallergenic and machine-washable for added convenience.

Top 3 California King Down Comforters – The Best Rated Comforters For Oversized King Beds


The best rated down comforters made for California king beds

Here are the 3 comforters I’ve chosen as the best choices for oversized king beds. It actually took a surprisingly long time to find these down comforters. Be careful when you’re shopping for California King comforters. It seems that unscrupulous sellers will often list regular King sized comforters as California King/Oversized King.

A regular King comforter measures 110″ x 96″ versus 110″x100″ for a California King comforter. That’s a difference of 4″ between regular King and California King comforters. For most people this difference won’t be noticeable, but if you have a Cal-king mattress, the lack of overhang will make your comforter look out of place. The comforters listed below are true California King sizes.

It seems that the Canadian bedding manufacturers came out on top when it comes to oversized bedding. Many of the popular American companies only make regular King comforters or lazily call their regular King sizes “California King”. The few truly oversized King down comforters I found that also met my criteria for quality were made by Highland Feather and Daniadown.

My first choice is a standard “all seasons” warmth comforter from Highland Feather, a Canadian down bedding company that makes their comforters in Ontario. My second choice is a light summer fill comforter that’s also made by Highland Feather. For my third best comforter I chose a luxurious winter warmth white goose down comforter from Daniadown that’s not only wide enough for a Cal-king mattress, but so big that you get an extra foot of comforter to snuggle into! This comforter is perfect if you’re a snuggler who likes to wrap your comforter around your shoulders and feet.

All three of the comforters I’ve chosen are made with quality materials such as 550-800 fill power goose down and are constructed with real baffle boxes instead of inferior quilt stitching so you will get the loftiest comforter with a minimal amount of bare spots and shifting.

How did I choose the top 3 comforters for this list?

To be sure I picked the best comforters for this list I spent several hours going through buyer reviews and made sure to look out for any complaints about sizing and quality. One criteria that is non-negotiable for me is that all comforters have to measure over 110″x100″ to be included in this list. I consider anything under that to be a regular king sized comforter.

If you personally have any experience with these 3 comforters (good or bad) please leave a comment below.

Here’s a short explanation of how I chose the 3 comforters on this list.

  • I went through buyer reviews and eliminated any products where buyers said the comforter was too small to hang over the edge of the bed.
  • I favored comforters that have real baffle boxes versus just plain box stitching. Chances are that if you have a large King bed, then you will accept nothing short of quality fit for a king.
  • Quality is of utmost importance! I’ve eliminated any comforters where there were mentions of feathers leaking out and bare spots in the comforter.
  • Are you a hot sleeper? Do you keep your bedroom extra cold? Or maybe you love the fluffiness of down but live somehwere hot like Arizona or Florida.. I’ve included year-round, light summer weather, and extra warm winter weight down comforters in this list.

#1 Highland Feather’s Standard Fill Goose Down Comforter


A medium warmth comforter filled with 550 fill power Canadian goose down that you can use all year round. This comforter measures 110″x100″ which is big enough for a California King bed with several inches to spare. Baffle box walls separate and prevent the goose down inside from shifting. The comforter fluffs up to over 2″ in height due to a combination of baffle box construction and gusset walls along the side.

The only complaint I have is that the cotton shell is 298 thread count cotton rather than 350+ thread count. This isn’t a big problem as the comforter will be covered by a duvet cover anyways.

This comforter is made in Canada according to the strict quality and hygiene standards of the Down Association of Canada. We usually see American brands of down comforters on this site, but I have to say that Amreican companies really came up short when it came to comforters for California King beds.

After hours of research I found no customer complaints about leaking feathers or other quality issues with Highland Feather. The fact that Highland Feather is a Canadian company that manufactures all their products in Canada with Canadian sourced materials and the fact that they have a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty more than justifies the slightly higher price for this comforter over other mass produced comforters from China.


#2 Highland Feather’s Summer Fill Goose Down Comforter


This comforter is the lighter summer warmth version of the previous down comforter. Like the medium warmth version, this comforter is also filled with 550 fill power Canadian goose down and measures 110″x100″.

What really made this comforter stand out is the fact that it is the only light warmth down comforter I’ve found that has baffle boxes instead of box-stitching. Manufacturers rarely make summer comforters with real baffle boxes since they sell at a cheaper price.

The Highland Feather summer fill comforter is made in Canada with Canadian goose down. It comes with a 15 year warranty.


#3 Daniadown’s Winter Paradise Goose Down Comforter


My final best rated down comforter for Cal-king beds is Daniadown’s Winter Paradise comforter. While at the upper range of the budget at over $800, the quality of the white goose down inside and the construction is well worth the price.

You’ll find over 60 ounces of 800 fill power European goose down inside which is 30%+ more down than a standard medium warmth comforter. 800 fill power goose down is also the lightest and warmest grade of goose down short of very expensive Icelanding eiderdown. All of this means that the Winter Paradise comforter is warm enough for brutally cold ALaskan and Northern Canadian winters or bedroom temperatures below 50F.

Not only is this a heavy winter warmth comforter, but it is also an oversized comforter. Even by California King bed standards this comforter is big. It measures 110″x112″ versus the normal 110″x100″ measurements of California King comforters. You’ll get an extra foot of comforter to wrap around yourself! This means that the Winter Paradise comforter is the perfect choice if you like to curl up and snuggle deep into your bed and wrap yourself in your comforter from shoulder to toes.

There are extra baffle boxes inside so you can expect about 3″ of loft from this comforter. The shell is made from silky smooth 400 thread count cotton and the comforter is machine washable. Though with over 60 ounces of down inside I would recommend you take this comforter to a professional launderer instead of doing it yourself.

The manufacturer Daniadown is a boutique down bedding company based in western Canadia. They have a history of over 40 years and stand behind their products with a 10 year warranty. Product quality, customer service, and the warranty and repairs policy are the main reasons to buy a Daniadown comforter.


Compare Prices & Shop

I Want...The Best Down ComforterRating
Why I Love It
Price Range*Shop
A medium warmth California King comforter that I can use during all four seasons. I'm looking for a comforter that is made with high quality ingredients like Canadian sourced goose down. I want true baffle boxes in my comforter so it can expand to over 2" in height. I'm looking for a comforter that's just big enough to hang over the sides of my California King bed.Highland Feather's Standard Fill 550 FP Goose Down Comforter 

Made in Canada with Canadian goose down according to the high quality and hygienic standards of the Down Association of Canada.

Comes with a long 15 year manufacturer's warranty.

Has gusset walls in addition to baffle boxes for even higher loft and fluffiness.
$397Check Prices
A light warmth comforter for my oversized King bed that will block out the chill of the air conditioner during the summer. I also want a comforter that is made according to the quality and safety standards of the Down Association of Canada so I know that the down inside is clean and won't trigger my allergies. I'm looking for a comforter that's just big enough to hang over the sides of my California King bed.Highland Feather's Summer Fill 550 FP Goose Down Comforter 

Made in Canada with Canadian goose down according to the high quality and hygienic standards of the Down Association of Canada.

Comes with a long 15 year manufacturer's warranty.

Has gusset walls in addition to baffle boxes for even higher loft and fluffiness.
$255Check Prices
A luxurious California King comforter that fluffs up to over 3" in height and is filled with the warmest 800 fill power European goose down. I need the warmest comforter possible since I keep my bedroom at 50F or below during the winter. I also want a comforter that's large enough to tuck around my feet and wide enough for two people to snuggle into.Daniadown's Winter Paradise 800 FP Extra Warm Goose Down Comforter 

Made in Canada with the warmest 800 fill power European goose down.

Comes with a long 10 year manufacturer's warranty.

Exceeds normal sizes for California King comforters. 112"x110" is big enough to give plenty of overhang and *ahem* blanket hogs!
$874Check Prices

*at the time of publication

The best eiderdown comforters under $10,000

Get the most sought after comforter in the world for less than $10000

Get the most sought after comforter in the world for less than $10000

Goose down comforters are already a luxury, but for true connoisseurs nothing will ever beat an eiderdown comforter. The ultimate in lightness and luxury, eiderdown is so rare that a king sized comforter can cost over $10000. Do not expect to find a quality eiderdown down comforter for less than $2000 for a twin comforter.

If you want to know just how warm and light eiderdown feels, the closest approximation I can give you is to imagine the warmth and lightness of the very best quality white goose down with 800+ fill power. It’s like sleeping in a weightless cloud of spun silk in front of a cozy fireplace during the winter. I did have a chance to sleep under an eiderdown comforter once when I stayed in Japan, and texture and feel of the comforter was unimaginable. The price of eiderdown seems exorbitant, but it is worth it.

Today we will look at two eiderdown comforters available in the US for under $10000. Daniadown’s eiderdown comforter and Bedding by Eve’s eiderdown European batiste down comforter are both made by companies specializing in eiderdown bedding with over 40 years of experience. Unlike regular goose down which comes from geese farmed for meat, eiderdown is harvested by hand from abandoned Eider duck nests in the wild. As eiderdown is never plucked from live birds it is truly cruelty free. If you care about animal welfare but love the feeling of down, an eiderdown comforter will be worth the high price.

What is eiderdown and why is it so expensive?

The most expensive down in the world, eiderdown is gossamer light. So airy and soft that you will only feel weightless warmth when you’re surrounded by eiderdown. Unlike regular down, eiderdown sticks together like velcro. These interlocking feathers create a filling that is lighter than goose down while trapping more heat.

Compared to domesticated geese, eider ducks only exist in the wild. Eiderdown is harvested and sorted by hand from the abandoned nests of the eider duck. It takes over 9 hours of labor and processing for each piece of eiderdown to get from a wild nest to your comforter.

Each year there’s only enough eiderdown harvested to fill a thousand or so comforters. It takes more than 60 abandoned nests to fill just one queen sized comforter. Currently only Iceland, a handful of Northern Scandinavian countries, Germany, and Canada produce eiderdown for export. There is some eiderdown from Russia, but most of that is kept for the domestic Russian market.

While there are millions of goose down comforters made every year, each eiderdown comforter is truly rare and a luxurious indulgence. There are only a handful of small family owned bedding companies that make eiderdown bedding.

These factors together with the increasing demand for eiderdown is the cause for the extremely high price of eiderdown.

Caring for your eiderdown and comforter repairs.

Always use a cover – no exceptions! Spot clean to blot out stains and never wash your eiderdown comforter in your washer. Washing an eiderdown comforter at home or at an inexperienced dry cleaner can damage the eiderdown. Soaps and hot water can dry out the eiderdown and make it brittle. Your once airy eiderdown comforter would become flat and heavy.

A properly covered eiderdown comforter should last a lifetime.

– You should never have to clean your comforter more than once every five years.

– I like to air my comforters out annually by hanging it out in the sun once every summer.

– You should fluff your comforter and rotate it every couple of days to redistribute the down.

If you must have your comforter laundered or have any loose stitching or tears, take your comforter to a French laundry that specializes in down bedding. They will know how to mend any tears. Some will even replace the thinning fabric completely and create a new comforter for you using your original eiderdown stuffing.

I know several French laundries in California, Kansas, New York, and the UK that have an excellent reputation with down comforter repairs. You may need to ship your comforter to them by mail if you don’t live nearby. Send me an email if you would like their contact information.

Buying Guide

A good eiderdown comforter should last a lifetime so make sure you know what you want and what to look for before you buy.

  • Because eiderdown locks together differently, fill power is not an adequate way to rate eiderdown warmth. Make sure the filling is “pure Icelandic eiderdown” and not a mix of other types of down.
  • Your eiderdown comforter should absolutely have baffle box construction. At this price point and given the high-loft nature of eiderdown, there is no excuse for cheaper quilt stitching.
  • The fabric of your eiderdown comforter should be Swiss or German cotton batiste with a 300+ thread count. This is a specially woven type of cotton fabric that’s well suited to eiderdown. It allows maximum airflow and is lighter than comparable cottons with the same thread count.

Daniadown Duvet Collection Eiderdown Comforter

alt text

Daniadown’s comforter is filled with 100% Icelandic eiderdown. Get it for less than $5000.

The best eiderdown comforter I found for less than $10000 is the Daniadown Eiderdown Comforter.

Made by Daniadown Quilts, a family run bedding company, their eiderdown comforter is made in Canada with 100% pure Icelandic eiderdown and Swiss cotton.

Daniadown’s eiderdown comforter has true baffle boxes which allow the eiderdown inside to expand to 2+” of height. The edge area is double stitched on all four sides of the comforter. This way the down will stay in the center of the comforter and won’t shift and clump together at the edges and corners.

The company offers a 30 day money-back guarantee and a 10 year product warranty.

The Good

  • Quality materials. Made with 100% Icelandic eiderdown inside and 300 thread count Swiss cotton fabric for the maximum warmth while remaining light and weightless.
  • The eiderdown filling has been cleaned with their “Ultra-Fresh” process to hypoallergenic standards.
  • The filling is held in place with real baffle boxes so the eiderdown can fully expand. There’s double stitching around the edges so the down won’t travel to the edges of the comforter after a couple of years.
  • Comes with a 10 year manufacturers warranty (contact 1-800-663-9088 for support) and a 30 day return and exchange policy from the store.
  • Made in Canada by a family owned company with experience and skill in creating eiderdown bedding.
  • Available in all sizes from twin to queen and king and even an extra large super king (112″ x 100″).

The Bad

  • You can’t comparison shop. Amazon is the only online retailer with this eiderdown comforter at this price. I did find another bedding store that carried this eiderdown comforter, but they’re located in Canada and I’m not sure if there would be import taxes or customs duties on such a high priced item. Plus buying from across the border always adds complications to customer service and returns/exchanges.
  • This comforter is only available online as part of a special orders program. Because eiderdown comforters are not as commonly sold as regular goose down comforters it will take 6-10 days to process your order.
  • Only available in medium (all-season) warmth. If you need an extra warm or a lighter eiderdown comforter you’ll want to take a look at the [European Batiste Eiderdown Comforter][#also-good] from Bedding by Eve.

What do people have to say about Daniadown?

Excellent Service as a first time user Customer Service agent was so helpful and the item came so fast and it was exactly what I wanted. THANK YOU SO MUCH Christine from Anaheim, CA on

I love visiting Daniadown just so that I can touch the soft bedding. The sales people are very nice about it. They have some gorgeous stuff. If you want 600 thread count sheets come here. They also carry duvets, towels, and other stuff for the home.


  • 300 count Swiss cotton shell keeps the eiderdown from leaking out but is light enough not to weigh down heavily.
  • Pure Icelandic eiderdown inside real baffle boxes means this gossamer light comforter expands to over 2″ of loft.
  • See the full features

Average Price: $2,700-$4,805*

If you are looking for a quality eiderdown comforter that you can use all year round, then you should get Daniadown’s eiderdown comforter. At under $5000 for a king size comforter, it is one of the best deals I’ve found for American customers.

Eiderdown European Batiste Comforter

alt text

Need an extra light or extra warm eiderdown comforter? The European Batiste comforter comes in over 4 different levels of warmth so hot and cold sleepers can find their perfect comforter.

While I think the Daniadown comforter is the best overall choice, the lack of choice in warmth levels did drive me to find another choice. Some people want a lighter eiderdown blanket for spring or summer or even an extra warm eiderdown comforter for Arctic winters. If this applies to you then the European Batiste Eiderdown is the comforter that you’ve been looking for.

While the prices for the warmest king size go over our $10,000 budget, there is a very good reason for this. A standard all-seasons (medium warmth) king size eiderdown comforter will contain around 34 oz. of down filling. The European Batiste comforter stands out as there’s over 45 oz. of eiderdown filling for the “level 3” and 60 oz. of filling for the “level 4” models.

This means that the most expensive “level 3” and “level 4” comforters have double the amount of eiderdown filling and are really only appropriate for the coldest Arctic winters.

On the other end of the spectrum, this comforter also comes in lighter warmths for the warmer months. If you need a gossamer light eiderdown throw to keep away the chill of your air conditioner, then the “blanket”, “throw”, and “level 1” models of the Eiderdown European Batiste Comforter are what you need.

The Good

  • Made with pure Scandinavian eiderdown gathered and processed under strict standards for environmental and animal welfare. The lightest and warmest down in the world is an environmentally friendly luxury.
  • The shell is 100% German batiste cotton. Tightly woven but light enough not to crush the eiderdown or feel heavy. Certified to be free of toxins and harsh chemicals according Oeko-Tex standards.
  • Made in the USA.

The Bad

  • Only the level 3 and level 4 comforters have baffle boxes. The lower warmth levels are merely stitched. This is unacceptable for a comforter over $1000.
  • Level 3 and 4 king size comforters cost over $10,000. This is over our $10,000 budget, but reasonable for the amount of eiderdown filling. You should get the less expensive “level 2” comforter if you need a medium warmth comforter.


  • Made in the USA from European materials and certified to be safe and free of harsh chemicals.
  • Comes in very light and very warm models. The warmest “level 4” comforter has 60 oz. of eiderdown filling. This is extremely warm and may be too hot for most people. For comparison, medium-warmth (all-season) king size eiderdown comforters usually have about 34 oz. of filling.
  • See the full features

Average Price: $2,399-$13,560*

Bedding by Eve’s eiderdown comforter comes in 4 levels of warmth so you can find the perfect comforter to fit your needs. While the lighter warmth comforters do not have real baffle boxes, the choice of eiderdown comforters is limited for American customers. Unless you want to import your comforter from Europe, this is a minor trade-off. The level 3 and 4 comforters do have baffle boxes and the extra warmth is perfect for very cold winter nights.


alt text

Daniadown’s eiderdown comforter is the best all-around choice. It is the perfect warmth for all but the most extreme winter temperatures and the sub $5000 price point is unheard of especially for a a product that’s made in Canadian with all European materials.

The comforter comes with a 10 year warranty from the manufacturer and a 30 day exchange/refund policy from the retailer. Unless you relish the idea of dealing with borders and customs and importing a more expensive eiderdown comforter from Europe, you should get the Daniadown eiderdown comforter.

*at the time of publication

Best Down Alternative Comforters

Cheap Down Alternative Comforter Review Chezmoi
Pinzon Primaloft - Best Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Comforter

Could it be? A down alternative comforter that actually feels like the real thing?

Question of the day: Who makes the best down alternative comforter?

The Pinzon Primaloft down alternative comforter is the perfect medium warmth comforter for all seasons. After testing over 20 different brands of down alternative comforters both online and at the department stores, I found that the Pinzon down alternative comforter has all the right features:

  • light and weightless sensation
  • real down-like plushness
  • soft cotton fabric that allows airflow and doesn’t feel stiff
  • and a price tag under $130.

Down Alternative Comforter Reviews Results

As you can guess, this site is dedicated to goose down comforters. So why am I branching out and trying out down alternative comforters?

Well I’ve actually received many messages from readers who are allergic to goose down and are desperately searching for a comforter that feels like down, but without the runny nose and itchy eyes that go along with it.

While many down alternative comforters are a vast improvement over regular comforters that come in bedding sets, my standards are a bit higher. Since I’m used to sleeping under real goose down comforters, I expect a similar feeling in terms of plushness and warmth from any down alternative I review. As someone who’s a picky snob about real down comforters I’m even more critical when it comes to down alternative comforters. This is a challenge that I was excited to take on.

What to keep in mind when looking for a down alternative comforter

Pay attention to the type of filling

Alternative comforters are filled with polyester or a mix of different fibers. One of the biggest problems with these fillings is that they tend to clump together and form hard lumps after regular use. Your perfect comforter that felt light and fluffy when you bought it could soon turn into a heavy lumpy mess after a year and several washings.

The best way to make sure your down alternative comfoter won’t become lumpy is to make sure it is filled with sheets of batting that’s sewn in place rather than loose fibers. Filling that’s sewn in place will not get tangled nor clump as easily as loose filling.

Make sure your comforter has 100% cotton fabric

Since the filling inside down alternative comforters is polyester, the comforter will not have the benefit of air circulation that comes from real goose down. This can cause problems as the comforter can trap heat and moisture which means you’ll wake up hot and sweaty. This is why it’s so important to make sure that the fabric of your comforter is pure cotton to allow at least some air flow. Otherwise your comforter will feel stifling like the cheap comforters that come in those “bed in a bag” sets

The Best Down Alternative Comforter Is Pinzon PrimaLoft

Pinzon Primaloft - Best Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Comforter

Perfect for all months of the year. This $120* comforter fluffs up to 2″ of loft and is equal to a medium-warmth down comforter.

After more than 20 hours of research and going around bedding stores touching comforters I found the Pinzon Primaloft to have the best texture and specifications. I was sceptical at first because this isn’t a brand that you can find at any big box stores, only online at Amazon. However once I got the chance to touch the comforter in person I knew my search for the best down alternative comforter had ended.

At a price averaging around $120, it’s almost as expensive as a real goose down comforter. This price may make your jaw drop a bit, but this comforter is built to last and is the closest thing to real down in texture and plushness that I have ever felt. I’ve searched elsewhere for a down alternative comforter just as fantastic as this one, but I’ve never been successful.

While other comforters are half the price, there is a definite tradeoff. Down alternative comforters are filled with polyester and this causes several problems.

First, polyester filled comforters can feel heavy and flat due to cheap filling. Some are also so stiff they make a crinkly plastic noise every time you move.

Not exactly a cuddly experience!

Synthetic fibers like polyester are also not very comfy, especially if you tend to sweat a lot. Imagine the cheap polyester track suits from the 80s and 90s and how much sweat and moisture they trapped in… This is a very big problem with most down alternatives.

When it comes to bedding, you definitely get what you pay for. Comforters are not like fashionable clothes, where the designer/brand are more important than quality and substance. When it comes to bedding, especially comforters, always pay a little more for something that will last for years. It really doesn’t make sense to buy something that costs half the price if you have to replace it twice as often.

While there are some differences between the Pinzon Primaloft and say, a medium warmth down comforter, they are not major. If you must choose synthetic materials and not natural goose down either for health or moral reasons, then the Primaloft is the absolute best choice.

First off, lets talk about the experience of sleeping under the Primaloft comforter. What does it feel like? Of all the down alternatives I tried, it is definitely the lightest of the bunch. This comforter feels almost as light and weightless as comforter. The Primaloft does not feel heavy nor does it fall limply over your body. This comforter does closely mimic the structure and loft of goose down.

In terms of softness and plushness, it does fall a bit short. While the comforter does expand to 2″-2.5″, it still feels like polyester when squeezed. There isn’t the spring-back or plushness that you get from real goose down. So while the Primaloft is soft and fluffy, don’t expect the same sensation of snuggling into a down comforter.

The Primaloft is made with a very high quality cotton cover and this makes up for the suffocating quality of most polyester comforters. Neither I nor my SO had problems with sweating with this comforter. Perhaps the fluffy filling lets enough air flow through the comforter to combat this problem.

Speaking of the filling, according to the manufacturer, it’s made of entire sheets of material which are then stitched in place. This prevents future problems after many cycles in the washing machine. I’m sure you’ve felt old comforters or stuffed toys where the filling inside has clumped together. This is a problem with cheaper polyester filling that is just stuffed inside. Overtime the fibers in the filling tangle together and form giant clusters. Clustering isn’t a problem with the Primaloft due to the unique construction. That is unless you make an effort to rip apart the filling!

The Primaloft comes in a medium warmth, it should work for 90% of you who keep your bedrooms at a temperature between 60F – 75F.

If you need an extra warm comforter for really cold winter nights, the Primaloft comforter also comes in a medium weight model.

For those of you who are afraid of temperature extremes because you are a hot sleeper you should keep reading for my best light-warmth pick.

The Good

  • Very light and fluffs up nicely with 2″-2.5″ of loft.
  • A nice medium warmth comforter that’s perfect for Canadian/Midwest winters.
  • Filled with truly hypoallergenic polyester batting.
  • Filling is woven so it doesn’t lose it’s shape or turn lumpy.
  • Has corner loops/tabs for tying the comforter to your duvet cover.
  • Made in the USA by Downlite in Ohio.
  • Qualifies for free shipping from Amazon.

The Bad

  • Costs the same as an entry-level down comforter.
  • Can only be found on
  • The measurements are not standard. The king size measures 106″x96″ ( standard dimensions for a king comforter are 102″ x 86″ to 102″ x 94″) and the queen size measures 90″x96″ (standard dimensions for a queen are 86″ x 86″ to 86″ x 94″). You’ll have to find an extra-long comforter cover or deal with a bit of bunching. I know Cuddledown makes king size comforter covers that measure 114″ long which is longer than standard covers. Personally I think a regular cover is okay as the size difference isn’t big enough to be noticeable. If you get the queen comforter, you can just use a regular king comforter cover.

Average Price: $110-$120*

If you are looking for the perfect down alternative comforter that you can use all year-long then the Pinzon Primaloft down alternative comforter is the perfect choice. It feels close enough like goose down that you’ll forget it’s not the real thing if it weren’t for the lack of allergies!


  • Made in the USA, not China.
  • 400 thread-count cotton fabric feels silky smooth.
  • Equivalent to 50 oz. of 550 fill power down filling. Perfect for year-round warmth.
  • See the full specs and features

Chezmoi Down Alternative Comforter – A less expensive choice But not as soft

Less expensive, but also less fluffy.

If The Primaloft comforter is above your budget, then the

Chezmoi Down Alternative Comforter is a less expensive, but adequate alternative. The tradeoff is that it feels much stiffer and not as soft as the Primaloft.

At half the price of the Primaloft, averaging around $45, the Chezmoi is the next best choice even though I had some significant problems with this comforter. While this is very light and soft for a synthetic comforter, it does feel much heavier and flatter than the Primaloft. The filling feels flatter and more compact. Not very down-like.

The Chezmoi down alternative comforter does have a bit of structure and height. This is done with a stiffer fabric cover. Unfortunately this means it feels like you’re sleeping under plastic sheets sometimes. Tossing and turning created crinkling noises with this comforter. Just imagine it, a comforter that crinkles like plastic wrappers in the middle of the night. Not exactly the a luxurious sensation!

If you only had $50, then this is a nice polyester comforter, but not good enough to be considered a down alternative. Consider it better than the average comforters in “bed in a bag” sets, but do not expect too much. You’ll only be disappointed.

The Good

  • For an under $50 comforter it is very warm.
  • Good for college dorm rooms or as a spare comforter in your linen closet.
  • Guaranteed to be hypoallergenic since both the filling inside and the fabric outside are 100% polyester.

The Bad

  • Feels flat and heavy. Not very “down-like”.
  • The fabric is 100% polyester and stiff. Expect your comforter to crinkle noisily when you move.
  • Dry clean only. Do not wash this comforter or you the filling will become lumpy.

Average Price: $40-$60*

If you are on a budget then the Chezmoi down alternative comforter is a serviceable choice. It is thick enough to keep you warm through the winter nights, but it does not feel like real goose down. You will want to cover the comforter with a soft comforter cover as the polyester fabric does not feel very soft. Take care not to wash the Chezmoi comforter as the filling will clump together.

If you can afford it, I really would recommend that you get the Primaloft instead as the materials and the construction are of much higher quality and it’s made in the USA.



Best Down Alternative Comforter For Warm Weather

A very light microfiber comforter for summer and spring.

If you tend to be a hot sleeper, then a thinner and lighter comforter would be a better choice like this light down alternative comforter from Natural Comfort. The Natural Comfort comforter is only a fraction of the thickness of the Pinzon Primaloft.

I would say that it’s more like a blanket and rather than a comforter. It is perfect during the summer or for those of you who have a higher body temperature.

As this is such a thin blanket, there isn’t a lot of plushness to it. The most important reason why I chose this comforter is that it does not feel overwhelmingly heavy.

The fabric is not cotton, but microfiber. Some people prefer microfiber to cotton, but I like cotton better. Microfiber can be a problem with pet hair, so be sure to use a duvet cover if you get this comforter.

The filling is stitched into place so there won’t be clumping problems over time. The lighter weight and thinness means this comforter will be easy to clean at home.

There are loops in the corners for you to tie it in place inside of your duvet covers. This keeps your comforter from shifting inside its cover. The Natural Comfort light warmth down alternative comforter comes in twin, queen, and king sizes. Prices average around $38 with the king size model being more expensive.

The Good

  • Filling is stitched in place to prevent lumps.
  • Thin and light.
  • 100% Polyester fabric and filling but it does not feel “plasticky”.
  • Has loops in the corners so the comforter won’t shift inside it’s cover.
  • Very low prices starting in the $30s.

The Bad

  • Only appropriate for spring/summer/fall. It’s too thin for winter.
  • Made in China.
  • The fabric is microfiber which is a magnet for dirt and pet hair. You really need to use a comforter cover.

Average Price: $36-$44*

The perfect summertime down alternative comforter. It’s not very thick so you will still need to get a warmer comforter for the winter. Natural Comfort’s light-weight comforter is both light and fluffy and light on your budget. If all you want is a light comforter for the warmer months then this is the perfect choice.


  • A light and thin comforter that feels fluffy and not like a cheap polyester comforter.
  • The fabric is microfiber which some of you prefer to cotton.
  • 100% inside and outside so it’s guaranteed to be allergy free.
  • See the full specs and features

Conclusion – What’s the best down alternative comforter?

Pinzon Primaloft - Best Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Comforter

After trying many down alternative comforters that felt nothing like goose down, the Pinzon Primaloft comforter feels the closest to the real thing.

A low entry-level price and features such as filling that’s stitched in place and a soft 400 thread count cotton fabric makes this the best down alternative comforter.  It even comes in an extra-warmth model for really cold winter weather.

Average Price: $110-$120*

For about $120* you’ll get a truly hypoallergenic comforter that does not trap sweat like other polyester comforters. This is one of the rare down alternative comforters that truly fluffs up to 2″ of loft like real goose down. While other down alternative comforters are half the price, they will be heavy and lack the loft and lightness of the Primaloft. You will definitely feel the difference in quality.

Have you used any of these down alternative comforters? Leave a comment below and tell us the good, the bad, and the ugly!

*at the time of publication

Best Goose Down Bedding For Asthma and Allergy Sufferers


The best down comforters for people with asthma and allergies – our results

I‘ll be the first to admit that the selection of down comforters for people with allergies kinda sucks. You either end up fooled by companies that claim their comforter is “hypoallergenic” when it really isn’t or suffer with a limp polyester down alternative comforter.

Do not dispair! Even if you are allergic to goose down and dust-mites it is possible to sleep surrounded by fluffy goose down bedding. I’ve done the research for you in this review and found 3 great choices for allergy sufferers.

There’s a lot of down comforter manufacturers that attach a hypoallergenic description to their products but they really aren’t any different from normal down comforters. After testing over 8 different down comforters I found that only the Allerrest comforter really passes my “runny nose” test.

As an alternate choice I’ve also included my favorite down alternative comforter that feels almost like a real down comforter.

I know, I know. I can hear you all groaning right now. Down alternative?! That plasticky polyester stuff? Yuck!

But the Pinzon Primaloft made by the DownLite company (who makes down comforters for Macy’s, Eddie Bauer, etc.) is pretty decent.

I’m still a bedding snob so take this as a very high endorsement from me when I say it feels almost like an authentic goose down comforter.

If you already have a favorite down comforter that you want to keep, then use a protective cover like the Allerrest protector to block all dust-mites and particles that give you allergies.

Quick buying and care guide for allergen proof bedding

In my search for real allergy safe down bedding there’s one tip I’ve come across again and again. You must wash and dry your bedding and/or protectors the correct way if you want it to keep blocking out allergens.

There’s some wizardry that goes behind making the special dust-mite blocking fabrics. A combination of specially woven fibers and a particle blocking coating are the only things separating you and the particles that give you itchy eyes and a stuffy nose.

If the care label says dry clean only, then that means dry clean only. Do not let water touch the comforter! It would be a shame to pay $200+ for your hypoallergenic comforter or pillow and ruin it with one wash cycle. You do not want to wash off the special coating material or loosen the weave of the fabric shell in any way.

Okay. With that out of the way, onwards to the top 3 list of the best down comforters for people with (annoying) allergies!

#1 Pacific Coast’s AllerRest line

Pacific Coast AllerRest - A Real Goose Down Comforter That's Safe For Allergies
This is the only 100% allergy safe choice I found with real goose down inside.

The AllerRest comforter is filled with goose down that’s been washed 8 times to get rid of the particles and dust-mites that trigger allergy symptoms and asthmatic reactions. On top of this, there’s a built in allergy protector to block allergens from getting in or out of the comforter.

This is a medium warmth comforter that’s suitable for all seasons. There’s also a lighter weight AllerRest down blanket if you want a allergy proof down blanket that you can use during the spring and summer. Unfortunately the comforter does not come in an extra warm model, though the AllerRest comforter is warm enough for bedroom temperatures down to 60F.

Pacific Coast AllerRest Dobule DownAround Pillow is safe for allergy sufferers

If you love sleeping on down pillows too, Pacific Coast also makes allergy-safe down pillows. There’s the AllerRest All Down Pillow which is a standard down pillow and a firmer and plusher two layer down filled pillow called the AllerRest Double DownAround pillow.

For a 100% goose down experience with none of the allergies, get the complete AllerRest comforter and pillow set which comes with both the AllerRest down comforter and two AllerReste pillows. This way you’ll save 20% versus purchasing each item separately.




#2 Pinzon Primaloft’s Down Alternative comforter is safe for the most severe allergies

Pinzon Primaloft the closest down alternative choice to real down that's 100% synthetic

If even a little bit of down is too much for your sensitive nose, then a down alternative comforter is the only 100% worry-free choice. Pinzon’s Primaloft comforter is the lightest and most authentic down alternative comforter I’ve ever tried.

Stop worrying that you’ll wake up with a red and blotchy face because feathers or allergens leaked out. The Primaloft is filled with 100% polyester batting inside and it has a 100% cotton cover. It is guaranteed to be allergen free. While it does not feel exactly like real goose down, the Primaloft comforter does fluff up to over 2″ and is very light for a synthetic comforter. The only place where the Primaloft falls short is that it lacks the “squish” and springiness that you get when you squeeze real goose down.

The cotton shell and light filling inside does not trap moisture like other down alternative comforters so you won’t wake up drenched in sweat. This is a very warm yet light comforter that is a good compromise if you love sleeping under a goose down comforter but cannot tolerate the itching or stuffy nose that’s caused by down and dust-mites.

The Primaloft comforter is made by DownLite, a very reputable bedding company that’s behind popular lines of bedding such as Eddie Bauer and Macy’s. The “medium warmth” Primaloft comforter is suitable for year-round use and bedroom temperatures around 60F. There is an “extra warmth” model that would be perfect for mid-west and Canadian winters or if you like to keep your temperatures lower around 50F.




#3 Keep Your Favorite Goose Down Bedding with an allergen blocking protector

Pacific Coast AllerRest Comforter Protector

Good news if you already have a down comforter. You don’t have to throw it out or buy a new “allergy safe” comforter!

Use an allergen blocking protector like the AllerRest comforter protector from Pacific Coast and you’ll be able to sleep without an itchy nose or watery eyes.

If you have a oversized California king sized comforter you’ll want to get this comforter protector from Allersoft. The Allersoft protector has a lower thread count compared to Pacific Coast (280 vs. 300), but it’s one of the few allergen protectors made for unusual comforter sizes.

The AllerRest comforter protector is made out of specially woven “barrierweave” cotton that’s lab tested and guaranteed to be down proof and allergen proof.

The protector goes on over your comforter and under your duvet cover so there will be a minimal amount of added bulk. Still, this is the best compromise if you’re choosy about your down comforter and if you absolutely cannot stand down alternative fillings. Plus, at $60-$80 it’s less expensive than buying a whole new comforter.

If you have are a down bedding hedonist like me you’ll also want to get protectors for your pillows like this AllerRest pillow protector from Pacific Coast or this pillow protector from Mission Allergy. There’s even a feather bed protector from Pacific Coast if you have a feather bed or mattress topper.



Compare prices and shop

I Want...The Best Down ComforterRating
Why I Love It
Price Range*Shop
A real goose down comforter that won't give me a runny nose or itchy eyes.
Pacific Coast's AllerRest down comforter 

This is a medium warmth comforter that can be used year-round.

Has a built in "AllerRest" particle blocking barrier built into the cotton shell.

Buying a allergy protector costs at least $60-$80 so this is the best choice if you don't already have a favorite down comforter.
$279-$329Check Prices
A down alternative comforter that's as warm and lofty as real goose down with good air-flow so I don't wake up drenched in sweat.Pinzon Primaloft Down Alternative Comforter 

A light down alternative comforter that feels light and soft like it's made of natural cotton and goose down, not polyester.

100% guaranteed to be allergy safe. The best choice if you don't want to worry about allergies from leaking feathers or special washing instructions.

Comes in medium warmth for year-round use and extra warmth for chilly northern winters.
$93-$130Check Prices
A protector that will block all dust-mites and particles that cause allergy symptoms so I can sleep under any goose down comforter I choose.Pacific Coast AllerRest Comforter Protector 

The best choice if you already have a favorite goose down comforter that you want to keep using.

Made out of the same barrier weave cotton fabric that's used in the AllerRest down comforter. The protector is 100% cotton so it won't feel "crinkly" or stiff unlike cheaper comforter protectors.

You'll use this protector underneath your duvet cover so there will be some added bulk, but this is the trade-off you'll have to make if you want to sleep under your down comforter without a stuffed nose.
$60-$80Check Prices

Best Down Comforter For Hot Sleepers

Pacific Coast Lightweight Down Comforter Doesn't Get Too Hot

Question of the day: Who makes the best down comforter for hot sleepers?

If you’re looking for a down comforter that will keep you warm but not hot and sweaty, then you’ll want to get the medium warmth Pinzon Pyrenees Signature comforter.  At around $200, this American made comforter combines lightness, softness, and warmth at the right price.  Other good choices we found include Pacific Coast’s Light Warmth Deluxe Comforter, and Pacific Coast’s Down Blanket.

Can I use a goose down comforter if I get hot and sweaty?

There’s a common belief that goose down comforter are only good for freezing cold temperatures.  While it’s true that a down comforter will keep you warmer than a regular blanket, that doesn’t mean it’ll make you break out in sweat.

The biggest advantage of natural materials like goose down is its ability to let air circulate.  This wicks away moisture and sweat so you don’t end up baking underneath your comforter.  On the other hand, blankets made of artificial fillings like polyester trap in moisture and air.  This basically turns your bed into a sauna.  If you’ve woken up covered in sweat and kicked off your blankets in the middle of the night then you know what I’m talking about.

Down comforters come in different thicknesses and levels of warmth.  If you tend to get hot and sweaty when you’re asleep then you’ll want to stick with light and medium weight comforters.

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Pacific Coast Luxury Down Comforter Review

By now you all know that I am a big fan of Pacific Coast’s Goose Down Comforters for several reasons. Their products are made in the United States plus they use high quality materials and construction techniques so your comforter will have a very long lifetime and there won’t be any problems with shifting or leaking feathers.

With the cold snap that’s hit the Midwest this week I’ve taken this as an excuse to try out a new comforter! I’ve been looking for a new duvet for my own bedroom and this is the perfect time to retire my old comforter to one of our guest rooms.

This week we will be looking at the Pacific Coast Luxury Down Comforter. At over $400, this is a higher end down comforter and a step up from the duvets you usually find at retail stores.

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Warm Things Supremium Baffle Box Hungarian Down Comforter Review

Warm Things Supremium Medium Weight Down Comforter ReviewThe line between economy and luxury comforters is defined by subtle differences in material quality and construction.  The comforter I will be reviewing today is a medium grade luxury down comforter.

Supremium is made by “Warm Things”, a goose down bedding manufacturer that has supported American craftsmanship for over 38 years.  While most brands of down comforters are made overseas in places like China and India, Supremium down comforters are actually made here in the USA from their facilities in the Bay Area in Northern California.

What I Like About Warm Things’ Supremium Hungarian Down Comforter

As a higher end down comforter, I have a lot of expectations for this product.  Warm Things comforters come in several quality grades with the highest being the Supremium grade.  Supremium comforters are made with Hungarian goose down rather than regular down.  Hungarian down are superior to down from geese that live in warmer weather due to a larger feather size.  Thus it is a better insulator and has a lighter and plusher feel compared to regular down.Review of Supremium Medium Hungarian Goose Down Comforter

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