3 Best Memory Foam Topper Reviews

The world has become such a busy place that you only get a few hours of sleep. Well, make them count. Your mattress ought to be very comfortable. Ventilation, heat regulation and proper cushioning are the hallmarks of a good mattress.

To further add to the comfort of your mattress, perhaps you need to invest in a good foam topper. It adds a layer of cushioning to your mattress to increase its longevity and comfort. It is recommended that all mattresses should have a topper so that the few hours you sleep will be enough fuel for your working week. Below are the top 3 best memory foam toppers in the market.

1. Best Price Mattress 4-Inch Topper

With a warranty of 5 years and a weight of 29 pounds, the 4-inch mattress topper will be the memory foam topper for invalids suffering from side sleepers and lower back. It is an all-rounded mattress topper that will last for years, give you the comfort you need during your sleep. It has been recommended by all the experts.

The topper will be shipped with a vinyl packaging and polyester mesh. In addition, it will have a zipper to tuck it in nicely. The right side of the mattress topper is dual sided. On one side, the foam is dense and great for back sleepers while the other side in uneven and this better for side sleeping. If you are looking to have a smooth sleep, then this is the foam topper.

The topper will isolate your motion and thus give your sleep some quality. One unfortunate thing about the topper is that when you unpack it, it gives off a very strong odor but you do not need to worry because the smell be gone in 48 hours. The topper is customized in such a way as to vent out the smell. Another thing about the topper is that its gel is not infused and thus may retain the heat. The good thing is that with its great ventilation, your body can still regulate its temperature and the heat retention properties of the topper will not be noticeable.


  • You will get a 5 year warranty
  • The topper is comfortable and thick
  • You will get the best support.


  • The gel is not infused and thus retains a lot of heat.
  • The cover of the topper has not been waterproofed
  • The topper retains bad odors for 48 hours after it is opened.

2. LUCID 2″ Gel Infused Ventilated Topper

The Lucid 2-inch is a gel infused and ventilated topper that will be your best partner if you are looking for extra comfort. I has an excellent air flow and allows minimal heat retention since its el has been infused. The topper is light and customized to allow maximum air flow. It is easy to maintain, lightweight and thin.

The topper is built for permanence. After a long sleep, the topper will leave no impressions. If you are suffering from joint pain or back pains, this topper may not be the best as it is only 2 inches thick. It is however very suitable for those people that sleep on their side as well as those that need extra cushioning on around their shoulders and necks.

What’s more; the topper is affordable and will keep your temperature in check during the night, ensuring that you are comfortable throughout the night. Don’t expect that the topper will have a cooling effect, however, the overheating will be kept in check. Note that the foam topper will have an odor when you unpack it. To completely get rid of the smell, keep on venting out the air for a couple of days.


  • It is affordable
  • Its gel is infused thus it does not retain heat.
  • The topper is properly ventilated, ensuring proper circulation of air for comfortable sleep.


  • The topper is too light to be comfortable for people with back or joint pains.
  • The topper will come without a cover.

3. Sleep Joy 2″ ViscO2 Ventilated Topper

If you are an environment enthusiast, then you cannot have a better foam mattress topper. The Sleep Joy 2 Visc02 topper is an option for those seriously dedicated to making their sleep more comfortable. Unlike its competitors, the Visc02 comes with the odor removed during the production stage, making it available for use immediately the topper is delivered to your doorstep.

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The memory foam comes infused with plant materials to enhance ventilation. You will never go wrong with this topper as its heat retention capacity and air flow are well taken care of. Overheating of the foam makes your sleep uncomfortable. As if to state that this product has the best quality in the market, the manufacturer gives a 5 year warranty.

The topper measures 78 by 58 by 2 inches and weighs approximately 12.9 pounds. It is very light and easy to maintain. Do not wash it with a washing machine, instead, do a spot cleaning. The topper may not be as comfy as a full size mattress, but it still gives you the cushioning you need to have an awesome sleep. The topper is suitable for both those who sleep on their side or on their back. It provides additional support to the upper body.


  • Since the topper has replaced gel with plant materials, it has no odor
  • The topper has excellent ventilation for a sound night’s sleep.


  • The mattress is very thin and hence needs low maintenance
  • It has a low support

Do not be surprised by the above toppers if they give you more than 5 years of service. They are made to last. The quality of your sleep is as good as the things you sleep on. The better the quality, the better your productivity at work will be. You do not want to become one of the statistics where people are burning out due to over work without sleep. The above toppers will come in handy when you want an extended weekend to catch up with your sleep!