Top Down Comforter Comparison Guide

    Kay Bouchard

    Kay Bouchard

    Need help choosing a comforter? Ask a bedding nerd!

    Just tell me a little more about how you sleep and what you're looking for. For example:

    "I'm a hot sleeper who lives in Southern California. I want a blanket that's light and fluffy like a down comforter but I can't stand anything that makes me sweat. Is there a comforter that's under $200 and right for me?"

    I will personally go through each of your questions and suggest a couple comforters for you. Be sure to let me know...

    1. When do you want to use your comforter? (summer/winter/all year round)
    2. What size comforter are you looking for? (twin/queen/king/cal-king)
    3. Are you a hot or cold sleeper?
    4. What is your budget? (<$200,<$400,<$1000,$1000+)
    5. What's the most important factor for you? (looks/customer service/warranty/warmth/lightness)
    6. Are you in the USA or overseas?
    7. Any other questions or concerns?


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    The Best Brands Based On Consumer Ratings & Reviews

    6 best down comforters for your money

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