Buying a Mattress in 2016

I have been writing reviews about comforters for a long time, my readers have time and again asked me to write about mattresses! So here it is…:-)

These days buying a mattress can be as intimidating as buying a new car! This is because many stores are trying to sell you the most expensive mattress in the store which can easily be in the thousands of dollars. The key to mattress shopping (and for that matter, any shopping) is to be educated about your choices:

  • Types and features of mattresses
  • Budget
  • Size
  • Buying options
    • In-store retailers
    • Online retailers


From my experience and research, there have been no unbiased studies conducted that show absolute evidence that one type of mattress is better or provides more benefits than another. It is a matter of personal preference and understanding what works for you.

I will start by reviewing memory foam and innerspring mattresses.

Memory Foam: This type of bed is known to conform to your body in the closest way possible as compared to other types of mattresses. When pressure is applied to this polyurethane material in the form of body weight, it is evenly distributed. It is called “memory” foam because it “remembers” its original shape and will get back to it once this pressure is taken off. Most memory foam mattresses have different layers to serve different functions. For example the top layer could be a gel-foam to provide a cool comfortable feeling while the bottom layer could be a more sturdier, dense foam to provide support and stability.

Below is a list of my top 3 memory foam mattresses.


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Innerspring: As the name suggests, these mattresses are made of springs and coils that are packed between layers of foam and fiber. This type of mattresses (especially ones with fewer layers of foam) are known to have better circulation of air than other bed types and thus ideal for hot sleepers. Most innerspring mattresses have cylindrical coils that are individually wrapped and stacked besides one another; think two levels of soda cans stacked on a flat base layer and stuck together, followed by couple layers of foam and fiber on the top for a soft comfortable feeling. Good innerspring mattresses have extra protection and strength in the corners and edges to provide a long lasting comfort.

Below is a list of my top 3 innerspring mattresses.

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