What’s The Best Thread Count Sheets?

What’s The Best Thread Count Sheets

Who knew buying bed sheets could be so technical? From selecting the type of fabric you want to the thread count on the sheets. Before people would just focus on design and color but now as more and more individuals want whatever is best in the market. So knowing which thread count to get allows them to get the most comfortable sheets.

What is thread count?

In simple terms, the thread count refers to the number of threads used per square inch, both horizontally and vertically. The higher the thread count is the softer the sheet. It also means that as time goes, the sheet will soften a bit more.

So is higher always better?

Higher thread count doesn’t always necessarily mean better and lower doesn’t mean the sheet is of bad quality. Normally, you will find bed sheets ranging in thread counts from 200 to 800. However, you may even find some that go up to 1,000. But when making the sheets, there is a way to inflate the count by using multiple yarns twisted together. While the thread count increases it doesn’t necessarily mean the bed sheet is softer or of better quality.

So what is the best thread count sheets?

This totally depends on the sheet. While most people will tell you to get a sheet with 300-400 thread counts. You can also find sheets in the 200 thread counts with cotton that are manufactured and finished well so they feel much softer than your average 200 thread count sheets. These sheets use fewer chemicals and more mechanical finishing which give them that extra softness and quality.

So you don’t need to spend extra money to get bed sheets with the inflated thread counts. Just stick to thread counts between 300-400 or get one of 200 thread count from a good company. You will not be disappointed.