What You Don’t Know About down alternative comforters May Shock You

Anyone looking for optimal comfort at a low price will come across down alternative comforters sooner or later. While there’s a lot of information about these products online, you’ll probably be shocked by some of the facts about them.

Before making a purchase, you should definitely go through this article and find out the truth about alternative down comforters – a truth that may shock you.

From Poly to Gel and Hull

Down alternative comforter is an umbrella term that refers to a wide array of materials. The fillings used in such comforters are made from both synthetic and natural compounds. Picking one or the other will depend entirely on your preferences.

Polyester beads are one of the most popular options when it comes to a down alternative. These are lightweight and insulating. The material is breathable and such comforters can be used both during the summer and the winter months.

Gel fiber is becoming a popular alternative to polyester. Some people may think of a jelly-like substance but this isn’t really the case. Gel fiber refers to a type of polyester product that is lightweight and flexible. Because it can be scrunched effortlessly, gel fiber is most similar in properties to authentic goose down.

Finally, down alternative comforters may come with a natural filling. If you want to stay away from synthetics but you don’t want to pay for genuine down, this option is the right one for you.Hull is one of the most prominent options. Once again – the material is lightweight, insect and mite resistant, breathable and hypoallergenic.

Warmth Level Variations

Did you know that the different alternative down comforters offer a different level of warmth? So many people opt for the first option that they come across because it feels fluffy and nice. The truth of the matter is, however, that warmth level will also have to be evaluated.

Obviously, the warmth level depends on the thickness of the filling and its insulating properties.

There are two warmth levels that should be listed on the product’s label – either warmth level 1 or 2. The first one provides the warmth of two thick blankets (but is usually a whole lot lighter). Such a down alternative comforter is the most popular variety on the market. It’s suitable for year-round use, unless you live in a place that sees excessively hot summers.

Warmth level 2 refers to a comforter that provides the equivalent of approximately three thick blankets (once again, minus the weight). Such a comforter is mainly suitable for use during the winter and in colder parts of the world.

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If you can’t find information about the warmth level of the product you’re interested in, it’s definitely a good idea to contact the manufacturer. Warmth level 1 appeals to the needs of most people. Unless your house is really cold during the winter, you’ll probably be fine with such a down alternative comforter. It’s also possible to stack two warmth level 1 comforters on top of each other during the colder nights. In this sense, the lower warmth level comforter is a bit more versatile than the higher level one.

It May Feel a Bit Stiffer

When it comes to down alternative bedding, quality is everything. While such products tend to be cheaper than genuine down, there could be major differences between the quality of such items.

Cheap down alternative bedding may feel stiff, heavy and thick in comparison to genuine down. This is the main reason why holding and touching such comforters prior to making a purchase is very important.

High quality materials, as already mentioned, look and feel very similar to genuine down. Thus, if you’re looking for the perfect fluffy and comfortable experience, you should dedicate some time to assessing the characteristics of different filling.

The down alternative market is truly diversified and it has something to offer to just about everyone. If it’s your first time making such a purchase, you should definitely shop around. Explore different filling and understand their characteristics. Choose a cover fabric that’s silky and smooth. Ask questions, compare products side by side and you should be definitely be capable of identifying the perfect one for your needs.