The Greatest things about lightweight down comforters


A lightweight down comforter is the gold standard for those who suffer fluctuating body temperatures. If you are cold one minute, but hot the next, than one of these lightweight down comforters are made just for you.

A regular down comforter can be used for colder climates where the arctic winters show no mercy. However, as the weather changes, the body acclimate slowly often creating a restless sleep throughout the night. If you are one of those types of sleepers who feel suffocated by heavy weighted comforters, then look at the lightweight down comforter options

The greatest things about lightweight down comforters isn’t limited to only regulating body temperatures but can serve other purposes too. This type of lightweight down comforters can be the perfect blanket you drag from the bedroom to the couch for a little TV watching.

They also make great blankets to take on the road, for camping, picnics, and for a quick nap for travel-weary kids. They compact easier than the traditional fluffy down comforter but remain just as durable.

It is always a good idea to keep a lightweight down comforter on hand for guests, so the luxurious feel remains along with the added airy feel they provide.

Because they are easy to fold and carry, consider keeping an extra one vacuum-sealed in your trunk in case of any emergency situation.

Here is the compromise with wanting a comforter with a lightweight feel; many of them are alternative down comforters.  This can make them even more perfect for the above mentioned reasons.  You will still relish in the beauty and comfort of a lightweight down comforter, but do so without the traditional goose or duck fill.  Not to panic thought, lightweight down comforters with the goose fill power are still plenty available.

When shopping for a lightweight comforter it is the amount of down which plays the large role of warmth over the actual fill power. Luckily, down comforters are available in all varieties of warmth, from the lightest in weight, perfect for hot sunny days, to the extra heavy down fill comforters for those freezing winter days.

When choosing a lightweight down comforter

Begin with the down. Comforters made with a higher fill power offer larger and better quality of down.  The clusters are going to be big and strong making it warmer as opposed to small, fragile down clusters. Any comforter with a fill power under 400 is considered low-grade down. Always begin with a fill power of at least 500. The more expensive luxury down comforters will hold a fill power of 700 or higher. For a lightweight down comforter, pick one with a high fill power because they are fluffier and plusher.

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Thread count is also a strong consideration. The higher the thread count, the finer and tightly woven the material is. This makes the comforter much softer to the touch. Look for a thread count no less than 250 which is high quality cotton. Any thread count above 400 is considered luxury.

Your finished fabric which is responsible for holding down the comforter and not leaking should be tightly woven. The fabric on lightweight down comforters should be up to 3 times more leak-proof than other fabrics used in bedding. This also helps to mute the sounds of settling feathers.

There is on the market specialty designed lightweight down comforters which cater to different levels of warmth for people with unique sleeping preferences. You can also find oversized down comforters which drape over the edges of the bed for more coverage and weight.

Our personal favorite lightweight down comforter is the Puredown Lightweight White down Comforter Light Warmth Duvet Insert 100% Cotton 550 Fill Power, King Size, white by Puredown.


This warm, white lightweight down comfort is designed for sensitive sleepers who still want the benefits of down. It has the perfect fill power of 550 and is constructed of 100% cotton fabric. The fill is 75% goose white down. This is probably the best lightweight down comforter on the market today because it meets all the requirements necessary for a lightweight down comforter. The lightness, softness, and warmth are perfect for all season use. Find it here.

For those with sensitive needs, Puredown White down Alternative Comforter Duvet Insert with Corner Tab, Peach Skin Fabric, this is a delightful lightweight comforter to own.

It has all the same features as a true down comforter, but comes with a polyester feel and cotton fabric. Your guests won’t know the difference. The alternative down comforters is quite durable and easy to clean. See more here.


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