Goose Down Pillows Care Tips

You have a beautiful, fluffy goose down pillow that you love. It looks great and it’s a long-lived item, especially if you take proper care of it.

Goose down pillows aren’t that complicated to maintain in an excellent condition. You will need to focus on several essentials that will keep the filling fluffy and prevent the accumulation of dust inside.

Washing a Down Pillow

Before doing anything else, check the manufacturer recommendations. Some down pillows can be cleaned in a washing machine. In other instances, dry cleaning will be the only possibility.

If the down pillow you own can be washed at home, you’ll need to remove the pillowcase and the protector. Check the pillow and the stitching for rips, holes or loose ends. If there’s a hole in the fabric, you’ll end up losing a lot of the filling during the process. Repair the cover before moving on to the next step.

It’s usually best to wash two or three down pillows alongside each other. The number depends on the capacity of the washing machine. A front-loading washing machine is best because there’s no risk of damage due to the movement of the agitator.

A liquid detergent is to be the option of preference because it will be easier to get out of the pillows. Still, an extra rinse is a good idea because it will help you make the filling squeaky clean.

For best results, you may want to avoid the spin cycle. While it’s not going to cause damage, it will make the down clump together. As a result, you’ll find it much more difficult to fluff up the pillow after it has dried completely.

Drying Down Pillows

Now that your goose down pillows have been washed, it’s time to dry them thoroughly. Drying the material is very important, especially if you’re preparing the pillows for storage. Moisture trapped inside the filling will create the right conditions for the formation of mildew.

Wrap a soft towel around the pillow and use it to absorb excess water. Press on it with your hands and if necessary, replace the towel with a dry one and repeat. This procedure will enable you to get out a lot of the moisture.

If the product instructions allow it, place the down pillow in the dryer. A low heat setting is the optimal one. You’ll need to do two to three cycles in order to get the pillow completely dry. Take the pillow out of the dryer after the end of each cycle and fluff it up.

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The addition of dryer balls to the drying machine is another good idea. While the pillows are drying, the pillows will break down any clumps of down that could have formed during the machine washing.

Air drying is also a possibility. In this instance, you may want to place the pillow on a flat surface or a grid. Turn it around occasionally to make sure that both sides are drying properly. Hanging the pillow like clothing will lead to the accumulation of the down in just one part of the case.

A Few Additional Care Tips and Recommendations

There are several additional things you can do between washings to maintain your goose down pillows looking brand new.

If you notice any yellowing of the cover fabric, you can do a spot treatment with white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. After doing the spot treatment, wash the pillow as described in the first section of the article.

A few drops of essential oil on the pillow are also a good idea. Lavender has relaxing properties and can help you fall asleep easily. Eucalyptus, geranium, lemongrass and patchouli essential oils have anti-bacterial properties. Just add a few drops to the pillow after washing (or in the washing machine) and place it in a clean pillowcase.

If you’re not confident in your ability to take care of goose down pillows, you may want to opt for professional services. Changing the pillowcase frequently and using a cover will reduce the need for washing the pillow itself. Dry cleaning spots are experienced enough to deal with such items and they’ll do an excellent job, extending the lifespan of your high quality pillow.