Down Comforter vs Duvet

Duvet or comforter? Comforter or duvet? That’s the big question but what’s the answer? What’s the difference between those two or are just fancy words being used to describe one and the same product?

The truth is that differences do exist between a duvet and a comforter. Before moving on to making a purchasing decision, you’ll simply have to figure out which is which and which one you need. Alright, it’s getting a big confusing in here so let’s get to the definitions.

Down Comforter vs Duvet

What’s a Comforter?

A comforter, as the name indicates, is a type of blanked created to be particularly cozy and comfortable.

Comforters are usually thick and fluffy. The main purpose of this product is to keep the individual in bed warm. Thus, down comforters happen to feature a large layer of filling that makes the product suitable for use in cold weather.

Because it’s so big and fluffy, the comforter tends to be stitched in boxes. This design prevents all of the down filling from accumulating in the bottom of the comforter.

What’s a Duvet?

Very often, the terms duvet and comforter are used interchangeably in the US. In Europe, however, duvet refers to a different type of bedding.

The duvet is soft and flat. The external bag is filled with feathers, down or a synthetic material. A duvet is usually placed in a protective case that’s known as a duvet cover or protector.

A duvet can be used on its own. Sometimes, people use a duvet on top of the comforter. It’s a bit more flexible and it allows for a bigger number of bedding combinations than the relatively thicker and bigger comforter. In addition, the duvet is usually equal to the size of the bed. A comforter tends to be bigger.

A Few Other Important Differences

There are several additional key differences between the comforter and the duvet.

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The first one to keep in mind is that most comforters aren’t filled with natural materials while most duvets are. Thus, down comforters aren’t as common as down duvets. It’s easy to see that a price difference will stem from this characteristic.

Because of their bigger size and thicker filling, down comforters can be more difficult to wash and clean than down duvets. Depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations, a comforter could be machine washed. Still, a relatively big washing machine will be required to fit a king-sized comforter, for example. It’s also essential to have a front-loading washing machine for the purpose.

The duvet doesn’t have to be washed so frequently because it’s typically protected by a cover. The cover can be taken down and washed like a regular bedsheet. Thus, the practical appeal of duvets is usually higher. They don’t require specialized cleaning and maintenance, regardless of the fact that such products are also provided with down filling.

What should You Buy?

Now that some of the main differences have been established, it’s time to decide which product is the right one for you.

A duvet happens to be much more practical and versatile than a comforter. It’s easier to clean and the duvet cover can be replaced upon necessity. Taking care of this product is easier and a duvet also happens to generally be cheaper.

On the downside, the duvet isn’t that thick and it doesn’t have the same superior insulating qualities that a comforter comes with.

People living in colder climates and experiencing harsh winter nights should definitely consider investing in a quality down comforter. Though bulkier and more difficult to clean, the comforter is ideal for feeling cozy and warm during the winter. Even people living in the coldest of climates report that down comforters are thick enough to keep the cold above the covers.

You may want to do a bit of research and compare products side by side. This type of exploration will give you a better idea about the price differences and the characteristics of duvets/comforters. Take your time and if you want to enjoy the most versatility, you should probably consider investing in at least one of each.


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