Best Down Comforter For Summer’s Warm Weather

Best Spring Warmth Down Comforter Choices

It’s almost spring and that means warmer weather is coming our way. But does that mean you have to give up your comfy goose down comforter?

Not necessarily.

A light weight or ‘year round warmth’ comforter is perfect for chilly nights that are starting to warm up.

Here are my favorite down blankets and throws for summer 2014

These down comforters for hot sleepers who sweat a a lot are also a good choice during the warmer months.

Can You Sleep In A Down Comforter In The Summer Too?


Even though we often think of down comforters as being super warm, it’s a little known fact that goose down blankets allow air to circulate better than synthetic fibers.  Tossing and turning in a puddle of sweat won’t be a problem because goose down blankets won’t trap in moisture.

The trick is to get the right warmth for hot summer weather such as a light/summer warmth duvet.  If light warmth comforters are still too thick, you should take a look at down throws and blankets.  These are filled with just a thin layer of down inside.  Perfect to take away the chill from the air-conditioner, but not thick enough to make you sweat.


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Joyce - August 4, 2014

I am looking for a down comforter, we live in Fla and sweat…
.Is there a comforter that also keeps you cool????

Kay - August 5, 2014

Hi Joyce,

You’ll want to look for a light down blanket or a down throw. I’m in Asia right now where it feels like Florida! Our temps are in the 90s and the relative humidity is 88%-100% and I’m using a down blanket without any sweating.

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