3 Best Bamboo Pillows 2016

A bamboo pillow? Why should you make the transition to such a product? Bamboo is a naturally-harvested material that’s free from pesticides and harsh chemicals. It’s an environment-friendly option because bamboo grows quickly and the one used in production can be replaced easily. In addition, a bamboo pillow is incredibly soft and it provides sufficient neck support.

So, what’s the best bamboo pillow on the market? Several characteristics determine the top products and turn them in favorites for tens of buyers.

Coop Home Goods Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo

The Coop Home Goods bamboo pillow has gotten an overwhelming number of positive customer reviews. The main reason for the positive reception is the excellent price to quality ratio that the product provides.

The pillow, as the name indicates, is fully adjustable. The shredded memory foam inside can either be removed or added to make the pillow flatter or fluffier. Since the memory foam is shredded, the ventilation of the material is very good.

If you’re an environment-conscious individual, you’ll be happy to learn that the pillow is free from PBDEs, TCEP, mercury, heavy metals, lead and formaldehyde. The foam has been analyzed in several independent labs to determine the cleanness and the fact that the product is free from additives.

The cover is made from a polyester and bamboo blend. Each Coop Home Goods pillow is handcrafted and made in the US. The company’s products are provided with a five-year warranty, helping you rest assured that you’ve bought the best possible product.

Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Pillow

A pillow designed for proper orthopedic support, Snuggle-Pedic is a queen-size, memory foam product that features a bamboo cover. Mixed combination of foams is used to give the neck sufficient support and to keep the pillow comfortable at the same time. It adjusts to the body’s position, which means that the pillow is great for all kinds of sleepers.

The micro-vented bamboo cover keeps the pillow cool and properly ventilated throughout the night. Snuggle-Pedic also has interlocking bamboo pieces that allow the air to pass through the material.

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Environment-friendly and eco certified foam is used inside the bamboo pillow. The product is both hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant – two characteristics that make the pillow healthy and incredibly easy to maintain clean.

Original Bamboo Pillow with Adaptive Memory Foam

Original Bamboo is a company that manufactures a wide array of comfortable, hypoallergenic and environment-friendly pillows. This Original Bamboo Pillow with Adaptive Memory Foam features shredded memory foam that is very comfortable and that also maintains proper air circulation throughout the night.

The cover is made from polyester and bamboo – a combination that makes the product resilient and easy to clean. The cover is hypoallergenic, moisture wicking and suitable for machine washing. The unique stretch and recovery technology maintains the original size of the cover, even after it has been washed multiple times.

At the same time, the memory foam supports and conforms to the shape of your head, neck and shoulders. These characteristics make the Original Bamboo Pillow with Adaptive Memory Foam extremely comfortable.

Relax Home Life Hotel-Quality Bamboo Pillow

Relax Home Life Hotel-Quality Bamboo Pillow is somewhat different from the previous entries in the list. The pillow is filled with high quality poly fibers. If you’re not a fan of memory foam because of its ability to retain heat, you’ll be much happier with the characteristics of this bamboo pillow.

The pillow is both hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant. It’s machine washable for easy and convenient cleaning. A queen-size pillow, it’s sufficiently big and measures 20 by 28 inches. A king-size variation is also available and it measures 20 by 36 inches.

According to the manufacturer, the soft fibers that the pillow is filled with are great for relieving problems like snoring, neck pain and even insomnia.

Keep in mind that poly fiber doesn’t provide the same level of support as memory foam. This specific bamboo pillow is a lot fluffier and it will get flattened out when you put your hand on it. The pillow is ideal for the individuals that don’t need firmness and a lot of support during the night. If you need to have your neck and shoulders stabilized, a memory foam bamboo pillow will be a much more adequate choice.


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