10 Best Blogs about Sleeping

Sleeping is underrated. There is something to be said about nesting in the perfect bed with the perfect bedding and pillows. If all the conditions are right, sleep can make you feel like you are reborn every day. But a bad mattress, a poor quality blanket or an old pillow can easily put you in a daily exhausted state of mind.

Believe it or not, people are concerned about sleep. The sleep industry is knee-deep in research and new technology trying to come up with sleep solutions. Blogs are written consistently with a commitment to help people get a good night’s sleep. If you need advice or inspiration regarding anything-sleep, check out the 10 best blogs about sleeping:

The Sleep Blog


A group of lively people run Snoozester, a web-based notifications service. They propelled to popularity with their innovative Wake up Call Service for people who have trouble waking up to an alarm clock. Now they share personal stories from users and sleep-related posts in every area including children, dream interpretation and sleep-related ailments. They will tell you they are not professionals, but with expert advice and information they provide, they very well could be.

The Sleep Council


Established in 1995 by the National Bed Foundation, this consumer education blog brings many interesting topics to the table. The primary goal of the informative blog is to raise awareness to wellbeing and the necessity for a good night’s sleep. They provide tips and advice on how to improve your sleep quality. The blog also does in-depth reviews for beds and bedding. Who knew there was so much to be learned about sleeping?

The Sleep Doctor


Meet Dr. Michael Breus, Ph.D., a Clinical Psychologist and a renowned member of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a Fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He is the youngest person to have passed the Board at age 31, with a specific study in Sleep Disorders. Dr. Breus is one of only163 psychologists in the whole world with this kind of credentials, which makes him a star player on the advisory board for The Dr. Oz Show.  His blog is deeply thought out, almost scientific in nature, covering topics like workplace sleepiness, vitamins and sleep apnea. For the very best in professional advice and insight, this is the blog to land on.



If you are a techie, and looking for the newest technology in sleeping gadgets or if you have a scientific mind, then this is the blog for you.  The science of sleep is examined here with the intention to understand the neuroscience and mental health of sleeping.  Mental health issues emerging from lack of sleep are intensely discussed on this factual blog.

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 The Warm Milk Journal


This blog is as inviting as the title sounds. The blog is a combination of humorous stories, quotes, meditation exercises, and journal writing prompts. The lure of this blog is in the community, where others can share their own insights, tips and stories. It is a fuzzy, feel-good blog so engaging that you might as well plan on parking it here for awhile.

The Sleep Sisters


These ladies offer no-hold advice and opinions for new parents. They firmly believe sleep should be prioritized, helping parents to establish self-care in the role of being a parent. Their discussions include everything from newborn swaddling to children’s sleepovers. The blog tackles realistic issues, providing reassurance for parents.

Let Sleeping Blogs Lie


Growing in popularity, this blog digs into relationship issues, texting, and parenting all revolving around the precious act of sleeping. Writer Shaz Fisher has successfully managed to draw readers into delicate question and answers scenarios; typically things most people don’t say out loud. This is another blog which is mesmerizing, chocked full of appeal.

Better Sleep Better Life


If you are wishing to learn, this is the blog to visit. It is an informative site, offering research and resources all meant to deliver a quality night’s sleep. There is also a list for CPAP machines and masks. Many sleep disorders are discussed here in hopes of helping people to identify common sleep issues.

Sleep Sense


Count on Dana Obleman to help you through sleep problems with children. She is a parenting and sleep consultant specializing in children getting a good night’s sleep. After her own frustrations in parenting, Dana went on to create some amazing programs in parenting, most notably her Sleep Sense program. If you are having trouble getting good sleep habits rolling in your house, turn to this blog for solid answers.

Sleep with Me Podcast


Finally, we just have to throw this one out there. While it is not a blog, it is certainly worthy of notice for those people who cannot seem to fall asleep. This is a storyteller podcast you can stream live. What makes it so effective? The repetitive, monotone narration of intense stories bores you enough to put you to sleep. Believe it or not, it is surging in popularity with users applauding the results.

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