Colored Goose Down Comforter Not Just White and Black

The functional benefits of goose down comforters are obvious. When buying bedding, however, it’s also important to focus on style. Colored goose down comforters are available, which turns these into a stylish addition to just about every bedroom.

While white and black options are abundant, the market does feature alternatives. Prior to getting started with shopping, you may want to make up your mind about colors and patterns. Having a pretty specific idea about what you’re looking for will decrease the amount of time you’ll have to shop around.

If you’re still clueless about what it takes to find a beautiful colored goose down comforter, you may want to go through the following suggestions. We’ve checked out some of the most popular products in the respective field. This list features the top picks and the characteristics that make these colored goose down comforters superior.

Snowman Luxurious 100% Goose Down Comforter

Available in a beautiful pastel blue, the Snowman Luxurious 100% Goose Down Comforter is ideal for the creation of peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom.

Researchers have found out that blue is one of the colors associated with tranquility. Thus, it’s easy to conclude that the tone is one of the best picks for the bedroom. Pastel shades are a bit more subdued and delicate than other tones, which makes them lovely for bedding.

The goose down comforter features fill weight of 65 ounces and a cover that’s made 100 percent of breathable cotton. Because of these characteristics, the comforter is suitable for year-round use.

Some individuals worry about allergies, which is why they refrain from picking colored goose down comforters. This Snowman product comes with a layered fabric design that keeps the feathers and the down inside. It also reduces the likelihood of dust accumulating inside the comforter.

The Snowman Luxurious 100% Goose Down Comforter is available in three sizes – twin, queen and king.

King Size Goose Down Comforter in Solid Khaki

This is a relatively neutral color and as a result, the goose down comforter will be the perfect addition to just about every bedroom.

King Size Goose Down Comforter in Solid Khaki is also one of the most affordable entries included in the list. If you’re looking for cost-efficient bedding that will still enable you to enjoy the luxury of down, the product is the right one for you.

The goose down filling corresponds to the USA-FTC standards. Soft and medium-warmth, the comforter is ideal for year-round use. It comes with a 100 percent cotton cover that is breathable and soft to the touch.

A baffle box design keeps the goose down in place and enables the easy cleaning of the comforter.

The comforter is the creation of a company that’s been on the market for more than 18 years. The company creates products that are distributed in super markets, chain stores and department stores in numerous countries across the globe.

RoseFeather 75% Natural White Duck Down Bedroom Soft Grey Comforter

This beautiful comforter is available in a delicate purple color. The tone makes it suitable for addition to nearly everyone’s bedroom. While the color isn’t bright and obtrusive, it still has a lot more personality than the sterile white.

RoseFeather 75% Natural White Duck Down Bedroom Soft Grey Comforter is available in a wide array of sizes – twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king. The filling is made of 75 percent duck down having fill weight of 76.2 ounces.

An organic cotton cover makes the comforter very soft to the touch. The fabric is breathable and it will wick moisture away from your body during the night. A layered fabric design and double self-piping will keep the filling inside. The manner in which the cover is constructed also ensures the hypoallergenic qualities of the cover.

While duck down doesn’t have all of the features that goose down is recognized for and considered superior), it still is a nice choice. Duck down is still highly insulating and it feels very soft to the touch. Choosing one option or the other depends entirely on your budget, the climate of the place where you live and your individual preferences.

Goose Down Comforter Black Friday Sale 2016

Do you love Black Friday deals? If so, this may be the perfect opportunity to buy a goose down comforter and get an excellent price for it.

Doing a bit of Black Friday shopping comes with its specifics. Following a few simple tips will give you a chance to get to the best deals on time and make sure that you’ve purchased the best possible goose down comforter.

Be Prepared and do Your Research

Only inexperienced Black Friday shoppers wait until the last minute in order to buy. This year, you should definitely consider doing a bit of preliminary research in order to end up purchasing a beautiful goose down comforter.

Magazines, websites and other media could provide a few hints about upcoming bedding sales. It’s also a good idea to follow favorite brands on social media. While full announcements about the discounts aren’t going to be made too early, you can still rely on the hints to figure out where you can look for discounted goose down comforters.

There are also specialized Black Friday websites. Their main aim is to research deals and provide summarized information to consumers. Doing some basic online search will give you a pretty good idea about the available options and how they compare to each other.

Sales will Sometimes Start Earlier

While the term itself suggests that sales start on Friday, some companies decide to give their clients longer discount periods.

It’s possible for the bedding discount campaigns to be launched on Thursday. This is why you have to be prepared, especially if you’re interested in a goose down comforter that’s typically a best-seller. If you’re not ready to shop ahead of time, you may miss on the opportunity.

Some of the hottest deals will typically sell out prior to the actual beginning of Black Friday. This is why your shopping adventures should commence on a Thursday. Give yourself these two days to hunt down hot deals and score a real bargain.

Let Technology Help You

In order to be first to the party, you should definitely rely on all of the available technology.

Your smartphone can make Black Friday shopping a whole lot easier and more convenient.

Many stores have their mobile shopping apps. These are created for convenience and streamlined product browsing. Check the mobile shopping options in advance. If necessary, download a few apps and get used to those prior to the beginning of the Black Friday campaign.

Smartphone shopping is great because it allows you to hunt for deals on the go. You don’t have to spend the entire day in front of the computer to purchase a beautiful goose down comforter.

Be Loyal to Your Favorite Brand

Some people commit the mistake of looking for the most inexpensive goose down comforter out there and purchasing the item. Still, being loyal and sticking to the brands that you’re a fan of can be a great idea this Black Friday.

Many companies run additional campaigns aimed at rewarding loyal customers. Such campaigns and additional discounts simplify the purchase of a high quality comforter even further.

It’s always a good idea to check out your favorite brands, even if their bedding sets appear to be a bit more expensive than what the competition has to offer. Also, some companies have loyalty programs that make discounts available to their clients first. Check for such information on the company’s website or in an email newsletter that you receive. Alternatively, you may want to call customer support to find out whether loyalty programs will be available this Black Friday.

Double Check Product Characteristics

While Black Friday shopping is all about benefiting from the discounts, it’s still a good idea to double check for quality.

Go through all of the product specs prior to hitting the “buy” button. The type of filling, the fill weight, the material that the cover is made of and its construction are all important. Check the size of the goose down comforter and the care instructions, as well.

Very often, the most inexpensive items out there are not going to be the best ones. Successful Black Friday shopping should be about identifying the best price to quality ratio. Remember that you’ll be using the goose down comforter for many years to come. Spending a bit more on a high quality item is going to make much more sense in the long run.

Goose down comforter cyber monday sale 2016

Cyber Monday provides lucrative opportunities for convenient and affordable online shopping. It’s particularly suitable for items that may typically be considered expensive. Items like goose down comforters that feature luxurious, fluffy filling.

Is shopping for a goose down comforter during Cyber Monday 2016 a good idea? Let’s examine a few aspects of identifying the perfect deal and draw a conclusion on the basis of this information.

Is Cyber Monday Shopping Worth it?

To answer the question whether a goose down comforter Cyber Monday sale 2016 is a good opportunity, you’ll first have to do a bit of preliminary research.

Go through different goose down comforters a few weeks before the discounts are announced. Explore the quality, the make and the regular price of the item. It’s also a good idea to create a table and list all of this information.

Once Cyber Monday arrives, you’ll need to take a look at the discounted items once again. Is there an actual price reduction? Is the discount significant enough? Some companies may announce spectacular price reductions but the only way to assess the offer is to have at least some idea about the pre-Cyber Monday price of the product.

So, does Cyber Monday shopping for goose down comforters make sense? Absolutely! In order to get the best possible deal, however, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with such products in advance.

Come up with a Budget!

While Cyber Monday sales are a lot of fun, things can also get a little bit tricky. Since you’re being offered great deals, chances are that you’ll eventually get carried away and you’ll buy more than originally anticipated.

To eliminate the risk of choosing dozens of bedding products, you’ll have to set a budget in advance.

Once again, the decision should be based off the regular price of goose down comforters. Pinpoint the items that you want to buy. See what their regular prices are. Factor in a discount and make an estimate about the amount you’ll have to spend on the purchase of each.

On the basis of this information, you can set a budget threshold. This number should guide the purchases you make and keep you from going overboard.

Always do Product Comparison

When shopping for bedding online, you probably go through numerous different websites to explore the offers and compare them side by side. Cyber Monday shopping shouldn’t be any different. While you’ll have to be quick (otherwise you risk missing on a deal), you will still need to check on multiple options.

Have several websites of preference bookmarked. Go through their offer on Cyber Monday and compare the goose down comforters available. When looking at the items side by side, don’t focus solely on the price. Try to figure out which comforter has higher quality, as well.

Dedicating a few minutes to Cyber Monday deal comparisons will be sufficient to eliminate the mediocre offers and focus solely on the opportunities that make sense.

Don’t do a Test Drive on Cyber Monday

Many gimmicky and shady websites rely on Cyber Monday to scam customers into giving them a try. Remember that this is not the time to test new opportunities. Stick to brands and ecommerce websites that you already know well. Otherwise, you risk ending up with a goose down comforter that has questionable quality at best.

Very often, shady websites will feature unbelievably low prices. Such Cyber Monday deals, however, may be a scam. Remember that you’ll be paying for the product online. Make sure that the website you’re purchasing from has a secure payment option. All of your private data has to be protected adequately. Otherwise, you may end up losing money or dealing with even more serious consequences.

If something appears too good to be true, it probably is. This is why Cyber Monday research and preparation in advance will both play such a crucial role in your shopping endeavors.

Finally, remember that you shouldn’t turn a Cyber Monday goose down comforter purchase into your main priority. Many companies feature occasional discounts and sales during other periods of the year. Even if you miss on the opportunity, you’ll still have a chance to find an affordable deal later on. Don’t rush it and don’t buy any goose down comforter just to feel good about making a purchase.

Macy’s Goose Down Comforter

Comforters are something we use all year around. Whether it is a breezy summer night or a chilly winter night, the addition of a cozy comforter guarantees a good night’s sleep. There is a wide range of comforters available in the market and we are all free to make our pick. However, with so many choices available, it can be a little overwhelming to make a decision that directly impacts our sleep cycle. Well, we have the solution to all your comforter conundrums. It’s the Macy’s Goose Down Comforter.

The Basics

Let us talk a little bit about the background of these comforters. Macy’s goose down comforters belong to the family of down comforters. Basically, down comforters are those that are synthesized from the inner feathers of the ducks or geese. In the world of bedding, down comforters are considered to be a luxury item due to their excellent starting material. The soft bird feathers give them a silken feel. As the name exhibits, this particular product is made from the down feathers of geese. This means that they are exceptionally soft due to the presence of these feathers.

How do Macy’s Goose Down Comforters Work?

As mentioned earlier, these comforters are made from geese feathers which are the softest kind that can be utilized for making comforters. The basic ideology behind the design of the comforters is to provide the user with maximum comfort and warmth. In a goose, the down feathers provide warmth to the bird by trapping the body’s heat and the same principle lies behind the comforters. The feathers work by entrapping the body’s natural heat hence keeping the user warm the entire duration of sleep.

Why Choose Macy’s Goose Down Comforter?

The advantages of the Macy’s goose down comforter are tenfold. Let us take you through the salient features and merits of these comforters and help you make an informed decision.

  1. It is made from the softest material; the goose down feathers. This brings a sense of luxury to the bedding and also makes it functional in terms of comfort and warmth.
  2. The fluffy and plushy feel of this comforter makes it a perfect addition to your bed due to its feathery weight.
  3. The design is elegant and can fit very well into any room with nay given theme. The classical design seamlessly blends with the vibe of any room and makes a perfect match.
  4. The comforter is very feasible from the price point. For the price, it is magic in a bag. It is affordable for all kinds of customers while being very good at its job.
  5. The size of this comforter is very convenient for a variety of users. They are available in a sizeable dimension and would fit even the largest of king sized beds.
  6. The comforter is designed to be hypoallergenic. This means that these are basically very well suited for people who are prone to allergies from certain natural fibers.
  7. The thread count in these is very high. Thread count basically means the number of threads present in a fabric vertically as well as horizontally per square inch. Due to the high thread count, these comforters are exceptionally soft and hence touch all new levels of comfort.
  8. They are available in a variety of weights to cater to your personal body temperature needs. Available in light, medium and heavy weight, these comforters are suitable to cater to your needs in any season throughout the year.
  9. The design of the comforters has incorporated the pockets of feathers which means that these keep the feathers uniformly distributed and does not allow it to accumulate and scrunch in a single spot.


  1. There are not many bad things to say about this comforter’s except that some people might find them to be too heavy weight due to the use of the thick fabric. While this may be a selling point for some people, others may find the fabric to be “unbreathable”.
  2. The thick fabric means that they can only function as the winter comforter and cannot be used throughout the year.


While there is a certain weight factor which may be a killer for some people, many agree the smart and innovative design combines luxury and elegance with comfort in a masterful blend. This will be a great addition to any bedding due to their ability of effortlessly blending in any bedroom theme. The classic pure white cotton white thread ensures that elegance becomes a permanent guest in your bedroom. Macy’s comforters are the smart choice not only from the comfort and luxury point of view but also from the price point. Beautiful and functional bedding can easily get expensive. With this comforter, however, you get the premium feel without burning a hole through your pocket. Combine them light and fluffy pillows and watch your bedroom turn into an exotic hotel suite in no time at all!

L. L. Bean Goose Down Comforter

Our beds are our dream pads. No bed is complete without the addition of a comforter. They add coziness to the bedroom and make the bed inviting. After a tiring day, you just want to curl up in your perfect comforter. This however is where it gets tricky. With the numerous varieties available in the market, it has become very challenging to make the right choice. Well, this is where we come in. In this article, we will give you an in-depth review of one of the most popular comforters out there, the L. L. Bean Down Comforter, so you may make an informed choice.

The Basics

First things first. Let us begin by breezing through the basics of this product. L.L. Bean Comforters belong to the down comforter category of comforters. This basically entails that these are made from those feathers of the ducks or geese that are situated on the inner side. This is directly translated to the fact that these comforters are inherently soft due to the material used for their synthesis. Down comforters are considered to be one of the finest kinds in the line of bedding. This particular product, the L.L. Bean Goose Down feathers utilize inner feathers of the geese which means that they are very soft to the touch and hence exceedingly comfortable. While some people agree that these comforters are the premium brand, some beg to differ. Let us explore the product from both perspectives so you may decide yourself.

Pros of L.L. Bean Comforters

The L. L. Bean comforters seem to be a popular choice amongst consumers as they are one of those that have obtained very high user ratings. Let us take you through the features that make them so popular.

1. The L. L. Bean comforters are ultra-lightweight. As claimed by the manufacturers, these are useable in any season, in any country having any sort of climate, and can be used throughout the year. This means that they can be your ultimate sleeping solution; all-in-one comforters that can be used in summer or winter.

2. These down comforters come in a variety of sizes. The different choices of dimension mean that they are able to cater to a lot of consumers according to their individual needs. The variety ranges vastly and covers 4 categories based on dimension.

  • Twin – these are suitable for single or twin beds. These are 68 inches in width and 88 inches in length.
  • Full – a little larger than twins, these are 81 inches in width and 88 inches in length.
  • Queen – The first type of double comforter, these are 88 inches in width and 98 inches in length
  • King – this is the full and the largest size. These are 107 inches in width and 98 inches in length.

3. The manufacturers claim that the L. L. Bean comforters boast the Permabaffle Box System. This basically means that the comforter fabric is divided into boxes separated by lines of stitching. This works to keep the feathers and fill in place hence minimizing down movement.

4. The manufacturers pride themselves in the durability of their comforters. These are said to provide you with years of service before any replacement is needed.

5. As per the user reviews and performance tests, the comforters are said to shed no or very little throughout their use. So this is a big plus.

6. The fabric that is used to make the shell or cover of the comforter is very fine and light. This is made from the cotton batiste material which is known for its fine quality and feathery lightness.

7. The high thread count is another big advantage as it makes the comforter very soft and silken to touch.

8. This comforter is branded as hypoallergenic. The biggest downside of down comforters is that they cannot be used by people with allergies. With the L. L. Bean comforter, you are free of all such worries. So even if you are someone who has a history of allergies, you can easily use this comforter without any worries of provoking your allergies.

Cons of L. L. Bean Down Comforters

While this is a great brand of comforters that are mostly highly rated amongst users, there maybe a few down sides. So in the interest of keeping it an honest review, let us look at the cons.

  1. The lightweight of the comforter is mostly thought of as an advantage. However, some people rather see it as a con. This may mean that the comforter might not be suitable for all year use especially in extreme climates in winters. 
  2. Although the brand is labelled hypoallergenic, it might still cause some allergies in some rare cases. This is not specifically a con of L. L. Bean comforters but rather of down comforters in general since they use bird feathers which even after a lot of treatment might still act as allergens.
  3. The comforter is not largely underpriced. While it is sold at a reasonable price, some argue that you can get better comforters for the price that actually are suitable for usage throughout the year.


The overall verdict of the L. L. Bean down comforter is very standard. This is a good comforter in the family of down comforters and seems to be a very popular choice amongst consumers. The fine fabric quality coupled with the Permabaffle technology and the timeless design makes it a good choice for anyone.