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Best Color for a Bedroom

Color for a Bedroom

Your bedroom is your oasis of restoration. It is the place you go to rest your tired limbs after a heavy day at work. It is the place you cry your heart out after a particularly frustrating day or a heartbreak. You kiss your better half and make them feel special from the bedroom. Don’t you think that such a place need careful selection of color to go with its many functions?

The color you will choose for your bedroom make it look serene, organized and comfortable. The color you choose will radiate soothing ambiance. The shades and hues of the color will evoke passion and love. You are well advised to avoid shouting and energetic colors…your bedroom is not an exercise room. It is the place you go to relax and unwind in.

How to Choose the Best Color for Your Bedroom

Match Your Color Scheme to Your Furniture

Bedroom interior

You probably already have furniture in your bedroom. You are well advised to use the color scheme of your pieces such as bedspreads, chairs, and rugs on the floor. Try the paint color that closely follows those hues. Introducing a new color scheme will just clash or make your bedroom seem a bit too busy which is not good for relaxation.

Try Complementary Colors

Use a color wheel to look for a color that complements the furniture in your bedroom. A good strategy would be the colors at the opposite ends of a color wheel. For examples of complementary colors include violet and yellow, green and red, and orange and blue. A subtle hue to go with the dominant color will go very well. You can use paint alone or mix different colors to achieve the scheme you want.

Use Monochromatic and Closely Related Colors

To keep things a little bit mellow, you are well advised to use colors that are close to each other on the color wheel, however, you can differentiate them by applying different tones. The colors will have the same hues and thus appear stylish with uniformed appeal.

Choose a Style/Theme that States Who You Are

Best Color for a Bedroom

Don’t tear apart your personality by using a paint color that does not match your disposition. You can for example use the neutral colors – white and black - with a twist of apricot or cinnamon hue for your modern bedroom space or use ivory and other rich hues such as ivory in more traditional bedrooms.

Only Use Bold Colors for Accents

Never use the dominant, energetic colors in a bedroom as they can be too overwhelming. However, they are a great option for a toned down shade or as sparse splashes to accentuate other design details in your bedroom.

Add Drama to Your Wall Using Multiple Colors

Traditionally, bedrooms are painted in one boring color. To add drama to your bedroom, paint one of your bedroom walls in a different color. Note that the shade on this separate wall should be brighter than the rest to accentuate its depth.

Do Not Commit To a Color before Trying It

The common practice is to paint a corner of the wall of your bedroom, switch on the lights and see how it looks. If it looks great, then you can paint the rest of the walls. Otherwise, try another selection of paints until you stumble on the one that best works for you.

The Psychology of Color

Lighter Shades Give an Open Appearance

If you have a small bedroom, you may want to use the lighter shades which will make it appear larger and more open. If your bedroom is big, you are free to experiment with rich and bright hues which make the space look smaller and cozier. Do not compromise ambience on your quest to make your bedroom appear bigger or smaller.

Ceiling Colors

The ceiling can give you a change of mood depending on the color you have put on the walls. Low hanging ceilings should have light yellow or white color to make them feel opened up while high ceilings should feature shades that are darker to give your bedroom a feeling of coziness. A warm and enclosed space is great when you want to relax and unwind.

What is the Difference between Cool and Warm Colors?

Either of these colors would be great for you. Warm colors promote a feeling of coziness and the cool colors promote a feeling of calmness. Warm colors shades are energizing but a little bit oppressive while cool colors are relaxing and calming.

Warmth and Passion

Rich shades in burnt orange and red burgundy promote passion and warmth in your bedroom while neon shades create an overwhelming, energetic and vibrant space. Shades of orange and red are best put in a master bedroom where couples want to rekindle their intimacy.

Shades of Yellow

The golden hues of yellow make your bedroom feel warm by creating an illusion of additional light. Do not use sharp yellow as it is too dramatic for a bedroom. You will not be disappointed by trying this color.

The Airy and Cleansing Blue

Light blue hues are sort of what you see in the sky and on the seal they create a feeling of openness and free ambience. For a more sobering effect you can use the deep or medium blues as they can also be very soothing.

Best Color for a Bedroom

Serenity and Romance with Violet

Violet is the color of romance. It is not as energetic as pink or red. It lies on the cool side of the color wheel. Violet represents harmonic sensation and peaceful, lavender-like feel to it.

Nature is Your Best Teacher

You will borrow from the nature the best bedroom colors. Nature has medium to dark brown soothing effects. It lights up with light green and gives a feeling of openness using the blue in the sky and the ocean. Don’t overdo it though.

Neutral Colors Also Work

Neutral colors work with any other color. Use them as the main color scheme if you have no bright ideas of how your bedroom should look.

Always put your bed in front of the wall you have painted. It should also be the wall you see the moment you step into your bedroom. Add a decorative finish and yours will be a bedroom you will love to retire to after a hard day.

Top 7 Toddler Comforters

Batman bedding set 4Pcs for toddlers

Comfort and attractiveness of the bed will make it easier to put a toddler to sleep. Children love colors because they are very attractive in their sight and will attract their attention, so a bed that is comfortable, colorful, and has drawings of animals or out of space will attract your child attention and make him or her spend more time in that bed even when the child is awake and you not close by, they will tend to feel more secure on a bed of this type, and rarely go to mourn. This article gives an overview of some baby comforters/quilts that you can buy for your child.

1. Mackenza Crib Fill Power Down Comforter

This quilt is one of the best on the market and I personally recommend due to the fact that it is made from 100% cotton.


Mackenza Crib Fill Power Down Comforter
  • Material is 100% cotton made
  • Details of 100% cotton material Cambric
  • ​Gender neutral
  • Washing process - machine wash

Why buy this Comforter?

  • This quilt ensures that the baby stays warm, protected and comfortable during sleeping
  • The Mackenza Crib only requires low maintenance
  • ​A spring high quality filling makes it soft in the handle and acts as an insulating material
  • ​It can be washed easily in the machine with warm water and a mild detergent.
  • ​It has a pure white with a strong motive look elegant
  • It is available in various sizes that can be chosen for your baby depending on the size of the crib

2. Batman bedding set 4Pcs for toddlers

For young children who are addicted to superheroes and if your child loves Batman, then this is the best comforter for such a young child.


Batman bedding set 4Pcs for toddlers
  • Type is Polyester material made
  • With a weight of 2.2 lbs,
  • ​Available in bold color gray, dark blue, light blue, black, yellow and white
  • ​Dimensions: 12.5 x 10.2 x 4.7 inches

Why buy this Comforter?

  • Made of 100% polyester microfiber soft. This will maximize the coziness that the toddler will enjoy on this comforter.
  • You do not need to worry about washing by hand as is machine washable in cold water
  • Lower prices because it costs only about $ 39 to $ 45

3. Eddie Bauer Enchanted Hollow 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set

If you do not know what kind of quilt fits your toddlers gender, then this is what you should buy because it can be for boys and girls or even best for a set of twins.


  • Theme: Animals sorcery forest excavated
  • Cotton made
  • ​Weigh-5 lbs
  • ​Size:
  • ​44L x 36W inch (Assistant)
  • X 11H 157L inch (Bumper)
  • 52L x 28W inch (sheet)

Why buy this Comforter?

  • This comforter comes with duvets, dust ruffles and bumpers
  • Made from 100% pure cotton
  • ​Dark red, roasted chestnuts and green forest, this combination will attract your child
  • This crib set is decorated with pet friend that is favorite to your baby
  • ​Your bed set will keep its color and softness even after frequent washing

4. Minnies fluttery Friends 4 Piece Children's Bedding Set

This was done specifically for the girls, so if you have a little girl, this quilt will be a good choice.


  • Purple in color
  • Made of polyester material
  • ​Details of the Material 100% Polyester
  • ​Flat sheet 45 "W x 60" L
  • Sheet equipped 28 "W x 52" L
  • ​Pillow 20 '' H x 30 '' W
  • ​Duvet cover / duvet-57 '' W x 42 '' W
  • Weight- is 2.4 lbs in total

Why buy this Comforter?

  • It comes with a top sheet duvet, fitted sheet and pillowcase, all with vivid colors and fun design. Minnie Mouse is sure to brighten up a girl piece
  • You will be able to Machine wash in cold water saving on cost to heating wter
  • Minnie and flutter friends fly over this soft child bedding set, which is full of flowers. Your little one will like to go to bed with Minnie and his friends

5. Star Wars Full Bedding Set Rebels Fight Comforter Sheets

I love this comforter I think I will buy one for my secret room, yup! Why should the toddlers only be the ones getting the awesome things? This Comforter is great your little child will love and believe me you might end up sharing a bed with your child every time just because of this Comforter.


Star Wars Full Bedding Set Rebels Fight Comforter Sheets
  • A full size duvet size, the (183 x 218 cm) is about 72 x 86 inches.
  • A full sheet of the flat bed, the final size of 81 x 96 inches (206 x 244 cm).
  • ​A completely filled sheet. The two sheets above suitable full of standard mattress 54 x 75 inches.
  • ​Two standard pillow cases, each with a final setting pillow from size 20 x 30 inches to 20 x 26
  • Materialien100% Polyester

Why buy this Comforter?

  • High quality polyester microfiber. This will maximize comfort during sleep
  • The comforter is reversible. Get two looks in one
  • ​This product is manufactured under license. Hence you are assured of your toddler’s safety
  • ​Machine washable, no stress when it gets dirty as you will not have to wash it by yourself

6. Delta Wood Bed, Nick Jr. Paw Patrol

Delta Wood Bed, Nick Jr. Paw Patrol

This is another best quilt for all fans of the Paw patrol and if your child is one of them, then surely he/she will fall in love with this comforter.


  • Dimensions: 54.53 "x 29.92 x 18.90 L" W "H
  • Total weight is 42 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity is 50lbs

Why buy this Comforter?

  • It is designed with high walls that serve as barriers that give your child the independence they dream of, while keeping them safe at night.
  • Wood Nick Jr. Paw Patrol Children's Delta Delta Bed will definitely make live the excitement of a life-saving adventure full of rescue action in your child's room is a must-have for any Paw Ptrol fan

7. Nickelodeon Sponge Bob Mr Awesome Twin Sheet Set

Every child loves SpongeBob Square Pants hence this is for both sex female and male. It features so much of Patrick and SpongeBob, as they are "out of the water" on a mission to find the superheroes of missing recipes save Bikini Bottom Mal Burger Barba.


Spongebob Movie Sponge Out of Water Reversible Microfiber
  • Washable in a machine using cold water
  • Twin-set includes: flat sheet (66 "x 96"), fitted sheet (39 "x 75") and pad (20 "x 26")
  • ​Solids content: 100% polyester
  • The complete system includes the flat sheet (81 "x 96"), fitted sheet (54 "x 75") and two covers (20 "x 26")

What’s the Best Mattress for Light Sleepers

Couple Sleeping In A Comfortable Bed

Is there a way to choose a mattress for light sleepers? What would be the budget, motion transfer and materials used to make such a mattress? If you are able to answer these questions and you are a light sleeper, then you are sorted for a good night’s sleep. Read on.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is especially important when you are a couple. It is not funny at all when you are just trying to catch up with your sleep after a few days of work only to have your partner roll over you. You would want to get a mattress with low motion transfer to ensure that light sleepers are not disturbed during the sleeping hours.

Among the mattresses with the best motion transfer characteristics are the memory foam mattresses. Their construction is designed to help absorb or dissipate motion energy. They have an awesome feel that ensures everybody sleeps comfortably.

If you cannot get a foam mattress, then there are a few compromises such as polymer, hybrid and latex mattresses. They are a considerable improvement to the traditional coil mattresses. Unfortunately, their bounce response and sinking feeling is still there.


A mattress for a light sleeper should evenly support your body in all its sleeping positions. The spinal alignment is especially important to ensure that the light sleeper doesn’t toss and turn throughout the night. A basic quality mattress must meet these sort of requirements for light sleepers.

The sinking feeling is created when the heavier sleeper toss over to the center of the mattress and create a gradient which means the light sleeper will roll over their partner. This additional motion transfer interferes with the sleep of both partners.

Sex Convenience

Other than light sleeping, a mismatched couple will need to look into the bounce, edge support and comfort when engaging in their amorous activities. Note that the bounce and response time goes hand in hand as the higher the bounce response the better the push back feels. Most modern foam mattresses are made with very good response level and bounce.

Great Feel and Firmness

If you are a light sleeper, then you need to understand the characteristics of a mattress as far as firmness and feel are concerned. Most mattresses are made for universal adaptive feel, which means they are within the medium firmness spectrum. They are designed to accommodate any body weight, type and sleeping positions.

A great mattress should have about 2 inches of hyper-elastic polymer, 3.5 inches of polyurethane foam and 4 inches of polyurethane foam, all arranged in that order. If you choose the universal mattress, then you can have a split option of split king or split queen.

Most mattresses manufacturing companies make them in different categories namely firm, medium and soft. They however keep all the other aesthetics and size. The most popular manufacturers of the split mattresses include; Brooklyn Bedding, Nest Bedding’s Love & Sleep, Leesa and Amerisleep’s Americana.

Recommended Mattresses for Light Sleepers

The list below gives the best mattress for light sleepers. They stress on factors such as support, motion transfer, firmness and adaptive designs.

Loom & Leaf

This mattress is 12-inches thick. It has 4 rather than 3 layers that are found on other foam mattresses. It is ideal for light sleepers who also have back problems and it is for this reason that it has been approved by chiropractors. The multiple layers also mean that it is good for the spine alignment. Buy this mattress and you have a luxury bed in your house.

Mattress Score

Score For light Sleepers9.7 out of 10
Customer Satisfaction9 out of 10
Price to Value Rating9.2 out of 10
Back Support Rating8.7 out of 10
Price$699 to $1499


This foam mattress was launched in 2017 and comes with a few differentiators to its competitors including the fact that it is softer than most. It has a medium feel than medium firm and comes with a full year trial and a warranty that lasts as long as the mattress. The Nectar mattress has a CertiPUR-S foams that don’t emit toxic gases. Its pricing is also competitive.

Score For light Sleepers9.5 out of 10
Customer Satisfaction9.3 out of 10
Price to Value Rating9.7 out of 10
Back Support Rating9.3 out of 10
Price$ 500 to $900

Sapira Sleep

Sapira is one of the newest foam mattresses to be released by Leesa. The mattress is thicker than its competitors and comes with hybrid layers of coils at its base. It has 3 layers of foam above the coil, enabling it to have a comforting feel as well as a balancing all over the bed. The Sapira Sleep is the best hybrid mattress for light sleepers in the market today.

Score For light Sleepers9.5 out of 10
Customer Satisfaction9.8 out of 10
Price to Value Rating10 out of 10
Back Support Rating9.4 out of 10
Price$975 to $1775


The Winkbeds is a hybrid mattress that aims at disrupting the mattresses’ luxury market. The mattress features multiple layers of coils, coolControl mattress base and the sort of technology that light sleepers need to have a comfortable night’s sleep.

Score For light Sleepers9.4 out of 10
Customer Satisfaction9.3 out of 10
Price to Value Rating9.3 out of 10
Back Support Rating9.5 out of 10
Price$749 to $ 1549


Leesa is a foam mattress with three layers. The first layer is the avena curved foam, the middle layer is the one memory foam and the last is a support foam layer. According to B-Corp, this is one of the most reviewed mattresses.

Score For light Sleepers9.4 out of 10
Customer Satisfaction9.5 out of 10
Price to Value Rating9.3 out of 10
Back Support Rating9.5 out of 10
Price$ 525 to $990

Best Back Pain Mattress

One thing that is agreeable is that if you have back pain, you should consider buying a mattress that suits your needs. Other people prefer the firmer mattress due to the idea that it helps align the spine, another group of people prefer half-firm mattress based on the idea that it will allow the spine to relax and some simply like the soft comfortable bed to sleep, without such they will not be able to sleep. I cannot decide for a group, as there is no conclusive scientific evidence on the subject, therefore, I will provide some of the best mattresses and brand so that when you have a back injury or pain you can consider buying.

The Best Back Pain Mattress to Buy

1. Dynasty 15.5-inch HD mattress Great Atlantis Cool Breeze HD GEL Memory Foam

This mattress comprises an exclusive high-density foam 5-inch (HD) foam and it helps support weight and also to keep nice posture. It has that ensures fresh air and 3 gel foam layer for the top to ensure that utmost heat is relieved. If you suffer from neck pain, chest pain or have spinal problems then I suggest you try to use Dynasty Mattress 15.5 inch HD Great Atlantis cool breeze HD GEL Memory Foam.

Dynasty 15.5-inch HD mattress Great Atlantis Cool Breeze HD GEL Memory Foam


  • Ensure blood flow through vessels well: - when you use this mattress you are assured that you will wake up feeling better than when you went to sleep.
  • Structure multi-6-layer which is sustainable: - the layers are made so as to be able to distribute the weight you will be exerting equally, as a results giving the user the much needed comfort
  • ​Stylish appearance; White luxury suede with brown cover, fire and zipper: - it has a posh looks that just by gazing at it you feel like a King already.
  • The basic technology is used is based on natural system cooling:- be it during hot season or cold season when you are using the Dynasty Mattress 15.5 inch HD Great Atlantis cool breeze HD GEL Memory Foam you will not notice the difference.
  • ​It is made with the highest quality 7.5 "gel with memory foam.
  • Enter a plush sleeping surface: - this is to maximize comfort

2. Bear Mattress

Bear Mattress

This mattress is made of cover and three additional layers. The top has a blend of polyester and Celliant. Polyester provides a strong and flexible surface while the Celliant is infinitely more. Celliant a special thermally reactive mineral wire that converts body heat into infrared light. This has significant advantages, studies have proven that. Infrared light increases oxygenation of blood in the body, leading to better internal temperature control, reduces muscle pain and improves cell regeneration and reduces temperature of the surface where you sleep.

The base layer is 6.5 "and gives the mattress a deep compression, while the top layer is infused 1 graphite foam memory gel. It offers great ease and cooling. The intermediate layer of the Mattress is a 2.5 " is a support layer that supports movements during sleep. Basically, the bear mattress users are meant to live an active life and others that require a truly relaxing night's rest.


  • A combination of graphite gel memory foam infuses proven Celliant
  • It relieves pain and reduces the time for muscle recovery of athletes, which increases performance.
  • This mattress provides retention of heat and keeps the area cool and relaxing.

3. Super Serta Perfect Sleeper Edinburgh

Super Serta Perfect Sleeper Edinburgh

The mattress works on both a standard frame with box springs and on a flat surface, it offers all the comfort and helps you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed without back pain, stiffness. The King or queen Serta Perfect Sleeper is ideal for couples or even people who like lots of space.

Reasons to Consider Super Serta Perfect Sleeper Edinburgh:-

  • It was designed with the contribution of the NSF to solve the 5 most frequent problems of sleep:
  • Sinking
  • ​Comfort decompression
  • ​A balanced sleeping temperature: - be it warm or cold outside you are guaranteed not to be affected by any of the conditions outside your bed.
  • Uninterrupted sleep
  • Prevent rolling-off: - this increases comfort and ensures you wake up the same place you slept

4. Elegance Perfect Cloud Gel-Pro

Elegance Perfect Cloud Gel-Pro s

All the materials used in the manufacture of this mattress are CertiPUR USA Certified and are hypoallergenic and resistant mites and dust. This mattress provides four layers of high quality materials, including memory foam high density injected air, air Injected regulating foam, and high density gel memory foam. Pro 12 inch memory foam mattress is a true test of the perfect cloud engagement for the top quality products that sees to offer a Night of extraordinary sleep.


  • Offers intimacy: - As foam mattresses absorb the resulting kinetic energy, which often provide a minimum bounce back. Therefore ensuring you remain closely attached to your mattress.
  • Pain Relief: - if you suffering from back pain it is advisable you consider trying this bed as it will offer you much comfort than your normal bed.
  • Four layers of high quality, durable foam: - you are 100% guaranteed no sinking, since the four layers are tightly packed to ensure the bed remains flat.
  • ​Large overpressure spot
  • Little off gassing: -Visco Memory Gel Perfect Pro Cloud Certified CertiPUR USA, which means that does not have chemicals that are known to create an odor
  • ​Comfortable in all sleeping positions
  • Minimal heat retention :- you will not sweat while you on this bed since the temperatures are moderated.
  • Certified CertiPUR US

5. Ghostbed


This mattress is both a combination of an early recovery and is very breathable. It has a mix fresh gel foam as the aerated latex which in turn facilitates cooling and privides a bounce to the mattress. It also provides support and better low compression to swell.


  • A combination of gel memory foam and latex foam
  • Take the shape of your body
  • ​Allows for quick recovery and residual rebound of any kind
  • This mattress provides retention of heat and keeps the surface cool and relaxed.

What Is a Comforter?

A comforter is bedding consists of covering or two length fabric stitch together and filled with insulating material to generate warmth needed to make user comfortable during cold weather. It is a word generally used in American English and known as doona in the Australian English as well as quilt or duvet in the British English. Traditionally, this warmth quilt used as bed covering is made of down or any down alternatives like feathers, cotton batting or wool, polyester and silk. Comforters play same role as quilts and they are laid normally over with bed sheet and most times on blankets. In order to make use of comforters for a long time, they are mostly covered to ensure absolute protection just the same way pillows are covered with pillow case to ensure prolong use.

The Origin of the Terminology”Comforter”

The word “comforter” is derived from “comfort”, which is the state of being comforted. It is also the conditions in which someone is made to feel relaxed physically. Also, it can be explained as someone or a thing that help to relief other people from anxieties or grief. Due to the height of physical discomfort experienced during winter, the comforters are introduced to help comfort users by providing them with warmth. Sleeping on a warmth bed during the winter weather can increase your chance of sleeping better and more intense. As a result of the thickness of a comforter or the quantity of feathers or down or other fillings users are being insulated against cold. These are what made comforters popular in the part of the world with intense winter cold. Those in the tropics do not really need comforters as they will rather make them feel discomfort with the warmth feel.

5 Important Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Comforter

It is not only those in Alaska or other parts of the world with intense winter cold that need a comforter it is also needed by those in areas without much cold. The reason is that down bedding items comes in different colors, weights, as well as sizes for both cool sleep and the ones made to warm your body during the chilliest winter night. Comforters come with different fills but down is known to be the best among them. Down is lightweight and comfortable fill used mostly in comforters and blankets. There are some important things you need to always consider before going ahead to invest into this bedding item.

The Extent of Warmness You Sleep

Due to differences in individual needs when it comes to how warm each person sleep, it is important for you to consider the level of warmness you want before going ahead to buy comforter. Some prefer sleeping with lots of blanket layers covering them or with electric blanket tuned very high. There are also some people that prefer sleeping with just light layer of cloth covering them. This is the reason comforters are made with different fills and weights so as to make it easy for you to get what will guarantee your comfortable sleeps at all times.

The Size of Your Bed

You should never assume that you will find comforters that can perfectly fit your bed. Instead, you should carefully take measurement of your bed and look for the one that will fit the size both in the length and the width. Do you have California King Size bed? Just avoid going for the comforters that are too long. But, you should ensure that you buy the one that will slightly drop down from the sides of your bed. That means you should not go for the one that will be too small or too big for the size of your bed.

Decide Budget and Quality You Need

The budget you set for comforters will determine the type you will go for. This is due to the fact that price is usually determined by the quality of the particular design you want to buy. Most expensive comforters are typically the ones made of wholesome, hypoallergenic goose down fillings with white color. You may look for comforters with lower grade down if your budget is limited. You can even go for the ones made of combination of feathers and down. Despite the fact that these are known to give comfortable sleep, it is possible that you may think of increasing your budget to invest in the best comforter for your home.

Check the Outer Fabric Thread

The thread used on the outer fabric is also good to be considered while planning to buy comforters for your home. Notwithstanding the fact that down cluster looks downy and supple, they are likely to leak through the fabric used to hold them together. That is why it is nice to go for the cover with increased thread count, leak-proof coverage and tightly woven. When you get this, you will not have reason to bother about the feathers or down leaking out of the fabrics. There are some companies that usually pay close attention in providing buyers with comforters made with tightly sealed edges.

Whether to Go For the One with Cover or No Cover

Duvet is a comforter with no cover. So, to ensure that you take proper care of your cherished blanket or comforts, it is recommended that you buy duvet cover. The cover will also help to prolong the use saving you from spending money to replace the comforters in your home or. Also, due to the fact that covers are easier to clean than comforters themselves, it is important for you to ensure that you provide your comforters with decorative covers that will bring out the beauty and enhance the protection.

How to Select Right Comforter Size for Your Bed

There are lots of confusions in getting the right comforter size for your bed. The reason is mainly due to the fact that the comforters usually do not match up with any mattress size. While mattress sizes are standardized, comforter sizes are not. So, in order to get the right size for your bed, you should consider the type of bed whether Crib, Twin, Queen, Double, King and others. Also, the standardized mattress size should be noted before going ahead to decide the standard width of your comforters as well as the lengths.

3 Best Memory Foam Topper Reviews

The world has become such a busy place that you only get a few hours of sleep. Well, make them count. Your mattress ought to be very comfortable. Ventilation, heat regulation and proper cushioning are the hallmarks of a good mattress.

To further add to the comfort of your mattress, perhaps you need to invest in a good foam topper. It adds a layer of cushioning to your mattress to increase its longevity and comfort. It is recommended that all mattresses should have a topper so that the few hours you sleep will be enough fuel for your working week. Below are the top 3 best memory foam toppers in the market.

1. Best Price Mattress 4-Inch Topper

With a warranty of 5 years and a weight of 29 pounds, the 4-inch mattress topper will be the memory foam topper for invalids suffering from side sleepers and lower back. It is an all-rounded mattress topper that will last for years, give you the comfort you need during your sleep. It has been recommended by all the experts.

The topper will be shipped with a vinyl packaging and polyester mesh. In addition, it will have a zipper to tuck it in nicely. The right side of the mattress topper is dual sided. On one side, the foam is dense and great for back sleepers while the other side in uneven and this better for side sleeping. If you are looking to have a smooth sleep, then this is the foam topper.

The topper will isolate your motion and thus give your sleep some quality. One unfortunate thing about the topper is that when you unpack it, it gives off a very strong odor but you do not need to worry because the smell be gone in 48 hours. The topper is customized in such a way as to vent out the smell. Another thing about the topper is that its gel is not infused and thus may retain the heat. The good thing is that with its great ventilation, your body can still regulate its temperature and the heat retention properties of the topper will not be noticeable.


  • You will get a 5 year warranty
  • The topper is comfortable and thick
  • You will get the best support.


  • The gel is not infused and thus retains a lot of heat.
  • The cover of the topper has not been waterproofed
  • The topper retains bad odors for 48 hours after it is opened.

2. LUCID 2″ Gel Infused Ventilated Topper

The Lucid 2-inch is a gel infused and ventilated topper that will be your best partner if you are looking for extra comfort. I has an excellent air flow and allows minimal heat retention since its el has been infused. The topper is light and customized to allow maximum air flow. It is easy to maintain, lightweight and thin.

The topper is built for permanence. After a long sleep, the topper will leave no impressions. If you are suffering from joint pain or back pains, this topper may not be the best as it is only 2 inches thick. It is however very suitable for those people that sleep on their side as well as those that need extra cushioning on around their shoulders and necks.

What’s more; the topper is affordable and will keep your temperature in check during the night, ensuring that you are comfortable throughout the night. Don’t expect that the topper will have a cooling effect, however, the overheating will be kept in check. Note that the foam topper will have an odor when you unpack it. To completely get rid of the smell, keep on venting out the air for a couple of days.


  • It is affordable
  • Its gel is infused thus it does not retain heat.
  • The topper is properly ventilated, ensuring proper circulation of air for comfortable sleep.


  • The topper is too light to be comfortable for people with back or joint pains.
  • The topper will come without a cover.

3. Sleep Joy 2″ ViscO2 Ventilated Topper

If you are an environment enthusiast, then you cannot have a better foam mattress topper. The Sleep Joy 2 Visc02 topper is an option for those seriously dedicated to making their sleep more comfortable. Unlike its competitors, the Visc02 comes with the odor removed during the production stage, making it available for use immediately the topper is delivered to your doorstep.

The memory foam comes infused with plant materials to enhance ventilation. You will never go wrong with this topper as its heat retention capacity and air flow are well taken care of. Overheating of the foam makes your sleep uncomfortable. As if to state that this product has the best quality in the market, the manufacturer gives a 5 year warranty.

The topper measures 78 by 58 by 2 inches and weighs approximately 12.9 pounds. It is very light and easy to maintain. Do not wash it with a washing machine, instead, do a spot cleaning. The topper may not be as comfy as a full size mattress, but it still gives you the cushioning you need to have an awesome sleep. The topper is suitable for both those who sleep on their side or on their back. It provides additional support to the upper body.


  • Since the topper has replaced gel with plant materials, it has no odor
  • The topper has excellent ventilation for a sound night’s sleep.


  • The mattress is very thin and hence needs low maintenance
  • It has a low support

Do not be surprised by the above toppers if they give you more than 5 years of service. They are made to last. The quality of your sleep is as good as the things you sleep on. The better the quality, the better your productivity at work will be. You do not want to become one of the statistics where people are burning out due to over work without sleep. The above toppers will come in handy when you want an extended weekend to catch up with your sleep!

How to Wash Feather Pillows

Pillows, when used for a long time, get dirty and should be washed or changed. The pillow might turn yellow after some time of use; this yellowish coloration could be deposits of sweats or drools when we sleep. Dirty pillows can also be a habitat for bed bugs and even disease-causing organisms. Thus, washing your pillow is a necessity, not optional. Of course, the measure you apply in washing your pillow depends on the type of pillow you are dealing with. When dealing with a feather or down pillow, care must be taken to make use of the right equipment and apply the necessary techniques. Feather pillows are soft and durable pillows, they are different from fiber filled pillows, memory foam pillows, latex pillows, buckwheat pillows and so forth. Their softness, durability and scrunch should be considered when washing the pillow. Here are a few guides on washing a feather pillow.

  • Maintain Balance: When washing feather pillows with top load washer, you should ensure that the pillow is placed in such a way that will keep it balanced. Usually, two pillows are washed at the same time in a top load washer to ensure balance and if only one pillow is available, you can add a towel or anything that will keep it balanced. Too often than none, high efficiency or front load washers have issues with balancing. Top load washer issue of balance may be caused by the high speed of the top-loaders but an easy way to correct this would be to wash similar items together.
  • Use Cold Water: The temperature required to wash materials varies with the material. Choosing the right temperature is very important because it will help to ensure effective washing. To wash a feather pillow with top loader washer, you will need to set the water temperature to cold. Cold water is most suitable for washing delicate fabrics and dark colors. This means setting the washer below 60 degrees Fahrenheit or 15 degree Celsius. The major advantage of using cold water is that it will reduce the chances for fading, color bleeding or shrinking.
  • Use Gentle Cycle: Basically you have to determine three important things when washing anything, these include: the load size, the water temperature for the wash and rinse cycles and the cycle setting. With the right cycle, you will be able to clean your clothes properly and have them looking excellent. You have to read the label on each cloth or material you want to wash in order to know the cycle you will apply. The label will inform you about both the water temperature and the type of cycle to use.
  • Use heavy-duty and low-sudsing detergents: The next thing you will need to consider is the type of detergent you use when washing feather pillows. The type of detergent you use will depend on the temperature of the water and the cloth materials used. Since low temperature water is preferred in washing feather pillows, heavy-duty detergents would be appropriate for the purpose. You can find a number of heavy-duty detergents out there but a good example is the Tide detergent. It is important to avoid detergents with suds when washing fabrics but if that is not possible, you can use detergents with very low sud content. Furthermore, the effectiveness of the washing process depends heavily on the type of detergent you use. Thus, it makes sense to invest on detergents that will give your pillows a refreshing look. Care should be taken to avoid low-cost and inferior detergents that do not have active ingredients to wash the pillow.
  • Rinsing: Rinsing is an important part of the washing process used to get rid of detergents from the material. To get the best out of the washing cycle, it is recommended that you set your washer for an extra rinse cycle. This will ensure that any remaining detergent on the pillow’s body will be washed off. Of course, you can rinse the pillow a couple of times if you feel that it still requires additional rinsing cycle but the main purpose in this process is to ensure that it is completely rid of residue detergent.
  • Drying the Pillow: Drying is also very vital and should be handled meticulously and thoroughly. After rinsing the pillow, it should be removed from the water and fluffed before being placed on the dryer. The dryer should be set at medium heat. The dryer cycle is equally important and should be taken note of. There are basically five cycles to consider and they include: air fluff or air dry cycle, in which no heat is applied; gentle or delicate cycle, used for delicate fabrics; wrinkle resistant or permanent press cycle, used for lightweight ramie, cotton, natural fiber cloths, and linens; Automatic/Time Dry - Regular cycle, uses sensor to determine the optimum drying condition; and Steam cycle, used for cloths that do not require washing but require removal of wrinkles and odor.

Gentle or delicate cycle can be used for feather pillows. During the washing process, the feathers clump up and should be broken up in the drying cycle. This can be done by placing clean tennis shoes or tennis balls on the pillow. Refluffing should be done manually during the drying process every 15 minutes. The time required for the drying process varies considerably and depends on the size of the feather pillow you are drying but the pillow would dry faster in conditions of low humidity and also in a sunny day.

Final Note

Washing your feather pillow is easy, especially with top load washer. You have to carefully choose the load size, water temperature and cycle to wash the pillow properly. No matter how wonderfully washed the feather pillow is, if it is not dried properly and thoroughly it might not offer you the comfort you desire. Molds might form on the pillow and it may develop some offensive odor if it is not well-dried. A good way to checkmate poor drying is to hand fluff the pillow in each cycle.

Extra Warmth Comforters and Bedspreads Guide

Warmth Comforters and Bedspreads Guide

With many products out on the market it’s hard to choose the right comforter for you, especially when purchasing online so we’ve created a comprehensive guide for you. Here is a review of Extra Warmth Comforters and Bedspreads to help you learn everything you need to know before purchasing your next comforter or blanket.

We’ve our list below into four different categories (wool, fleece, down and electric). We have also given some examples at different price points (budget and luxury) and highlighted the benefits of the two.

Our choice for durability: Wool (6/10 on our warmth scale)

Wool comes in many different types including basic sheep’s wool, mohair wool, angora wool, all the way to Merino and Cashmere Wool. Though all ranges have different qualities, one main advantage of wool is its durability. Wool is a highly practical fiber and thus is easy to clean. Wool is also unsurpassed in flexible strength in shape for its entire lifetime. Wool is also flame resistant as well as noncombustible due to its moisture content.

How is the quality of the wool determined? It is determined by its fiber diameter, crimp, yield, color and staple strength. Fiber diameter is the single most important wool characteristic determining quality and price.

Benefits of Wool

  • High Durability
  • Flame resistant
  • ​Insulating
  • Antibacterial

Budget- Stansport Wool Blend Camp Blanket in Olive Green

  • Durable
  • Warm
  • Dry-clean only
  • Perfect for camping

Luxury- John Atkinson Contessa 100% Merino Wool Herloom Blanket

  • Ultra soft
  • Long lasting
  • ​Insulating
  • Made of high quality material

Our choice for softness and comfort: Fleece (4/10 on our warmth scale)

Fleece comes in a variety of types as well, ranging from Minky or ‘Cuddle’ fleece to Micro Fleece. Fleece is well known as one of the softer fabrics and is commonly used for baby blankets. Fleece is medium in warmth and comes in a variety of fun colors.

Polar fleece is a new light, strong pile fabric meant to mimic- and in some ways surpass- wool. Fleece is offered and different thicknesses: micro, 100, 200, 300, with 300 being the thickest and the least flexible.

Fleece is also hydroponic (grown without soil) thus it holds less than 1% of its weight in water and retains heat even when wet.

Benefits of Fleece

  • Medium durability
  • Machine washable
  • ​Readily shows wear and tear
  • Soft

Budget- Napa Super Soft Plush Fleece Throw in Grey

  • Ultra soft
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable

Luxury- Elegant Comfort Micro Fleece Luxury Blanket

  • Ultra soft
  • Made of high quality material
  • ​Machine washable
  • Heavy-weight

Our choice for over-all value and breathability: Down (8/10 On Our Warmth Scale)

Down, outside of electric, is highest on the scale of warmth. Down usually has a soft shell, typically made of micro fibres, and is filled with either synthetic ‘down’ or goose feathers. The advantage to goose feathers is the blanket traps in heat extremely well without the heaviness.

Down will set you back in cost however when an item is popular, there is usually a reason. Goose down is able to hold in heat because of its loft and height. The more loft (the filling) a down blanket has the warmer the blanket will keep you. Typically, when a blanket has more filling the more the user will sweat which makes sleeping uncomfortable, the benefit to down which is almost unique to down is its warmth combined with breathability. The breathability of this type of blanket pulls moisture away from the body maintaining comfort while the user sleeps. This is why down blankets are so popular.

Benefits of Down

  • Extremely warm and yet very light in weight
  • Breathable
  • ​Best for changes in temperature
  • Tend to be higher in price

Budget- LinenSpa Goose Down Alternative Quilted Comforter

  • Hypoallergenic
  • ​Down Alterative Fill
  • No clumping
  • Extremely warm

Luxury: Highland Feather Good Down Duvet

  • High thread-count
  • Filled with 100% goose feathers
  • ​Breathable
  • Extremely warm

Our choice for warmth: Electric (10 out of 10 on our warmth scale)

Finally, electric. Electric blankets generate heat on their own because they have insulated wire and heating elements in the fabric. These elements actually heat up when plugged into the wall creating the heat for the blanket user. Electric blankets range in materials used, their obvious main advantage is that the blanket does not rely on the individual using the blanket to generate their own heat but rather generates the heat for the individual.

Though these types of blankets heat the body up faster due to their elements the blankets don’t tend to be the most breathable. This blanket is more ideal for colder rooms and temperatures.

Benefits of Eclectric

  • The warmest of all categories
  • Temperature controlled
  • ​Warms body quickly
  • Durable

Budget- Serta Sherpa Microfleece Electric Heated Throw in Beige

  • Temperature adjustable
  • Machine washable
  • ​1 year warranty
  • Extremely warm

Luxury- Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece Heated Blanket in Natural

  • Ultra soft micro fleece
  • Low voltage (energy saver)
  • ​Auto-shut off
  • Extremely warm
  • ​Durable
  • Machine washable

In our eyes, all these blankets have their value. It really does depend on several factors of the individuals like their geographic location, the time of year, the individual’s body and their preference for how the blanket feels. Having a variety of blankets within the home helps especially in colder climates like Canada, while one type of blanket may acceptable for areas with less extreme seasonal change like India. It may be cheaper to invest in fleece vs. down however the buyer has to decide whether they are willing to be more adaptable to changes in heat and possibly sweating throughout the night. The true value lies in the quality of materials and knowing your body type.

Croscill Comforters: Top 10 Best Croscill Comforters to Buy

If you are looking to purchase a Croscill comforter it is first important to compare a few options in order to determine the perfect size, color scheme and material in order to maximize your comfort and satisfaction with the product. Side stepping any one of these details could lead to mismatched rooms or lost sleep due to uncomfortable materials. In order to help you with this sometimes difficult choice, here is a list of the ten best Croscill comforters on the market today.

10. The Croscill Iris Jacquard 4-Piece Comforter Set

The Croscill Iris Jacquard 4-Piece Comforter Bedding Set is one of the more highly reviewed sets listed on Amazon. Customers love this product not only because of it immaculate floral pattern, but more so because of its overall comfort level. This comfort comes from the thick padding and quality stitching which does not disappoint.

9. Croscill Caribou Comforter Set, Queen, Multicolor

This queen sized, multicolorbedding set makes our top ten because of its gorgeous animal patterns that many customers find absolutely breathtaking. Pair this with the quality stitching and material you can always expect from Croscill bedding and you are surely going to be satisfied. The rustic look of this comforter set is perfect for creating that log cabin feel no matter where you are.

8. Croscill Galleria Comforter Set, Queen, Red

Coming in at number eight, is the Croscill Galleria comforter red queen set. Customers fawn over this product because of its uniquely toned colors and patterns which truly complement each other. The combination of red, gold, and brown colors will offer those with more subtle tastes a great alternative to other more flashy products. The warmth and comfort of this bedding set is another aspect that sets it apart from other products, especially for those who live in colder climates.

7. Croscill Opal Comforter Set, King

Number seven on our list is the Croscill Opal comforter king set which has a fantastic design customers will undoubtedly enjoy. The exquisite detail and textures which form this set is something to behold and it will certainly be a talking point for visiting guests. Another great thing about this particular duvet is that it is reversible offering customer two differ colors to choose from depending on their particular preference. It also comes in queen, king, and west coast king sizes allowing for it to fit on multiple bed sizes.

6. Croscill Home Fashions Bali 4-Piece Harvest Queen Size Comforter Set

The Croscill Home Fashions Bali 4-Piece Harvest Queen Sizeduvet set comes in at number six on our list because of its one of a kind tropical print. Many customers have purchased this product because it has a soothing looks and feel to it. The gold and brown colors are superbly relaxing and its overall design exhibits what you would see on at an exotic island resort. This makes it a perfect set to put in any room, but especially rooms that get plenty of sunshine as this only make the set even more remarkable.

5. Croscill Fresco Comforter Set, Queen

The Croscill Fresco Queen set made the top five part of this list for a variety of reasons. The first being its daring look, which makes itself known though the red and gold color tone it has. Of course this look may not be for everybody, but for those looking to spice up their bedding style look no further. This comforter set combines the look and feel of a luxury product, but it actually quite affordable, which is another reason customers continue to praise this product.

4. Croscill Fiji California King-Size Comforter 4-Piece Set

At number four is the Croscill Fiji California King-size comforter 4-Piece set. This set cracks out top five because of it simplistic tropical design. It picturesquely incorporates a classic border sequence which feature beautiful groups of palms trees. This meshes perfectly with the white background of the border sequence, as well as, the grey color tones which make up the rest of the design. As with all Croscill bedding comforter sets you will not be disappointed with the quality and thickness of the product and many customers are surprised by the fact that it is can be used in varying climates.

3. Croscill Normandy 4-Piece Comforter Set, Queen

Rounding out the top three sets on our list is the Croscill Normandy 4-Piece Queen set. It makes the top three because of its versatility. It certainly isn’t the most decorative or flashy of the bunch, but its practicality and ability to accentuate any room is what makes it great. Some customers have a hard time finding the perfect colors and design to match their room, this is not the case here. The Normandy set has neutral brownish-gold colors that allow it to spice up any room.

2. Croscill Plateau Comforter Set, WC King, Multi

Our runner-up is the Croscill Plateau WC King-size comforter Multi set. Although one of the more expensive sets on our list it is also without a doubt one of the best. Not only is the comforter itself an immaculate representation of earthly colors in a sediment style layering pattern, but some of the leather pillows have stunning animal and flower motifs embroidered on them. Customers continue to rave about this product and continue to be amazed by the intricate patterns even after having had the product for several years.

1. Croscill Jardin King Comforter Set

The number one pick on our list is the Croscill Jardin King set. The breathtaking floral pattern coupled with the yellow color is what makes this set stand above the rest. Of course this set may not be for everybody due to its bright yellow color, but it truly has the power to transform a room. Few others on our list have the ability to really stand out like this one. The floral patterns in particular are similar to works of art in that you will never get tired of looking at them.

Lightweight Comforter: Best Lightweight Comforter Reviews

Nothing is more important than sleep. We spend a third of our life sleeping, and often the quality of our sleep determines the quality of our conscious/awake time. Most experts agree that after the quality of the mattress we sleep on, the next most important thing to consider is what we sleep under. The overwhelming majority of people sleep under some sort of lightweight duvet or quilt comforter, but research shows that many don’t have a clue what sort of details are important to look for when selecting a comforter.

The purpose of the comforter seems simple: keep me warm! But what about how it feels against your skin? How breathable is it? Will it irritate your skin while you sleep? Will it make you too warm or leave you too cold? How heavy is it on your body? Ultimately, will this comforter give you a great night’s sleep, or leave you tossing and turning?

Before we dive into bed with a few selected products, it is important to understand what to look for:

· Fill Type – is it authentic down, a hypoallergenic alternative polyfill, or some other filler?

· Warmth – regional climate and personal preferences play a role, as well as climate-control preferences in your bedroom.

· Weight – lightweight is ideal for those who keep their bedroom temperatures cool (69F/20C – 75F/24C)

· Fill Power – this is the volume of a single ounce of down. A higher fill power insulates you better, but weighs less. For the purpose of our reviews, we will hover around the average fill power for standard lightweight comforters.

On a budget:

The Circles Home 100% Goose Down Alternative Comforter Duvetis a great affordable option. The outer material is 300 thread count 100% cotton, meaning it is cool and soft on your skin. The filler is hypoallergenic, meaning that sensitive skin and people prone to irritation and allergies shouldn’t have any issues curling up inside. Considering its lightweight classification, it has a high fill power, resulting in a warmer and more insulated sleep. Although we would not consider this a luxurious comforter, this will definitely do the trick if you are on a budget, but beware if you tend to get too warm at night, as this will keep much of that heat in.

The Divano Roma Furniture Plush and Lightweight White Alternative Down Comforter is in the same price range as the Circles Home comforter but feels a little bit lighter. The outer material is 100% polyester giving it more of a motel/hotel feel, and the filler is hypoallergenic alternative down. The fill power is a bit less than the Circles Home, but don’t let that or the motel reference fool you; this comforter is the definition of lightweight. We enjoyed that this comforter didn’t feel like a comforter and owned the “lightweight” classification while still keeping us warm and cozy. We found the temperature to be very neutral; right in our “Goldilocks” range.

The LinenSpa White Goose Down Alternative Quilted Comforter is a small step up in price point, but a big step up in thickness, while still remaining lightweight. It has an average fill power, meaning that although it is physically thick, it has a fluffy filler that doesn’t hold in too much heat, making for a very cozy night’s rest. The outer material is an ultra-soft microfiber and LinenSpa has sewn the corner tabs to secure the duvet cover in place, as compared to the more ubiquitous stitch-box construction of other comforters which compartmentalizes the filler. Sewing the corner tabs mean that you can expect the filler to remain evenly spread, preventing any shifting or clumping, despite any interactive dreams you might be having. Another plus to this choice is the 3-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects provided by LinenSpa.

Take my money and give me dreams:

Although pricier than the previous comforters, the Westlife Bedding Light-Weight Silk Duvet (also known as the Dreamtime by Highland Feather) is one of the best values on this list, so if it sounds like your type of comforter, we highly recommend it. It is an authentic silk duvet with 100% mulberry silk fill in a 100% combed cotton sateen 300 thread count stitch-box cover shell. The silk fill means that this comforter does not puff up like a traditional down-filled comforter, so just like the Divano Roma Furniture comforter, it truly feels lightweight. The skin-feel is amazing, so although it may not resemble a cloud, it sure feels like one. The fill power is average, so it also hits that not-too-cold, not-too-hot temperature zone. If you are looking for a truly lightweight comforter at a great value, look no further.

The Home Elements Lightweight Warm Down Comforter is filled with 75% authentic white down, and is packaged in a 233 thread count 100% cotton fabric. The fill power is slightly above average, meaning a bit warmer than some of the others on this list. This comforter feels like the real thing, but as a true down comforter it does lean on the heavier side of lightweight. The value is about what you would expect from a premium comforter, but this still feels a bit pricey compared to what else is out there. Of course, if you have some extra cash to spend and tend to get cold at night, this might be the right choice for you.

Finally, the Elliz All-Season Extra Warmth White Down Comforter is the Mercedez-Benz of lightweight comforters. This has a hypoallergenic fill clocking in at an above average fill power, stuffed into a 233 thread count 100% cotton shell. This is what clouds are made of, as long as you like your clouds warm. The Elliz is still lightweight, but it is much fluffier and warmer than the rest of the comforters on this list. The cotton shell has a great skin-feel. Although comfortable and warm getting into, we did tend to get a bit too warm after an hour or so. Of course, if you need that extra warmth and want to sleep in luxury, this is absolutely the pick we recommend.

Overall, the perfect lightweight comforter is out there somewhere, but “perfect” is subjective, and ours might be different from yours. That being said, these are some of the best that you will find on Amazon or elsewhere online, and we hope we have done a good job of breaking down the pros and cons of each of them so that you can find the perfect fit, and your perfect night’s sleep.

What You Don’t Know About down alternative comforters May Shock You

Anyone looking for optimal comfort at a low price will come across down alternative comforters sooner or later. While there’s a lot of information about these products online, you’ll probably be shocked by some of the facts about them.

Before making a purchase, you should definitely go through this article and find out the truth about alternative down comforters – a truth that may shock you.

From Poly to Gel and Hull

Down alternative comforter is an umbrella term that refers to a wide array of materials. The fillings used in such comforters are made from both synthetic and natural compounds. Picking one or the other will depend entirely on your preferences.

Polyester beads are one of the most popular options when it comes to a down alternative. These are lightweight and insulating. The material is breathable and such comforters can be used both during the summer and the winter months.

Gel fiber is becoming a popular alternative to polyester. Some people may think of a jelly-like substance but this isn’t really the case. Gel fiber refers to a type of polyester product that is lightweight and flexible. Because it can be scrunched effortlessly, gel fiber is most similar in properties to authentic goose down.

Finally, down alternative comforters may come with a natural filling. If you want to stay away from synthetics but you don’t want to pay for genuine down, this option is the right one for you.Hull is one of the most prominent options. Once again – the material is lightweight, insect and mite resistant, breathable and hypoallergenic.

Warmth Level Variations

Did you know that the different alternative down comforters offer a different level of warmth? So many people opt for the first option that they come across because it feels fluffy and nice. The truth of the matter is, however, that warmth level will also have to be evaluated.

Obviously, the warmth level depends on the thickness of the filling and its insulating properties.

There are two warmth levels that should be listed on the product’s label – either warmth level 1 or 2. The first one provides the warmth of two thick blankets (but is usually a whole lot lighter). Such a down alternative comforter is the most popular variety on the market. It’s suitable for year-round use, unless you live in a place that sees excessively hot summers.

Warmth level 2 refers to a comforter that provides the equivalent of approximately three thick blankets (once again, minus the weight). Such a comforter is mainly suitable for use during the winter and in colder parts of the world.

If you can’t find information about the warmth level of the product you’re interested in, it’s definitely a good idea to contact the manufacturer. Warmth level 1 appeals to the needs of most people. Unless your house is really cold during the winter, you’ll probably be fine with such a down alternative comforter. It’s also possible to stack two warmth level 1 comforters on top of each other during the colder nights. In this sense, the lower warmth level comforter is a bit more versatile than the higher level one.

It May Feel a Bit Stiffer

When it comes to down alternative bedding, quality is everything. While such products tend to be cheaper than genuine down, there could be major differences between the quality of such items.

Cheap down alternative bedding may feel stiff, heavy and thick in comparison to genuine down. This is the main reason why holding and touching such comforters prior to making a purchase is very important.

High quality materials, as already mentioned, look and feel very similar to genuine down. Thus, if you’re looking for the perfect fluffy and comfortable experience, you should dedicate some time to assessing the characteristics of different filling.

The down alternative market is truly diversified and it has something to offer to just about everyone. If it’s your first time making such a purchase, you should definitely shop around. Explore different filling and understand their characteristics. Choose a cover fabric that’s silky and smooth. Ask questions, compare products side by side and you should be definitely be capable of identifying the perfect one for your needs.

Unknown Facts About down comforters Made Known

You think you know everything there is to know about down comforters? Let’s test your knowledge with the following facts. Hopefully, at least some of the information will be new to you.

Fill Power

Fill power is a measure used to identify the fullness and warmth of a down comforter. If you’re shopping for such an item, the fill power is one of the first characteristics to examine.

In technical terms, fill power refers to the amount of space that one ounce of down filling will occupy when reaching its maximum loft. The measurement is provided in cubic inches and it can range from 500 (least expensive) to over 800.

A down comforter that has a fill power of 500 is lightweight and far from fluffy. It is soft and somewhat insulating, which makes the comforter perfect for use during the summer or in countries that have a mild climate.

Fill power of 600 to 650 is considered of a much higher quality. The loft and the warmth of the comforter will both be higher.

The fill power in the 750 and beyond range is defining of a superior product. Such comforters are very warm and very fluffy. They provide ideal insulation and can be used in cold houses during the winter. Obviously, such comforters are the most expensive ones but the investment is well worth the benefits.

Long, Long History

Down comforters became popular in theUS in the 1970s. The energy crisis of this decade and the next one made people look for high quality, insulating materials that were capable of providing sufficient warmth.

Down has been used as a bedding material for a much longer period of time. There are Russian trade documents from the 1600s that suggest bird down bedding was being sold to Dutch merchants.

Today, down is more popular than ever. There aren’t exact statistics about the number of comforters sold in theUS but the industry generates revenue totaling millions of dollars.

Types of Down

While goose down is one of the most popular options out there, it’s not the only one.

Goose down is made in many countries but some of the top bedding options come fromHungary andPoland. The down clusters have a pure white color and they’re characterized by a very high fill power.

Duck down is a viable alternative. Elder down is the top pick within the category. This is the down variety that has the highest fill power out there – 1200! The elder duck down clusters are the largest ones out there.

Marabout down isn’t as popular. Originally collected from the marabou stork, it’s now mostly produced from turkey down. This type of down isn’t that popular in the world of bedding. It’s mostly incorporated in the trimmings of outfit and fashionable accessories.

Hungary for the Win!

We’ve already touched upon this fact in the previous entry, saying that some of the best goose down comes from countries likeHungary. You may be wondering about the reason. There’s a very simple and logical explanation starting with climate.

Weather inHungary is characterized by relatively harsh and cold winters. This is the main reason why birds living in this part ofEurope need a high level of insulation. The local geese species have evolved to have very fluffy down, offering a lot of warmth in the cold weather.

In addition, the down is lightweight. Thus, Hungarian down has an excellent warmth to weight ratio. It will not clump together and even the best comforters made in the country will remain lightweight.

Hungary is a country that has decades of development in the world of down comfort manufacturing. The most reputable down makers in the country stick to ethical practices and take good care of the birds. If you want to enjoy cruelty-free bedding, this is one of the options to pursue.

You’ve probably reached a conclusion already about the versatility of down. This material can be used for the creation of a wide array of bedding products. It’s suitable for use in just about every climate. Down has been used for centuries and even today, it’s unsurpassed in terms of lightness and warmth. Trying a down comforter is the only way to assess its characteristics on your own and figure out whether the bedding material is the right one for you.

All About Goose Down Comforters

Goose down comforters come with so many benefits – most of us can immediately visualize the softness and fluffiness of such bedding. The filling has a number of characteristics that make it far superior to everything else that the market has to offer.

Anyone interested in buying goose down comforters should dedicate a little bit of time to learning more about the material and the characteristics of the best products on the market. Here are a few pointers.

Choose the Right Goose Down

Goose down is produced in many parts of the world. When it comes to the quality of the material and ethical practices, a few countries have a much better reputation than the other producers.

Hungarian goose down is a market leader and it has been so for many years. The weather inHungary is characterized by cold winters. This is the main reason why geese in the country have thicker and fluffier down. It has amazing insulating properties without being heavy.

Canadian down is another type of material that’s been gaining popularity. The weather inCanada is equally harsh, which is determining for the insulating qualities of the under-plumage.

If you have ethical concerns, you may want to avoid down manufactured inChina andPoland. These countries have lenient policies and very limited regulations against animal cruelty. Feather and down plucking in live birds is still practiced and you should definitely avoid the options whenever possible.

Construction of the Comforter

Apart from the quality of the filling and the fill power, there are many other factors to examine prior to buying a comforter.

The construction of goose down comforters is very important. The right type of stitching keeps the filling in place and prevents it from shuffling around/accumulating in one part of the comforter.

Baffle box comforters are one of the top possibilities. The comforter is separated into stitched boxes, which means that the filling is going to remain inside. After the comforter is washed, there will be no bunching of the filling.

Box stitch is another popular option. Similar to the baffle box comforter, this one has the top and bottom layers sewn together in a box pattern. Once again, the extra-stitching is needed to keep the filling in its place and ensure the even distribution of the insulating material.

The Shell

When talking about goose down comforters, we’ll also need to focus on the quality of the shell. The material that it’s made of can either make or break the product.

The shell is the outer protective cover of a comforter. It can be made from a wide array of materials – from the synthetic polyester to bamboo and cotton. Cotton ranks among the top choices, especially if it comes with a high thread count.

Cotton is soft to the touch, durable and breathable. This means it will wick moisture away from the body. Given the fact that down is a breathable material, as well, this combination of materials is a match made in heaven.

The exact composition of the shell should be listed on the label. Very often, manufacturers rely on a cotton and poly blend rather than 100 percent pure cotton. Such fabric mixes bring down the price of the product and the synthetic fibers strengthen the natural cotton ones.


If you’ve done a bit of research, you’ve noticed that the overwhelming majority of goose down comforters comes in a pristine white color. This isn’t the only option, however. Dedicating enough time to research will give you access to a medley of alternatives.

The shell that down comforters feature can be dyed in many colors. It can also feature patterns or shapes. Finding such unorthodox bedding sets may be a bit difficult but they’re out there. Just think about the colors and the patterns that will enhance the bedroom design and start looking for those.

Alternatively, you can purchase a standard white goose down comforter and accessorize it with a duvet cover. Covers are the products that feature much bigger diversity in terms of colors and styles. Thus, you will enjoy the impeccable appearance of a white comforter and you’ll still get a pop of color or fun in the bedroom. On top of looking cool, a duvet cover is also great for protecting the comforter from dust.

The Best Down Comforter is No Longer a Mystery

What’s the best down comforter out there? For a start, it comes with a price to quality ratio that’s difficult to beat. This, however, isn’t the only characteristic of the ultimate down comforter.

Shopping for the best down comforter isn’t an easy task, especially taking in consideration the price of such items.. The market features so much variety, so many products that tempt you into making a quick and impulsive purchase. Still, it’s important to stick to a checklist and find evidence of quality first.

If you want to get the best item out there, you’ll need to complete the following preliminary steps.

Focus on the Basics: The Down

When we’re talking about a down comforter, we’ll have to focus on one of its most prominent characteristics – the down.

The quality of the down is the single most prominent factor for the selection of such products. Down is made in many parts of the world. The quality of the material and its insulating properties, however, aren’t the same.

A reputable manufacturer should be capable of providing information about the origin of the down. Some of the best comforters feature a filling that originates inHungary orCanada. The down is white in color, it’s fluffy, lightweight and insulating.

Another superior option to look for is 600US white goose down. The number refers to the fill power. In this case, the fill power is medium. It results in a fluffy comforter that can be used in colder weather. This option brings quality and cost-efficiency to the table.

The ones interested in a truly luxurious bedding experience should opt for European white goose down that has a fill power of 900 to 1,000. While this material is much more expensive than the previous entry in the list, it offers unparalleled warmth and longevity.

Sizing Considerations

Down comforters in theUS come with standard sizes. If you’re buying a bedding product that was manufactured in another part of the world, you’ll need to get some information about the size and what it corresponds to in theUS.

A twin comforter is a product that should measure 70 by 90 inches. Such a comforter is perfect for use on a bed that has a mattress measuring 39 by 75 inches. A queen-sized comforter measures 90 by 96 inches. It’s best for use on a mattress measuring 60 by 80 inches.

The king-size down comforter should measure 108 by 96 inches (for use on a mattress measuring 78 by 80 inches). Finally, aCalifornia king bed will call for a comforter that measures 116 by 96 inches.

The Shell

The best goose down comforter features a high quality shell on top of the fluffy filling. There are several great options to pick among on the basis of your preferences and your budget.

Cotton is probably the most popular pick. A versatile natural material, cotton is soft to the touch and it wicks moisture away from the body. The quality of cotton is measured in thread count – the higher the number, the better the shell.

Sateen is a great alternative for the people that want a sleek, smooth sensation. The material is a relatively cost-efficient one and it simplifies the maintenance of the comforter.

Goose down comforters may also come with batiste or damask shells. Both of these materials are inexpensive, durable and easy to maintain in a good condition. They may lack some of the sophistication of Egyptian cotton but the practical benefits compensate for the shortcoming.

Ease of Maintenance

Apart from being made of high quality materials, the best down comforter should be easy to maintain in a top condition.

Always read the care label prior to making a purchase. Some down comforters can be machine-washed, which simplifies maintenance and helps you save money on professional cleaning.

Machine-washable comforters can usually be placed in a front-loading machine. An extra rinse will be required to get rid of all the detergent. If it’s possible to dry the comforter in the dryer, you may have to place a few tennis balls inside. These are needed to fluff out the down and prevent it from clumping together during the process.

Colored Goose Down Comforter Not Just White and Black

The functional benefits of goose down comforters are obvious. When buying bedding, however, it’s also important to focus on style. Colored goose down comforters are available, which turns these into a stylish addition to just about every bedroom.

While white and black options are abundant, the market does feature alternatives. Prior to getting started with shopping, you may want to make up your mind about colors and patterns. Having a pretty specific idea about what you’re looking for will decrease the amount of time you’ll have to shop around.

If you’re still clueless about what it takes to find a beautiful colored goose down comforter, you may want to go through the following suggestions. We’ve checked out some of the most popular products in the respective field. This list features the top picks and the characteristics that make these colored goose down comforters superior.

Snowman Luxurious 100% Goose Down Comforter

Available in a beautiful pastel blue, the Snowman Luxurious 100% Goose Down Comforter is ideal for the creation of peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom.

Researchers have found out that blue is one of the colors associated with tranquility. Thus, it’s easy to conclude that the tone is one of the best picks for the bedroom. Pastel shades are a bit more subdued and delicate than other tones, which makes them lovely for bedding.

The goose down comforter features fill weight of 65 ounces and a cover that’s made 100 percent of breathable cotton. Because of these characteristics, the comforter is suitable for year-round use.

Some individuals worry about allergies, which is why they refrain from picking colored goose down comforters. This Snowman product comes with a layered fabric design that keeps the feathers and the down inside. It also reduces the likelihood of dust accumulating inside the comforter.

The Snowman Luxurious 100% Goose Down Comforter is available in three sizes – twin, queen and king.

King Size Goose Down Comforter in Solid Khaki

This is a relatively neutral color and as a result, the goose down comforter will be the perfect addition to just about every bedroom.

King Size Goose Down Comforter in Solid Khaki is also one of the most affordable entries included in the list. If you’re looking for cost-efficient bedding that will still enable you to enjoy the luxury of down, the product is the right one for you.

The goose down filling corresponds to the USA-FTC standards. Soft and medium-warmth, the comforter is ideal for year-round use. It comes with a 100 percent cotton cover that is breathable and soft to the touch.

A baffle box design keeps the goose down in place and enables the easy cleaning of the comforter.

The comforter is the creation of a company that’s been on the market for more than 18 years. The company creates products that are distributed in super markets, chain stores and department stores in numerous countries across the globe.

RoseFeather 75% Natural White Duck Down Bedroom Soft Grey Comforter

This beautiful comforter is available in a delicate purple color. The tone makes it suitable for addition to nearly everyone’s bedroom. While the color isn’t bright and obtrusive, it still has a lot more personality than the sterile white.

RoseFeather 75% Natural White Duck Down Bedroom Soft Grey Comforter is available in a wide array of sizes – twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king. The filling is made of 75 percent duck down having fill weight of 76.2 ounces.

An organic cotton cover makes the comforter very soft to the touch. The fabric is breathable and it will wick moisture away from your body during the night. A layered fabric design and double self-piping will keep the filling inside. The manner in which the cover is constructed also ensures the hypoallergenic qualities of the cover.

While duck down doesn’t have all of the features that goose down is recognized for and considered superior), it still is a nice choice. Duck down is still highly insulating and it feels very soft to the touch. Choosing one option or the other depends entirely on your budget, the climate of the place where you live and your individual preferences.

Goose Down Comforter Black Friday Sale 2016

Do you love Black Friday deals? If so, this may be the perfect opportunity to buy a goose down comforter and get an excellent price for it.

Doing a bit of Black Friday shopping comes with its specifics. Following a few simple tips will give you a chance to get to the best deals on time and make sure that you’ve purchased the best possible goose down comforter.

Be Prepared and do Your Research

Only inexperienced Black Friday shoppers wait until the last minute in order to buy. This year, you should definitely consider doing a bit of preliminary research in order to end up purchasing a beautiful goose down comforter.

Magazines, websites and other media could provide a few hints about upcoming bedding sales. It’s also a good idea to follow favorite brands on social media. While full announcements about the discounts aren’t going to be made too early, you can still rely on the hints to figure out where you can look for discounted goose down comforters.

There are also specialized Black Friday websites. Their main aim is to research deals and provide summarized information to consumers. Doing some basic online search will give you a pretty good idea about the available options and how they compare to each other.

Sales will Sometimes Start Earlier

While the term itself suggests that sales start on Friday, some companies decide to give their clients longer discount periods.

It’s possible for the bedding discount campaigns to be launched on Thursday. This is why you have to be prepared, especially if you’re interested in a goose down comforter that’s typically a best-seller. If you’re not ready to shop ahead of time, you may miss on the opportunity.

Some of the hottest deals will typically sell out prior to the actual beginning of Black Friday. This is why your shopping adventures should commence on a Thursday. Give yourself these two days to hunt down hot deals and score a real bargain.

Let Technology Help You

In order to be first to the party, you should definitely rely on all of the available technology.

Your smartphone can make Black Friday shopping a whole lot easier and more convenient.

Many stores have their mobile shopping apps. These are created for convenience and streamlined product browsing. Check the mobile shopping options in advance. If necessary, download a few apps and get used to those prior to the beginning of the Black Friday campaign.

Smartphone shopping is great because it allows you to hunt for deals on the go. You don’t have to spend the entire day in front of the computer to purchase a beautiful goose down comforter.

Be Loyal to Your Favorite Brand

Some people commit the mistake of looking for the most inexpensive goose down comforter out there and purchasing the item. Still, being loyal and sticking to the brands that you’re a fan of can be a great idea this Black Friday.

Many companies run additional campaigns aimed at rewarding loyal customers. Such campaigns and additional discounts simplify the purchase of a high quality comforter even further.

It’s always a good idea to check out your favorite brands, even if their bedding sets appear to be a bit more expensive than what the competition has to offer. Also, some companies have loyalty programs that make discounts available to their clients first. Check for such information on the company’s website or in an email newsletter that you receive. Alternatively, you may want to call customer support to find out whether loyalty programs will be available this Black Friday.

Double Check Product Characteristics

While Black Friday shopping is all about benefiting from the discounts, it’s still a good idea to double check for quality.

Go through all of the product specs prior to hitting the “buy” button. The type of filling, the fill weight, the material that the cover is made of and its construction are all important. Check the size of the goose down comforter and the care instructions, as well.

Very often, the most inexpensive items out there are not going to be the best ones. Successful Black Friday shopping should be about identifying the best price to quality ratio. Remember that you’ll be using the goose down comforter for many years to come. Spending a bit more on a high quality item is going to make much more sense in the long run.

Goose down comforter cyber monday sale 2016

Cyber Monday provides lucrative opportunities for convenient and affordable online shopping. It’s particularly suitable for items that may typically be considered expensive. Items like goose down comforters that feature luxurious, fluffy filling.

Is shopping for a goose down comforter during Cyber Monday 2016 a good idea? Let’s examine a few aspects of identifying the perfect deal and draw a conclusion on the basis of this information.

Is Cyber Monday Shopping Worth it?

To answer the question whether a goose down comforter Cyber Monday sale 2016 is a good opportunity, you’ll first have to do a bit of preliminary research.

Go through different goose down comforters a few weeks before the discounts are announced. Explore the quality, the make and the regular price of the item. It’s also a good idea to create a table and list all of this information.

Once Cyber Monday arrives, you’ll need to take a look at the discounted items once again. Is there an actual price reduction? Is the discount significant enough? Some companies may announce spectacular price reductions but the only way to assess the offer is to have at least some idea about the pre-Cyber Monday price of the product.

So, does Cyber Monday shopping for goose down comforters make sense? Absolutely! In order to get the best possible deal, however, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with such products in advance.

Come up with a Budget!

While Cyber Monday sales are a lot of fun, things can also get a little bit tricky. Since you’re being offered great deals, chances are that you’ll eventually get carried away and you’ll buy more than originally anticipated.

To eliminate the risk of choosing dozens of bedding products, you’ll have to set a budget in advance.

Once again, the decision should be based off the regular price of goose down comforters. Pinpoint the items that you want to buy. See what their regular prices are. Factor in a discount and make an estimate about the amount you’ll have to spend on the purchase of each.

On the basis of this information, you can set a budget threshold. This number should guide the purchases you make and keep you from going overboard.

Always do Product Comparison

When shopping for bedding online, you probably go through numerous different websites to explore the offers and compare them side by side. Cyber Monday shopping shouldn’t be any different. While you’ll have to be quick (otherwise you risk missing on a deal), you will still need to check on multiple options.

Have several websites of preference bookmarked. Go through their offer on Cyber Monday and compare the goose down comforters available. When looking at the items side by side, don’t focus solely on the price. Try to figure out which comforter has higher quality, as well.

Dedicating a few minutes to Cyber Monday deal comparisons will be sufficient to eliminate the mediocre offers and focus solely on the opportunities that make sense.

Don’t do a Test Drive on Cyber Monday

Many gimmicky and shady websites rely on Cyber Monday to scam customers into giving them a try. Remember that this is not the time to test new opportunities. Stick to brands and ecommerce websites that you already know well. Otherwise, you risk ending up with a goose down comforter that has questionable quality at best.

Very often, shady websites will feature unbelievably low prices. Such Cyber Monday deals, however, may be a scam. Remember that you’ll be paying for the product online. Make sure that the website you’re purchasing from has a secure payment option. All of your private data has to be protected adequately. Otherwise, you may end up losing money or dealing with even more serious consequences.

If something appears too good to be true, it probably is. This is why Cyber Monday research and preparation in advance will both play such a crucial role in your shopping endeavors.

Finally, remember that you shouldn’t turn a Cyber Monday goose down comforter purchase into your main priority. Many companies feature occasional discounts and sales during other periods of the year. Even if you miss on the opportunity, you’ll still have a chance to find an affordable deal later on. Don’t rush it and don’t buy any goose down comforter just to feel good about making a purchase.

A Guide to Goose Down Comforter Sizes

Picking the best goose down comforter comes with a number of practical considerations. If you’re doing online shopping, you’ll need to have a pretty good idea about the different sizes and their significance.

The goose down comforter size will typically have to be coordinated with the size of the mattress. The following article will give you a couple of useful guidelines and make it easier for you to choose the most adequate size.

Keep in mind that the size does have an impact on the price of the comforter. Thus, if you’re not confident about picking the right dimensions, you may end up spending too much money on a comforter that isn’t the right one for you.

Mattress Sizes

The size of your bed’s mattress is the one that will be determining for the size of the goose down comforter. Let’s explore all of the standard sizes:

  • A twin sized mattress typically measures 39 by 75 inches
  • A twin XL mattress typically measures 39 by 80 inches
  • A full mattress typically measures 54 by 75 inches
  • A queen mattress typically measures 60 by 80 inches
  • A king mattress typically measures 76 by 80 inches
  • A California king mattress is the biggest one and it typically measures 72 by 84 inches

These are the standard North American dimensions for mattresses. If you live in another part of the world, there could be some differences. You may want to double check the measurement of your bed and purchase a down comforter on the basis of these numbers.

Standard Comforter Sizes

Now that you know what the size of your mattress is, it’s time to take a look at standard comforter sizes. You’ll notice that there’s a difference between the two measures. This difference stems from the fact that comforters are supposed to hang a little bit off the edge of the bed. The larger size is required to guarantee ultimate comforter.

The following list features the standard North American goose down comforter dimensions on the basis of mattress type:

  • A twin-sized goose down comforter has a length varying between 86 and 88 inches and a width varying between 66 and 68 inches.
  • A queen-sized goose down comforter has a length varying between 96 and 100 inches and a width varying between 86 and 88 inches.
  • A king-sized goose down comforter has a length varying between 86 and 88 inches and a width of 102 inches.
  • A California king-sized goose down comforter has a length varying between 96 and 98 inches and a width varying between 107 and 110 inches.

Keep in mind that these sizes are considered guidelines. Many manufacturers have their own standards that fall off the standard chart. Usually, all of them provide sizing charts that feature the dimensions that the respective comforter type corresponds to.

For the most adequate purchase, you’ll simply need to measure the size of your mattress and find out which goose down comforter offered by the respective manufacturer is the best match.

A Few Additional Tips and Suggestions

If you have a king-sized mattress, the most adequate decision would be to get a king-sized goose down comforter. People who own full-sized beds, however, may find it a bit more challenging to choose. Usually, both full-sized and queen-sized goose down comforters would be a good pick.

Are you still a bit uncertain about the best pick? This may be the case if there are minor differences between the lengths and the widths of the different comforter varieties. In such instances, it would be best to call the manufacturer and ask for a recommendation on the basis of mattress size.

Picking a goose down comforter will also depend on the thickness of your mattress.

Remember that mattresses are three-dimensional. If your mattress is a very thick one, you may want to get a comforter that’s a bit bigger. This way, you’ll have more of it hanging from the sides of the mattress and giving you warm comfort throughout the night.

The final option that you have is a custom-made goose down comforter. This option is particularly beneficial for individuals who don’t own a standard mattress. If your bed doesn’t correspond to any of the dimensions mentioned in the above sections of the article, you may want to look for a custom-made goose down comforter. Though a bit more expensive, such a product would offer an ideal match.

Goose Down Pillows Care Tips

You have a beautiful, fluffy goose down pillow that you love. It looks great and it’s a long-lived item, especially if you take proper care of it.

Goose down pillows aren’t that complicated to maintain in an excellent condition. You will need to focus on several essentials that will keep the filling fluffy and prevent the accumulation of dust inside.

Washing a Down Pillow

Before doing anything else, check the manufacturer recommendations. Some down pillows can be cleaned in a washing machine. In other instances, dry cleaning will be the only possibility.

If the down pillow you own can be washed at home, you’ll need to remove the pillowcase and the protector. Check the pillow and the stitching for rips, holes or loose ends. If there’s a hole in the fabric, you’ll end up losing a lot of the filling during the process. Repair the cover before moving on to the next step.

It’s usually best to wash two or three down pillows alongside each other. The number depends on the capacity of the washing machine. A front-loading washing machine is best because there’s no risk of damage due to the movement of the agitator.

A liquid detergent is to be the option of preference because it will be easier to get out of the pillows. Still, an extra rinse is a good idea because it will help you make the filling squeaky clean.

For best results, you may want to avoid the spin cycle. While it’s not going to cause damage, it will make the down clump together. As a result, you’ll find it much more difficult to fluff up the pillow after it has dried completely.

Drying Down Pillows

Now that your goose down pillows have been washed, it’s time to dry them thoroughly. Drying the material is very important, especially if you’re preparing the pillows for storage. Moisture trapped inside the filling will create the right conditions for the formation of mildew.

Wrap a soft towel around the pillow and use it to absorb excess water. Press on it with your hands and if necessary, replace the towel with a dry one and repeat. This procedure will enable you to get out a lot of the moisture.

If the product instructions allow it, place the down pillow in the dryer. A low heat setting is the optimal one. You’ll need to do two to three cycles in order to get the pillow completely dry. Take the pillow out of the dryer after the end of each cycle and fluff it up.

The addition of dryer balls to the drying machine is another good idea. While the pillows are drying, the pillows will break down any clumps of down that could have formed during the machine washing.

Air drying is also a possibility. In this instance, you may want to place the pillow on a flat surface or a grid. Turn it around occasionally to make sure that both sides are drying properly. Hanging the pillow like clothing will lead to the accumulation of the down in just one part of the case.

A Few Additional Care Tips and Recommendations

There are several additional things you can do between washings to maintain your goose down pillows looking brand new.

If you notice any yellowing of the cover fabric, you can do a spot treatment with white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. After doing the spot treatment, wash the pillow as described in the first section of the article.

A few drops of essential oil on the pillow are also a good idea. Lavender has relaxing properties and can help you fall asleep easily. Eucalyptus, geranium, lemongrass and patchouli essential oils have anti-bacterial properties. Just add a few drops to the pillow after washing (or in the washing machine) and place it in a clean pillowcase.

If you’re not confident in your ability to take care of goose down pillows, you may want to opt for professional services. Changing the pillowcase frequently and using a cover will reduce the need for washing the pillow itself. Dry cleaning spots are experienced enough to deal with such items and they’ll do an excellent job, extending the lifespan of your high quality pillow.

5 Simple Facts About down pillows Explained

Down is one of the softest and most amazing filling for pillows. It provides just enough support while also feeling fluffy and heaven-like.

While these facts are undeniable, there could be a lot more that you’d like to learn about down pillows prior to making a purchase. The following list contains five interesting facts about the filling, its characteristics and the benefits that it brings to the table.

Down and Feathers aren’t the Same

When choosing a pillow or any other type of bedding, some people commit the mistake of thinking that down and feathers are the same material.

Down is the soft under-plumage of birds. As such, it’s a lot finer and fluffier than feathers. It also has insulating qualities, enabling the plumage to keep the bird warm during the coldest of winter days.

Because of these characteristics, down is one of the best filling materials to look for in pillows and bedding. The quality is superior to the one of feathers. Down shifts around effortlessly, following the curves of the head and the neck. At the same time, it does provide enough support to result in good night’s sleep.

Very Long-Lived

While down pillows are more expensive than the ones that come with a synthetic filling, there’s a reason for choosing the costlier product.

Down is a much more long-lived material than synthetic fiber. With proper care, a down pillow will remain in an excellent condition for approximately 20 years. The filling isn’t going to lose its fluffiness and lightness. Thus, spending a bit more on the purchase in the very beginning will result in a higher return on investment over the years.

Allergies? No Reason to Worry

Many down alternative pillows are advertised as hypoallergenic and suitable for use by even the most severe allergy sufferers. This is the reason why some people have come to assume that down is an allergy-causing material.

This isn’t really the case.

Down and feathers themselves aren’t potent allergens. The number of people who experience allergic reactions after contact with goose down and feathers is very small.

A problem could arise from the fact that the filling is breathable and it shifts around. As a result, it may potentially harbor dust mites. Choosing the right cover for the down pillow and washing it frequently is the best way to eliminate the risk.

Care and Washing

Maintaining a down pillow in an excellent condition isn’t such a challenging task. For best results, you should stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations. These should be presented clearly on the product label.

Some down pillows are machine washable. All that you’ll have to do is add a couple of washing cycles to the end of the program. This way, you’ll make sure that the filling is free from a detergent.

Don’t use a spin cycle on down. Allow the pillow to air dry or use a drier on a low heat setting. This way, you’ll prevent the filling from clumping together and losing some of its softness.

If you’re not using a down pillow at the moment, it’s best to store the item in a breathable bag made from a material like cotton. Plastic will trap moisture inside, which will increase the risk of mildew formation in the filling.

Choosing a Pillow on the Basis of Your Sleeping Position

Choosing a down pillow is all about your sleeping position. The same rule holds true for any other material that you may be interested in.

Down pillows come in a variety of thicknesses and filling densities. If you’re a stomach sleeper, for example, you’ll benefit from a thinner down pillow. The material compresses easily, which means there will be no strain on your neck and shoulders. To restore the pillow’s original shape, you’ll simply have to fluff it up in the morning.

A combination of down and feathers is better for back and side sleepers. The feathers offer some additional support, reducing the risk of stiffness or pain in the morning.

If you don’t know which option is the right one for you, opt for an adjustable pillow. This is a down pillow that features a zipper, enabling you to take some of the filling out. This way, you can experiment with the amount and leave just enough in the pillow to feel comfy during the night.