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The Best Stomach Sleeper Mattress

The Best Stomach Sleeper Mattress

Sleeping on your stomach can be uncomfortable if you don’t have the right mattress. Many people don’t know but there are mattresses in the market that are made specifically for stomach sleepers. However, picking the right one is not that easy. You need to take many features of the mattress in mind from density, material, to thickness. The whole process can be overwhelming for many. But you don’t have to worry, we have picked out the top 3 best stomach sleeper mattress for you to choose from.

The WinkBed

The WinkBed

Our rating:

   Cost: $$$$$

You can get the WinkBed in different firmness style, we tested the firmest option and it turned out amazing for a stomach sleeper. The mattress uses foam and has a layer of Micro Air-Springs. The combination of the two provides extra comfort and pressure to the body which is leaning against the mattress. The foam ensures that the body aligns and doesn’t dig too far into the mattress but enough so you are comfortable. The support in the midsection on this mattress really stood out. It has a base that used zoned coils to provide adequate support so you can easily rest your stomach on it without feeling pain. Overall, the WinkBed is a great mattress for every type of sleeper.

Sleep Innovations Shiloh

Sleep Innovations Shiloh

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   Cost: $$$$

The Sleep Innovations Shiloh is the perfect mattress for any position. The mattress provides adequate cushioning and employs memory foam so your body gets a touch of personalized comfort. It has a DuoComfort design with a memory and support foam that provides firmness to the mattress. You can easily lay on your stomach on the mattress throughout the night without any discomfort. The cover of the mattress is of poly-cotton so it breaths. Overall the Sleep Innovations Shiloh mattress is a great addition to any room, it provides exceptional comfort for any position sleeper.

Sweetnight Gel Memory Mattress

Sweetnight Gel Memory Mattress

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   Cost: $$$$$

The Sweetnight Gel Memory Mattress has a 3 layer foam system that provides comfort and firmness for sleepers. If you toss and turn, change position at night or just sleep on your stomach throughout, you will not feel any discomfort on this mattress. It has a 12-inch foam out of which 3 inches is a gel foam that adapts to your body and ensures it remains cool. It also has a 3.5 inch of airflow foam so it is properly ventilated and provides plenty of cushions. The remaining 5.5 inch of the foam is of high-density so your body also gets firmness and doesn’t just sink in. Overall, the Sweetnight Gel Memory Mattress is a great choice for any type of sleeper that needs a blend of soft cushioning and firmness in a mattress.

Do You Need a Boxspring with A Memory Foam Mattress For Your Bed?

Do You Need a Boxspring with A Memory Foam Mattress For Your Bed

For a memory foam mattress to work well, it needs a firm surface for support. People that use a foundation or box spring for their current mattress just throw the mattress out and put the memory foam mattress on top of what they have. But is it okay, to do that? Would a boxspring work with a memory foam.

That all depends on how firm the boxspring is. You can certainly put a memory foam mattress on a boxspring as long as it supportive and firm. If it isn’t then chances are the memory foam will not work too well. So if your boxspring isn’t strong then you may want to consider getting a new one.

Other options that work with memory foam mattress

You can also use a slatted platform with a memory foam mattress. The slats need to be supportive so make sure they are strong and need to be a few inches in width and about an inch apart.

If you decide to use a solid platform then that may cause a bit of a problem. You want space between so the mattress can breathe. The mattress needs airflow at the bottom because when you sleep on it, moisture from the body transfers to the mattress. If there is no airflow it starts to build up in the mattress and forms molds at the bottom. If you have a solid platform, you can drill holes in it so there is airflow. Wooded solid decks would work while plastic would probably not with a memory foam mattress.

You shouldn’t use a memory foam mattress on the floor. Doing so causes the same problem as with a solid deck support. There is no airflow at the bottom so mold starts to form.

Memory foam mattresses are great for the back and one of the most comfortable material for the mattress. The material adapts to your body, letting it sink into the mattress but at the same time providing you plenty of support. So you get the support and comfort you expect when you go to bed. Just make sure you get the right support for the mattress so it lasts for years.

The Best Extra Long Twin Bed Sheets You Can Buy

The Best Extra Long Twin Bed Sheets You Can Buy

Going off to college can be an exciting time for most people. Experiencing new things, making new friends, and living independently are just some of the things you’ll be doing as an independent college student. Not to mention pulling an all-nighter studying, writing term papers, or just chillaxing with a couple of buds.

But you can only go on a study- or gaming-binge for so long before needing to get some shut-eye. It’s important for college students to understand that a good night’s sleep is highly needed in order to keep the brain as functional as possible. Not only that, but it’ll also help you maintain a good appearance so you can hopefully find that special someone in college with whom you can enjoy spending the rest of your life. This means that your bedroom, especially your bed and sheets, need to be as high-quality as possible.

Prior to purchasing a bed and sheets, make sure that you know what size bed your dorm room allows. You can ask the all sorts of student organizations about the dorm room specifications or dormitory management; they’ll tell you everything you need to know and more about your dorm. Once that’s clear, it’s time to shop. To make things a bit easier for you, here’s a list of some of the best XL twin bed sheets for your dorm.

Wamsutta 400-Thread-Count Sateen Sheets

Wamsutta 400-Thread-Count Sateen Sheet Set.jpg

If you like solft, silky sheets with in sateen weave then you’ll love these sheets from Wamsutta. These sheets are so durable that they can continue to be used well after your college days are over. Because these sheets are made of sateen (not satin), they have way more horizontal-running threads than vertical, translating into a super-soft feel for longer. These Wamsutta sheets are mde of 100% pure cotton that breathes extremely well. As an added bonus, the company sells these XL sheets in a wide selection of colors like blue, coral, and purple, just to name a few. With over 800 positive reviews from happy customers, combined with an affordable price tag, you can’t go wrong with these silky but long-lasting bed sheets.

The Big One Easy Care 275 Thread Count

The Big One Easy Care 275 Thread Count Sheet Set .jpg

If you’re looking for something with a crisp feel with just a hint of “toothiness,” then a percale weave is what you’re looking for. Unlike sateen, percale weaves have the same number of threads running horizontally and vertically so it’s more durable but feels super-soft against sensitive skin. The Big One’s sheets are made of a blend of cotton and polyester so even though it breathes well, it’s not on the same level as pure cotton sheets. This won’t be an issue for many college students since breathe-easy fabric in stuffy dorm rooms won’t make much of a difference. One amazing thing about these sheets is that they don’t wrinkly easily, so you have less ironing to do after it comes out of the dryer.

Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheets

Luxe Core Sheet Set

If you enjoy a luxurious cover for your bed, then the Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheets are the bed sheets for you. These percale cotton sheets are silky-smooth the moment you take them out of the packaging. One awesome feature is that the older these sheets get, the softer they become (not a sign of wear and tear). With more than 6,000 satisfied customers, you know that these percale cotton bed sheets are worth the purchase. In addition to high quality fabric, you also have a wide selection of colors to choose from. Finally, if you’re unsatisfied for any reason, Brooklinen will give you a complete refund within 60 days of the purchase date, no questions asked!

Viv+ Andres Sheets

Andres Sheet Set

Chevron appears to be everywhere nowadays, but there’s a good reason: it’s bold enough to give it edge, classic enough so it’s not overbearing, and fascinating enough that it grabs your attention without being in your face. The Andres Sheets from Viv+ are made of microfiber that doesn’t wrinkle, fade, or tear very easily. Over 800 customers have left their two cents about how great these sheets are. What’s amazing is that despite it being made of polyester microfiber, it doesn’t retain heat so you can sleep comfortably through the night. The sheets may seem a bit thin but that’s to help with the lack of the material’s breathability.

Mellanni Microfiber Bed Sheet Set

Mellanni Microfiber Bed Sheet Set

This polyester bed sheet and pillow case set is made of 100% microfiber polyester that feels as the silkiest out of all the products on this list. Despite being made of polyester, there are very few complaints from its more than 27,000 customers about how hot it is, even during the summer. It’s also thinly made to compensate for the stuffiness it can cause. Customers can pick from more than 20 different colors to suit their personality and dorm room décor. This is definitely a bed sheet you need if you’re looking for comfort at an affordable price.

Amazon Basics Heather Jersey Sheet Set

AmazonBasics Heather Jersey Sheet Set

Another bed sheet set worth mentioning is an AmazonBasics-made T-shirt-feel sheet. If you’re looking for a large, comfortable shirt to wrap your bed in, then this is the sheet for you. The 100% cotton sheet has a stretchy feel to it so there’s very little trouble fitting the sheet across the surface of your bed. The set includes one fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and one pillow case. Jersey sheets are definitely all the craze, especially for dorm students looking for a unique look for their bedroom décor. Of course, jersey sheets are a little on the expensive side, but considering that these sheets could still be used by your offspring, it’s definitely a worthy investment. It has received an overwhelming number of positive reviews from its customers, but one of the most common complaints made is that, despite being made of breathable cotton, it’s rather thin and prone to tearing if stretched too far too quickly. Other than that, it’s the perfect option that’ll fit well in you dorm room.

What Is a Down Pillow: Everything You Need to Know

What Is a Down Pillow: Everything You Need to Know

Do you love snuggling your pillow while you’re fast asleep? A high-quality pillow can mean the difference between comfortable, refreshing sleep and waking up even more tired than before. If you experience the latter more often than not, then it might be time to replace your pillow.

Down pillows are designed to conform to the shape of your head and shoulders, regardless of whether you’re in your most comfortable sleeping position or not. They are made of organic materials, hypoallergenic materials that allow proper airflow through the contents of the pillow without softening or hardening beyond regular comfort levels. What’s more is that down pillow are available in all sorts lofts to perfectly match your preferred pillow-density.

But what is a down pillow?

Down pillows differ from traditional pillows in the sense that they made of organic animal products, specifically feathers from the backs, wings, and chests of goose and ducks. Most manufacturers of down pillows will sell replacement feathers when they’ve become crumpled up after months of use. Down pillows come is a wide range of densities and sizes.

What types of down pillows are there?

Basically, there are two types of downs used to make down pillows: goose and duck downs. However, there are three types of down pillows listed below.

Goose Down Pillows


If you’re looking for the king of all down pillows, then you have to go with goose down. Goose down is naturally super-fine, soft, and offer a consistent texture. Although they are the priciest option, you can definitely feel a difference in quality compared to other pillow types like memory foam, microbead, and buckwheat pillows. Though Hungarian and Polish goose downs are traditional, you can find other high-quality goose downs from Canada and the US.

Duck Down Pillows

duck down pillows

The second type of down pillow is pillows stuffed with duck down. Duck down is normally smaller than goose down but is extremely soft and great for resting your head on. Duck down pillows are for fans of down pillows that are looking for a cost-efficient pillow. However, due to their smaller size, duck downs do have a shorter lifespan so you need to keep replacing the stuffing in order to ensure that your pillows provide maximum comfort Since duck down is more sensitive than goose down, pillows stuffed with duck down are recommended for occasional use rather than daily or nightly use.  

Goose and Duck Down Pillows

The third and final type of down pillow combines both goose and duck downs. Combined down pillows are oftentimes sold in softer or denser models than all-duck or all-goose down pillows. They’re the middle-path between pure-duck and pure-goose down pillows. Because this type of down pillow combines both duck and goose feathers, it’s fair to say that the pillows will begin to distort in shape and lose its comfiness after several months of use. This is unfair to the goose down since duck down tends to break up quicker than their goose counterparts.

Down Pillows Pros and Cons

If you’re still unsure of whether a down pillow is best for you, take a look at our list of pros and cons.


  • ​Amazing aesthetics – down pillows are generally firmer and fuller when compared to other types of pillows.
  • ​Great for stomach sleepers – down pillows can adjust in shape to ensure that your back remains straight, even when sleeping on your belly.
  • ​Durable – the best goose down pillows have a lifespan of 10 years so a $150 investment is definitely worth it in the long-run.


  • ​Soft down pillows might not provide proper support.
  • ​Down pillows can lose their shape numerous times during the night so you may need to re-fluff your pillow every-so-often.
  • ​Costlier than other types of pillows.

​Buying Guide

If you’re still interested in purchasing a down pillow after reading our list of pros and cons, then there are several important aspects to pay attention to when scouring the market for one.


As we mentioned earlier, there are two main types of down used to make these pillows: goose and duck. Goose is more expensive but lasts longer, whereas duck is more cost-efficient, but you will need to constantly refill the stuffing every couple of months to ensure that the pillow offers maximum comfort.

Stuffing Capacity

How full the down pillow is can determine its durability and quality. Not only do fuller pillows take up more space, but they are also denser and better for those who like firmer pillows to hug or place between their legs while they catch some zzz’s. Be sure to check how firm the pillow is before purchasing one, but also keep in mind that these pillows will alter their shape to accommodate your head and shoulders.

Thread Count

Like with any pillow, the thread count is used to determine the softness, or lack thereof, of the pillow. Expensive, high-quality pillows usually have high thread counts, making your hand glide seamlessly across the pillow’s surface without feeling a thread. Down pillows are encased in all sorts of cotton casings with various thread counts. In general, a thread count of at least 200 should be soft to the touch.

Final Remarks

Now that we know the basics of what a down pillow is and what to expect from one, it’s now time to decide which pillow you want to go with. We highly recommend getting either a 100% goose down pillow or a mixture of both goose and duck downs since they are considerably more durable than pure duck down pillows. Memory foam pillows are also a great type of pillow if you’re looking for something that will mold to the exact shape of your head. However, down pillows are the better option if you’re looking for something that both adjusts its shape to your body and is aesthetically beautiful. There are a wide number of manufacturers that design and sell high-quality down pillows like Continental Bedding and Egyptian Bedding. Just be sure to find a model that suits your best in terms of looks, firmness or softness, and budget.

Bamboo Blanket: Our Top 5 Picks & Reviews for 2019

Bamboo Blanket Our Top 5 Picks & Reviews for 2018

Bamboo blankets are one of the most innovative products to hit the baby market. This type of blanket is designed to offer warmth to a slumbering toddler while also preventing excessive heat from remaining under the blanket and surrounding your child. This breathable fabric lets air escape, offering the perfect sleeping temperature all year long.

Benefits of Bamboo Blankets

Bamboo blankets are not just used to combat cold weather while ensuring the user does not get too toasty, but there are several other benefits as well. First of all, this blanket absorbs moisture, preventing uncomfortable sweat stickiness under the blanket during warm temperatures. Even with its moisture-absorbing properties, this type of blanket is not one that needs cleaning after every single use. The fabric is naturally antibacterial, eliminating microscopic organisms that release odors into the air giving your room and unbearable funk.

Although bamboo fabric is used to make pillow cases and bed sheets, bamboo blankets remain the top-selling type of bamboo-made product in the bedroom.

Top 5 Bamboo Blankets

In this article, we are going to quickly talk about five of our favorite bamboo blankets and what make each of them so great.

1. Bluestar Natural Bamboo Throw Blanket

Bluestar’ throw blanket is an amazing blanket for use by babies and young children. Even adults can find this blanket to be extremely comfortable to use when laying down on a coach or bed. The natural bamboo used to make this blanket is all natural to ensure true coziness at all times. The bamboo is also hypoallergenic so parents will not need to worry about the effects it will have on their loved ones. Bluestar’s collection of bamboo throw blankets come is an assortment of different colors – yellow, purple, pink, blue, and green – to suit your child’s color preference. When washing this throw blanket, do not use detergents or bleach since it can ruin the natural antibacterial properties of the bamboo. Instead, give it a quick tumble on your machine’s most delicate setting. Doing so will protect the throw blanket from premature ripping and give it use for many, many years.

2. Marcini Bamboo Fiber Cotton Throw Blanket

There is no doubt that Marcini’s bamboo-cotton throw blanket is one of high quality. The ratio of rayon from bamboo and soft cotton is 80-20, giving it its natural antimicrobial properties while also delivering supreme lushness and comfort. This lightweight throw blanket has a super-silky texture that tantalizes your skin while also being delicate to those with common skin conditions. The dual tone and knotted fringe design of the Marcini is something that many people will fall in love with on first sight. This beautiful throw blanket is suitable for people of any age and size. It will definitely become an integral part of your lazing-on-a-Sunday-afternoon routine of reading a book or watching TV. Cleaning this blanket should only be done by hand since even the most delicate settings of a washing machine can ruin the fabric and destroy the antibacterial properties.

3. Fishers Finery Bamboo Blanket

Fishers Finery has produced a 100% bamboo viscose blanket that is noteworthy. This super-lightweight bamboo blanket can be used throughout the year. During the winter, it will retain heat under the blanket while during the summer air easily escapes through the breathable fabric. Fishers Finery gives its customers a selection of six different colors to choose from: dusk blue, red, navy, chocolate, gray, and sand. There are also two sizes available – twin size and queen size – for determining how much space and how many people you want to keep warm and toasty under the covers. Cleaning this bamboo blanket is not as meticulous as other bamboo blankets on the market. First, it is machine washable, though you should only use cold water when washing and rinsing this piece of blanket beauty. All washing instructions are included to help customers extend the life of their lovable bamboo blanket.

4. Golden Ocean Home Décor

If high quality and toasty comfort are your biggest priorities when choosing a blanket, then look no further than the Golden Ocean Home Décor. Bamboo fiber is among some of the softest fabrics ever used to produce blankets, pillowcases, and bed sheets, and this blanket is definitely proof of that. In fact, the bamboo fiber used to make this blanket is indistinguishable from pure silk in terms of touch and feel. Not only is this blanket soft, warm, and breathable, but it is also naturally imbued with antimicrobial properties that eliminate bacteria, preventing a stale or foul smell that is bound to happen with common cotton and polyester blankets. People suffering from allergies or have skin conditions can breathe a sigh of relief if they go with the Golden Ocean Home Décor bamboo blanket.

5. YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket

Last but not least is one of our most favorite bamboo blankets ever: YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket. Thanks to the bamboo fiber used to make this blanket, even during the scorching summer you will hardly notice a change in temperature with and without this blanket on you. The fibers enhance ventilation, practically guaranteeing supreme comfort when using this blanket during any time of the year. Furthermore, the bamboo fibers in this blanket prevent bacteria and mold from growing, so if you’re a heavy sweater, this blanket will not punish you for it. If you ultimately decide to purchase this bamboo blanket, make sure that you choose the model in accordance to your body weight. For example, a 15-pound blanket can cover people of up to 150 pounds heavy, whereas the 20-pound blanket is designed to be used by people weigh around 200 pounds.

Our Pick

Between the five models, it is very difficult to determine which of them can be a blanket solution for everyone (Ha!). If you prefer easy washing, perhaps you should avoid blankets with meticulous washing procedures such as the Marcini. If you’re looking for a wide range of colors, Bluestar and Fishers Finery could make excellent choices for you to pick from. Overall, we feel that you will experience complete satisfaction with whichever bamboo blanket on our list that you decide to go with.

The 5 Best Elephant Pillow Reviews for Your Baby to Snuggle in 2018

The 5 Best Elephant Pillow Reviews for Your Baby to Snuggle in 2018

Plush elephant toys are the new teddy bears. Their emergence in the recent past has seen an explosion in popularity of these cute, large-eared dolls. They have found their ways onto the beds of numerous children across the world for their large size and cuddliness. Pictures of toddlers sleeping with these giant dolls have taken social media by storm so it is safe to say that both parents and their sleepy children love these bedtime guardians.

Elephant pillows are giant stuffed dolls that are designed to soothe children in the crib. These toys are not exactly pillows but rather plush toys that can help children develop social skills from a young age. Knowing this, it would not be a bad idea to give your little bundle of joy a friend to play and snuggle with all day long.

Best Elephant Pillows for Your Baby to Snuggle With

1. Tinky Trunky Big Soft Elephant Plush Toy

This elephant doll from Tinky Trunky is a popular choice among parents for its numerous features and by children for its fluffiness. This toy is a great choice as a snuggle buddy during the nighttime. The manufacturer recommends this toy be used by children over two years of age. This plush elephant is designed to calm your toddler when crawling and walking on baby mats and for bedtime cuddling. It is a snuggly, comfortable toy that young children will enjoy playing with for many years. The doll measures about 24 x 18 inches and is completely machine wash safe. The outer coating is made to withstand your child’s teething and biting phases and is easy to take around in car rides or visits to the park. This elephant plush toy is made without use of glues or other dangerous adhesives, though some parents found the stitching job to be somewhat shoddy.

2. Mivera Cartoon Large Plush Elephant Toy

Mivera Cartoon Large Plush Elephant Toy

This gargantuan 65-centimeter (a little over 25 inches) elephant doll is certified by both the FDA and CE, making it the only doll on this list that follows such meticulous regulations on this list. It is made with the softest, most luscious polypropylene cotton that is extremely smooth to the touch. Its large size in combination with the more-than-fluffy feel of the doll’s exterior makes this a lovable toy by both parents and children over a year old. Best of all, the doll is made of hypoallergenic materials to ensure that your child will not have a sneezing bout or rash when handling the plush elephant. Although the fabric is not made to be eaten, parents do not need to worry about the inevitable munching on the elephant’s ears, nose, and feet since it is made of technically edible materials. The only thing to watch out for is the doll’s tail which can become a choking hazard.

3. MorisMos Elephant Stuffed Plush Toy

MorisMos Elephant Stuffed Plush Toy

The MorisMos-made elephant plush toy is another favorite among toddlers. This plush doll measures in at around 25 inches tall and is made of polypropylene that will not trigger any allergic reaction in your loved ones. All parts of this elephant are handmade, stitched together flawlessly, and is safe for children to gnaw on when the urge hits them. Although gray is the traditional color for a stuffed elephant, you and your child can choose from three other colors – pink, yellow, and blue. Taking care of this doll is easy for both you and your child. As the elephant’s exterior fluffiness gets coated in food and saliva, simply drop the doll in a washing machine and let the elephant bask in the sun until dry. One issue that many people have with this toy is the packaging – the doll is vacuum packed which makes it easier to ship but harder to re-fluff back to perfection upon opening.

4. Grifil Zero Elephant Plush Toy

Grifil Zero Elephant Plush Toy

Grifil Zero is another manufacturer that got into the elephant pillow-making game while the pickings are still good. Their dolls are manufactured in the USA, ensuring an adherence to high quality and materials standards. Their elephant plush toy is the perfect choice for babies and young children looking for the plushest, most cushiony doll to snuggle. From nose to tail, this elephant measures in at 24 inches long. Handling the toy requires no special instructions – just put it in your little one’s crib and let them get acquainted. When its grey fuzz begins to stain or discolor, give it a tumble in your washing machine and let it sun-dry like a raisin until it is dry as a bone. The only problem we found is the toy’s tag which is found on its bottom near the tail. The attached label comes off easily and could potentially become a choking hazard.

5. LOVOUS Big Stuffed Elephant Doll

LOVOUS Big Stuffed Elephant Doll

The LOVOUS stuffed elephant is something for everyone to love. It could become the perfect addition for the corner of your child’s crib and even be used as a pillow for when the Sandman comes to pay a visit. This doll, like the others, is recommended for cuddling by children of at least 12 months of age. It is stuffed with polypropylene cotton and hypoallergenic fabrics that are soft to the touch and easy on the gums and newly formed teeth. The doll can be dropped and left to tumble in a washing machine, although the producer recommends going at it by hand. The doll, when ordered online, comes in a vacuum-tight wrap that cuts down shipping costs but may prevent its fluffiness from ever restoring back to its original state. 

Our Pick

When it comes to stuffed elephant doll-pillow combinations, there is hardly a wrong choice. Of course, there are certain factors to consider, especially effects of vacuum packing and removable parts that can potentially lead to choking. However, at the end of the day, if you’re looking for the fluffiest, plushest, funniest, most suitable elephant doll for your 1-year-old, we highly recommend getting the Mivera Cartoon Large Plush Elephant Toy which is the only choice on this list that is certified by both the FDA and CE. In the most extreme cases of teething babies looking for the nearest doll to tear their baby teeth into, you can rest assured that the edible fabric and stuffing of the Cartoon elephant will not wreak havoc on your bundle of joy’s little tummy.

Top 3 Neck Support Pillows to Add to Your Bed

Top 3 Neck Support Pillows to Add to Your Bed

The pillow you use in your bed has a major impact on the posture you sleep in and also whether or not you wake up with neck pain. Most people go for the normal pillow they find and don’t really consider one that provides proper neck support. Neck support is important in making sure you get proper sleep and your body posture is right as you sleep. So there is no pain in your back or neck. Here are the 3 top pillows you can get that come with neck support.

1. Save & Soft Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Top 3 Neck Support Pillows to Add to Your Bed

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Cost:​​​​​ $$

If you have cervical or face headaches very often, then you may consider changing your pillow. The Save&Soft Gel Memory Foam Pillow is the perfect pillow for those that have cervical as it provides them with the proper neck support they need. It also employs memory foam so the pillow is gentle and soft, allowing your head to sink in a bit and rest on it. The quality of memory foam in this pillow is exceptional as you will notice, as soon as you lift your head, the pillow goes back to its original form. It also breaths well so doesn’t heat up and allows you to stay cool while you lay your head on the pillow.

Overall, if you are looking for a pillow that provides great support for your head and neck then Save&Soft Gel Memory Foam Pillow is your best bet.

2. Core Products Tri-Core Orthopedic Neck Support Pillow

Core Products Tri-Core Orthopedic Neck Support Pillow

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Cost:​​​​​ $$

The Core Products Tri-Core Orthopedic Neck Support Pillow provides you with the neck support you need to properly align your spine as you sleep. The is comfortable and firm at the same time, you get great support for your head and your neck. The support area for the neck is slightly softer so the pillow easily takes the shape of your neck. While the pillow comes in one size, it can be used by kids and adults alike. You can choose to buy the pillow in blue, white, or green print.

3. Coisum Cervical Contour Pillow for Neck Support 

Coisum Cervical Contour Pillow for Neck Support

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Cost:​​​​​ $$

If you face neck pains from your pillow then the Coisum Cervical Contour Pillow for Neck Support will allow you to not worry about that anymore. Rather than taking pain relievers, you can get this pillow and say goodbye to neck pain. The pillow has high-density memory foam which provides great support but is also fairly soft. It has bamboo and breathable mesh fabric which ensures the pillow stays cool. It also comes with a hypoallergenic pillow cover so it doesn’t attract dust.

What’s The Best Thread Count Sheets?

What’s The Best Thread Count Sheets

Who knew buying bed sheets could be so technical? From selecting the type of fabric you want to the thread count on the sheets. Before people would just focus on design and color but now as more and more individuals want whatever is best in the market. So knowing which thread count to get allows them to get the most comfortable sheets.

What is thread count?

In simple terms, the thread count refers to the number of threads used per square inch, both horizontally and vertically. The higher the thread count is the softer the sheet. It also means that as time goes, the sheet will soften a bit more.

So is higher always better?

Higher thread count doesn’t always necessarily mean better and lower doesn’t mean the sheet is of bad quality. Normally, you will find bed sheets ranging in thread counts from 200 to 800. However, you may even find some that go up to 1,000. But when making the sheets, there is a way to inflate the count by using multiple yarns twisted together. While the thread count increases it doesn’t necessarily mean the bed sheet is softer or of better quality.

So what is the best thread count sheets?

This totally depends on the sheet. While most people will tell you to get a sheet with 300-400 thread counts. You can also find sheets in the 200 thread counts with cotton that are manufactured and finished well so they feel much softer than your average 200 thread count sheets. These sheets use fewer chemicals and more mechanical finishing which give them that extra softness and quality.

So you don’t need to spend extra money to get bed sheets with the inflated thread counts. Just stick to thread counts between 300-400 or get one of 200 thread count from a good company. You will not be disappointed.

Bachelor Pad Bedding: Men’s Comforters That Suit Your Style

Highbuy Soft Geometric Queen Duvet Cover Set

When it comes to bedding, as a bachelor you never want to overdo it. The bed is something that you want to keep simple and classy. You can go with a nice silk sheet from time to time but stay clear from using comforters that have any cartoon character or anything of that sort. We have selected 3 comforters that would bring a little extra class to any bachelor pad. So if you are in the market for a new comforter, you should definitely consider these.

Celine Linen Luxury All Season Light Weight Down Alternative Reversible 2-Piece Comforter Set

Our rating:

Enter Cost: $$


If you want a nice classy comforter for your bed then you can’t go wrong with Celine Linen’s luxury comforter set. It comes in numerous different colors, all with the same diamond design, and is probably the softest comforter you can find in this price range. It is made of microfibre fabric that is silky soft and smooth. It not only adds an element of luxury to the room but is also reversible so you can change to the other side whenever you want a change. We understand, being a man you want a comforter that is easy to take care of. This one is machine washable and dries quickly. Overall, if you want a comforter that provides comfort and classiness then look no further than Celine Linen’s Luxury comforter set.

Elegant Comfort All Season Comforter

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Enter Cost: $$


The Elegant Comfort All Season Comforter is a soft and comfortable comforter that will have you falling asleep in no time. While the design is simple, just diamonds made out of the seams, the comforter adds a bit of elegance to the room. It provides a nice simple look which is something that is important for a bachelor pad. You can find this comforter in 11 different colors and it is also easy to take care of as it is machine washable. It is an all-season comforter so you will definitely not to worry about getting anything else to keep you warm when it gets really cold.

Highbuy Soft Geometric Queen Duvet Cover Set

Our rating:

Enter Cost: $$


If you want to add a little element of design to your bedding then this Highbuy set is perfect for you. We really liked the grey comforter they have with a simple design in white that is easy on the eyes and adds a bit of class to your room. The comforter is made out of cotton so is easy to take care of. It has a reversible print pattern so you can change it up when you feel the need to. This allows you to get two different designs for the price of one. It is also quite comfortable so don’t be surprised when you decide to wake up on a cold morning but find it hard to leave your bed.

4 Of The Most Beautiful Mandala Comforters, You’ll Want For Your Bedroom


If you are looking to add a little bit of style to your bedroom then why not start with your comforter. The comforter, when it is laid out is a prominent part of the bedroom. While we look for one that is comfortable and provides enough warmth, you also want one that really stands out in terms of design. Keeping this in mind, we have selected the 5 most beautiful mandala comforters that are also comfortable and will keep you warm in the coldest of nights.

Sleepwish 4 Pcs Mandala Bedding

Sleepwish 4 Pcs Mandala Bedding

​Our rating:

​Cost: $$

​The Sleepwish 4 pcs mandala bedding is all you could ask for when it comes to both comfort and style. You can get it in any size you want so you from twin to California king. The design on the bedding is just mesmerizing and it comes in three different pattern and colors. You have 2 patterns in darker tones and one in a lighter tone. So you can select it accordingly to which pattern and color tone you want, you may just end up buying all three. The material used is hypoallergenic 100% microfiber polyester, it is breathable and quite durable. Not only that, but it is also machine washable so taking care of it is fairly easy. Overall, if you are looking to add a little bit of funk to your room, then you should definitely give Sleepwish mandala bedding a try.

Linen Cotton Mandala Comforter Set Queen

Linen Cotton Mandala Comforter Set Queen

​Our rating:

Cost: $$$

​If you have a queen size bed and are looking for a funky mandala designed comforter then Linen Cotton has one for you. This comforter will be one of the softest comforters you come across and the design on it will have you enchanted. Hippie inspired, the comforter has numerous different mandala on it and comes in 3 different colors. We really liked the purple and orange combination as it really popped out. Made with 100% soft microfibre the comforter is both water and stain resistant and easy to take care of. So, if you want a comfortable yet funky comforter for your room then this is one you should consider.

Third Eye Export NEW Barmeri Full Indian Medallion Queen Size

Third Eye Export NEW Barmeri Full Indian Medallion Queen Size

​Our rating:

​Cost: $$

Made out of cotton, the Third Eye Export NEW Barmeri Full Indian Medallion Queen Size’s design is something of awe. The intricate detail on the design which is Indian inspired is just amazing. While the comforter isn’t as comfortable as the other two, just the design of the comforter is more than enough for it to be on our list. It is more detailed than the two comforters above it on our list of elephants and other elements along with a mandala in the center. So if you are looking for a comforter that is all about design then the Third Eye Export NEW Barmeri Full Indian Medallion Queen Size comforter is for you.

A Nice Night Indian Mandala Elephant Boho Bedding

A Nice Night Indian Mandala Elephant Boho Bedding

​Our rating:

Cost: $$

​This comforter isn’t as detailed as the other three on the list but is quite a reliable comforter. Made out of 100% microfiber polyester, the comforter consists of a mandala design along with elephants. You have 4 different colors to choose from, but the design on all are the same. The design may be basic but it does add a little extra funkiness to the room, so if you are looking for subtle change your room’s outlook then this bedding comforter is a great choice.

10 Warm Blankets to Have This Winter

Warm Blankets to Have This Winter

Winter Is Coming

Or rather, it is already here. Unless you are going to for a lengthy holiday trip to a location with a warmer climate you are going to need some chillproof protection. Imagine a cozy, soft blanket to wrap yourself up during the coldest hours of the day and night. Or, even better: A pre-warmed bed, courtesy of a high quality electric blanket. 

Your bedding is what is going to make all the difference in winter. Choose right, and you're going to spend the coldest months of the year in cozy comfort. Choose wrong and be prepared to pay a lot of nightmare sized heating bills. Here are top 10 picks for warm blankets:

DZW Weighted Blanket for Adults

DZW Weighted Blanket for Adults

DZW's blanket is really something special: It is designed not only to provide warmth and comfort, but also to relax your nervous system. How? By simulating the feeling of a hug. It comes in many different versions. You are supposed to change the one that is roughly 10% of your body weight. 

Made of 100% cotton, its compartments filled with hypo-allergenic, non-toxic and odorless sand pellets this is obviously a top quality blanket. Downside? Only one: The duvet cover is sold separately from the inner weighted layer.

InYard's Premium 5Lbs Weighted Blanket

InYard's Premium 5Lbs Weighted Blanket

InYard's USA premium weighted blanket is a bit on the expensive side, admittedly. Designed to suit anxious children – or likewise anxious adults – this blanked naturally induces a calming effect through the gentle pressure it provides. Similar to a hug, this will enable you to relax your busy mind after a tiring day and allow you to sleep deep like nothing else. 

We have identified two downsides: First, the blanket is filled with plastic pellets. According to a number of users, this makes the blanket feel a bit hard. We could attribute this to a matter of opinion, but the fact that product is hand washable only is an objective downside. This is a big con in convenience.

Utopia Bedding's Queen Polar-Fleece Thermal Blanket

Utopia Bedding's Queen Polar-Fleece Thermal Blanket

Feeling chilly while on a tight budget? Then this is for you. Considerably less expensive than our aforementioned products, Utopia Bedding's thermal blankets offers high value for a relatively low investment. Easy to take care of and made of high quality materials this blanket is not only elegant by also highly versatile. Made to last, this is not going to shrink even after prolonged use and washing.

That being said, we found the blanket a bit thin. While certainly capable of providing adequate warmth, it won't provide you with the deep, calming feeling heavier blankets do.

Egyptian Bedding's Luxurious 1200 Thread Goose Down Comforter

Egyptian Bedding's Luxurious 1200 Thread Goose Down Comforter

4.6 out of 5 stars and the "Amazon's Choice" award. This comforter comes with high praise, indeed. Made of 100% Egyptian cotton fill – probably the best material there is – the blanket is both sturdy as well as comfortable. Available in queen size, this product will make you experience the softest and coziest winter of your life.

Although a number of customers had problems with their blankets – apparently, they came stained – the company's customer support has exceeded expectations and fixed the issues immediately. This is definitely another upside to consider when it comes to Egyptian Beddings.

Chezmoi Collection's 3-piece Comforter Set

Chezmoi Collection's 3-piece Comforter Set

Now, we will not claim Chezmoi Collection's product will keep you warmer or more comfortable than some of our previous listings – althought it will do its job admirably. What we will claim, though, is that is probably the most stylish product. With a very modern look, this 100% polyester fabric made blanket will keep your room pretty and cozy simultaneously.

The product comes in 3-piece set, which includes a comforter and two shams. Everything is easy to handle and clean – you just put it into th wash-machine – which is a big plus for convenience.

BEDSURE's Sherpa Throw​​​​ Blanket

BEDSURE's Sherpa Throw​​​​ Blanket

Sherpa Luxury's Blanket measures 90 X 90 inches, it is made of 100% microfiber polyester and comes with a variety of different colors. It is soft, machine washable and completely wrinkle-resistant. It is also quite affordable. What really makes this blanket an excellent option is that it comes with a 30-day return and replacement service, plus a 5 year manufacturer warranty. All in a all a solid, budget option for you to consider.

Sunbeam's Heated Blanket With EasySet Pro Controller

Sunbeam's Heated Blanket With EasySet Pro Controller

​Imagine being able to go to bed and find it already heated and warm. Now, imagine having 10 different heat settings and a 10-hour auto-off function. Sounds amazing right? This is what Sunbeam's blanket does – while still staying comfortable and soft by itself. In case you're wondering: The blanket is machine washable and dryer safe. That being said, whenever there are wires there is a slight risk of malfunction. Undoubtedly, this product will prove to be less durable than normal blankets.

WestPoint Home's Plush Blanket

WestPoint Home's Plush Blanket

Super warm, extra soft, massively comfortable – this is a blanket ideal for winter use. "America's Most Trusted Name in Blankets" 100% polyester fabric blanket has excellent insulation, is easy to care and comes in different sizes and colors. Even better, it is quite affordable. Highly recommended. 

Superior's Alternative Comforter

Superior's Alternative Comforter

Superior's product is indeed superior in durability. Made of microfiber and lofty down alternative polyfill, this ultra soft blanket excels not only in the feeling of comfort it naturally induces but also in its long lasting sturdiness: This is ideal for year long use. The product comes in king, queen and twin/twin extra long sizes and a multitude of different colors. 

Lavish Home's Heavy Thick Plush Mini Blanket

Lavish Home Heavy Thick Plush Mink Blanket, 8-Pound, Wolf

The final blanket on our list, Lavish Home's product is probably the most luxurious blanket on our proposed products – coupled with the one made by Egyptian Beddings. If you are looking for style, if you are looking for a look of luxury, then this is definitely the blanket for you. Made of 100% polyester, and machine washable (cold), this product will prove to be not only warm and durable but also relatively convenient. Highly recommended.

Best Modal Sheet Review

Best Modal Sheet Review

​Modal bed sheets are becoming more popular and are now more common than ever before. Modal is a material, like cotton, that is used to make bed sheets. It made from beech trees by spinning the cellulose of the tree and is much more absorbent in terms of water than cotton. The best part of modal bed sheets is that they generally do not shrink or fade while mineral deposits don’t easily stick to it. That is why modal sheets are becoming more common in the household. We have tested numerous modal sheets and hand-picked three of the best out of them.

Brielle 100-Percent Modal from Beech Jersey Knitted Sheet Set

​Our rating:

Cost: $$$

Brielle has really constructed a comfortable yet durable bed sheet in the 100% modal bed sheets. The sheet is like the name states 100% modal so you know it is durable. Modal is high in strength but also quite soft so it the perfect material for bed sheets. While most companies do not employ 100% modal in bed sheets Brielle does. You have a wonderful color selection to choose from and also can find them in different bed sizes. With these bed sheets you get both comfort and the ease of mind that the color won’t fade. They are machine wash safe so taking care of them is not a hassle either.

Brielle 100-Percent MicroModal from Beech Premium Sateen Sheet

Brielle 100-Percent MicroModal from Beech Premium Sateen Sheet

​Our rating:

Cost: $$$$$

​If you prefer to have a more luxurious, sort of a 5 star hotel, bed sheet then Brielle 100-Percent MicroModal from Beech Premium Sateen Sheet is it. It costs a lot more than the 100% modal sheets but these are slightly more comfortable. They are made with 100% micro modal which is strong as modal but the fibres are even more closely knit so it provides slightly more comfort. The sateen element also provides a little extra style and these are probably not your every day bed sheet but rather ones you would use for special occasions. If you want soft and durable bed sheets and have the money to spend on them then don’t look any further than Brielle 100-Percent MicroModal from Beech Premium Sateen Sheet.

Superior 300 Thread Count King Sheet Set, 100% Modal from Beech

Superior 300 Thread Count King Sheet Set, 100% Modal from Beech

​Our rating:

Cost: $$$$

​Superior has done a wonderful job with the Superior 300 Thread Count King Sheet Set, 100% Modal from Beech, which is as comfortable as any bed sheet you will come across. If you are familiar with thread counts, then you are well-aware that 300 thread count is fairly good in comfort when it comes to the bed sheet. Throw in the fact that the bed sheet is made of 100% modal gives you an ease of mind that not only is it comfortable but it is durable so you don’t mind spending a little extra money on it. Like cotton, this bed sheet is easy to take care of and machine washable. These bed sheets won’t wow in terms of style, they are fairly plain but that also adds to its elegance. Which is why it is one of the top three modal bed sheets on our list.

Cotton Vs Bamboo Sheets

Bedroom interior


What makes for the ideal sleeping experience? A soft pillow, a quality mattress, a nice blanket to keep you warm and cozy and then the bed sheets. Lacking any of these essentials is practically selling your sleep comfort short. When it comes to sheets, things have changed since way back, when cotton was the sole fabric that came to mind. Today there are options. Blends of bamboo are increasingly getting more popular as years pass, and they do represent the future in bed sheets for lots of people around the world.

So how do cotton sheets compare when pitted against bamboo sheets? In this article, we will explore this showdown in detail, and weight all the pros and cons of these two options. Ideally, by the end of your read, you will have gained a better understanding of the two types of bed sheets and hopefully, you will be able to confidently lean towards one or the other in your future purchases.

The Classic Quality of Cotton Bed Sheets

Well, as mentioned, cotton bed sheets have been used far and wide for a considerable amount of time. In fact, until recent years, cotton was nearly uncontested when it came to bed sheets material. Surely, there must be a reason for it to be so. The benefits of using 100% cotton sheets include the following:

  • ​Pure cotton is a highly breathable fabric. It thus transfers moisture away from the skin and does not make you wake up all sweaty during the night like inferior bedding fabrics do.
  • ​Cotton is hypoallergenic. If you are prone to skin irritation or commonly suffer from allergies of the skin, cotton is very unlikely to harm you.
  • ​Cotton has the very valuable ability to gift you with enough warmth when it is chilly and yet remain cool when the temperature gets hot. It is thus highly flexible and does well in multiple conditions and can work in pretty much all climates except the most extreme.
  • ​Cotton has substantial durability. Generally, you can expect to use pure cotton bed sheets for years before they start wearing out. If your sheets use a blend of cotton that includes other materials, this durability may lessen.

​New Face in Town: Bamboo Sheets

Classic Bamboo Sheets by Cariloha

There has been a surge in the popularity of bamboo sheets the past few years that can be largely attributed to their eco friendliness. Bamboo sheets, however, have many other benefits than that:

  • ​A big part of choosing a bed sheet has to do with how comfortable it is to the touch. Organic bamboo sheets do excellent in this regard. In fact, they are even softer than pure cotton – which speaks volumes.
  • ​Much like cotton, bamboo sheets are breathable and thus flexible. They will thus not trap heat and allow you to sleep in peace, while still keeping you from getting cold.
  • ​Bamboo sheets are healthy due to their antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. What is great, however, is that they are also deodorizing. They will remove or conceal unpleasant smells to a large extent, which is a great side bonus.
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    ​Generally speaking, bamboo shoots will be less likely to tear than traditional cotton sheets, as bamboo has longer fibers that stretch through the entire length of a sheet.

​A clear downside of bamboo sheets is clearly their price. As a general rule of thumb, they are much more expensive than cotton sheets.

Cotton Vs Bamboo Showdown

Egyptian Cotton Chateau Home Collection Sheets

Directly pitting one type against the other shows up the following clear conclusions:

  • ​When it comes to variety, cotton sheets heavily trump bamboo sheets. There are simply more options for you to choose.
  • ​In quality, 100% cotton seems to fare a bit worse than bamboo, but the difference is only by a slight margin. This is because bamboo sheets are a bit more durable and soft than cotton. Also, according to many people, bamboo keeps them cooler and drier at night. However, we stress that this is not intended to take anything away from pure cotton sheets quality. They have been the standard for a long time and for good reason.
  • ​Both types of sheets should be cared for carefully in order to increase their longevity. Generally, bamboo sheets seem to be more prone to wrinkling than cotton.
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    ​Cotton sheets are much cheaper than bamboo sheets.
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    ​Bamboo sheets get extra points due to how it appeals to the eco friendly and eco aware customer. In essence, bamboo is a more sustainable material than cotton.

​The Final Verdict

In all honesty, you can not really go wrong with bamboo or 100% pure cotton sheets either. If you are looking for excellent bed sheets and want to improve your rest quality and sleeping experience, both types of sheets will perform more than adequately and certainly much better than mixed blends who use other, less desirable materials.

For most people, softness and breathability should be the defining factor. In this regard, it seems that bamboo sheets are coming first by a slight margin. People who used cotton sheets before report that bamboo leads to a relatively cooler and drier experience.

Also, if you consider yourself ecologically aware, bamboo sheets do have a distinct advantage compared to cotton made bedding. This, however, might not ring with as much importance as the more expensive price tag attached to them. If you are not willing to invest as large a budget in your sheets, you should probably lean towards cotton sheets.

At the end of the day, the best and safest way to really know which type of sheets suits your personal preferences bests is to experience them both first hand. In such case, we recommend you give these excellent products a try:

Will Flannel Sheets Shrink?

Flannel Sheets


Flannel is a type of soft woven fabric that is particularly suited to those who like feeling cozy and covered during periods of great cold and chilling temperatures. Flannel is mostly used in sheets and typically consists either entirely of cotton or a cotton and poly blend. It is available in many colors, prints and patterns.

Like all things under the sun, flannel sheets have both a set of advantages as well as their fair share of disadvantages. In this article, we will explore the benefits of flannel sheets, as well as name their chief drawback: Their tendency to lose their softness over the long term. And of course, we will answer the million dollar question: Will flannel sheets shrink?

Flannel Sheet Benefits

There are many benefits to using flannel sheets. Their most obvious upside is their softness and warmth which is quite simply irreplaceable. In general, they will provide much more warmth than a comforter while simultaneously staying highly breathable: You are not going to wake up hot, or sweaty during the night.

Their potential for producing warmth leads to a much desirable side effect. Your heating bill drops down a ton. When stretched over a long enough time period, these monthly bill savings add up to quite the impressive price. Flannel sheets are very cost effective, when seen under these lens.

Finally, even though people commonly make mistakes when taking care of their flannel sheets that end up causing lots of trouble, caring for flannel is rather easy and straightforward if you know what you are doing. It is nothing complicated, and it is very easy to follow, as we will describe below.

How To Take Care of Flannel Sheets

The chief drawback of flannel sheets is that they tend to lose their softness and shrink over time. This is primarily because people do not take the time to learn how to actually take care of them the proper way. In essence, the key points are few and easy to remember:

  • ​Separate sheets by color.
  • ​Wash them on your machine’s gentlest setting.
  • ​Dry them gradually and only at a low temperature.

These main, key points alone will extend the longevity of your flannel sheets softness considerably and minimize their chances of shrinking. Now, let’s get a bit deeper:

  1. Use vinegar: During your first flannel sheet washing, add half a cup of vinegar. The substance’s acidity prevents any pills from forming and also locks the sheet’s colors and prevents them from running off in future washings.

  2. Avoid fabric softeners: Using a fabric softener on flannel actually makes the fabric stiffen and lose its softness and also potentiates the pilling problem. After all, a flannel sheet is soft by design, therefore there is no real need to use a softener.

  3. Alternate between sheets: Ideally, you should have about three flannel sheets that you can alternate. This will prolong their lifespan significantly than it would, had you relied on a single sheet.

  4. Never wash with hot water: High temperatures actually shrink the fibers in flannel – a sure way to make your sleeping much less comfortable. Stay away from hot water and aim for low or even cold washing temperatures.

  5. Air-dry whenever you can: Again, you should try to avoid heat when drying flannel sheets. The easiest way to do so is let them tumble dry. Just make sure you give them plenty of time to dry, as this takes longer.

  6. Treat any stains without excessive scrubbing. This one is self explanatory. 

Will A Flannel Sheet Shrink?

The short answer is that yes, flannel sheets will shrink, eventually. You can easily prevent that from happening any time soon by following the aforementioned processes and sheet care practices. As for how much will it shrink, well this largely depends on its quality, the specific brand as well as your own use or misuse of the product. Generally, you should expect it to shrink about 1 to 6 inches a yard, after a reasonable amount of time has passed since you first used it.  

If this sounds like too much shrinking for you and yet you still want to enjoy all the benefits of flannel sheets, we have a seemingly counter-intuitive idea to propose to you. Instead of trying to prevent the shrinking, get a flannel sheet that is a tad bit higher than you really need, and actively try and make it shrink as fast as possible, until it can shrink no longer. By the time you are done, hopefully, it will have shrunk to the size you wanted it to be at first.

In order to do so, you should still try and follow our flannel sheet care procedures, only this time, you will exchange cold and low to moderate temperatures to the highest possible temperature settings. So, for example, you would wash and dry your flannel sheets to as high a heat as you can expose them. It will not happen overnight, but it will happen fast enough, and your sheets will quickly settle on their end, final size.


If you have been feeling chilly lately you might want to invest in getting a pair or two of flannel sheets. They are bound to get you back to feeling cozy and warm in record time. That being said, you should be well aware that despite their many benefits, flannel sheets have their disadvantages. You would do well to take care of them deliberately and actively, unless you are interested in seeing them lose their softness and end up shrinking really fast.

Alternatively, you can go the other way about it. Force them to shrink as much as they are going to shrink from the get go, in order to know exactly how big the end flannel sheet will be. If you are going down that route, you might want to get your sheets somewhat larger than you intend them to be, so that they will fit your needs nicely after they have shrunk. 

The Best Goose Down Throw Blanket for Your Bed

Goose Down Throw Blanket

Getting cozy in bed after a long tiring day not only helps you relax but also allows you to fall asleep much faster. The type of blanket you use really impacts how cozy your bed is. You want a blanket that is soft, comfortable and allows you to move around with ease. Goose down blankets have the softest of blanket stuffings which not only provide comfort but also keep you warm in those cold wintery nights. That is why they have become a popular piece in bed linen.

With so many different types of goose down blankets/comforters in the market, we took the liberty of helping you out in your search for the best one. We have the 3 best goose down throw blanket for your bed for you to consider.

Linenspa White Goose Down Alternative Queen Comforter with Duvet Tabs

Linenspa White Goose Down Alternative Queen Comforter with Duvet Tabs

​Our rating:​​​​                

​   Cost: $$


  • check
    Exceptional comfort
  • check
    ​Comes in reversible color combination
  • check
    Easy to wash and dry
  • check
  • check
    ​Comes in various sizes


  • exclamation-triangle
    ​We couldn’t find anything wrong with this comforter

If you ever imagined how it would feel to dive in to a cloud, the Linenspa Goose Down Comforter will give you the closest experience to that. The fluffiness and softness of the blanket provides exceptional comfort. Linenspa is known to make comforters that are comfortable and stylish. This particular comforter is also perfect for those that have allergies. It has microfiber fills which ensures that dust and mites do not get trapped into the comforter like with many other blankets.

The comforter is perfect for any type of bedroom decor. It comes in 1 plain white color or 3 other reversible combination colors, so you can buy it according to your decor. It is easy to take care of also as it is safe for machine wash and dryer. You can also get this in different sizes so if you need it for a King size bed or a Twin you can easily find your desired size. The comfort, design, and durability of the Linenspa Goose Down Comforter is the reason why it is top on our list. The fact that is low costing also helps.

Swift Home All-season Extra Soft Luxurious Classic Light-Warmth Goose Down-Alternative Comforter

Swift Home All-season Extra Soft Luxurious Classic Light-Warmth Goose Down-Alternative Comforter

​Our rating:​​​​                      

​   Cost: $$


  • check
    ​Soft, comfortable comforter
  • check
    ​Great for all seasons
  • check
  • check
    ​Comes in various sizes


  • exclamation-triangle
    Though the comforter is lightweight compared to others, it weighed slightly more than the Linenspa’s White Goose Down Comforter

​​Swift Home has over two decades of experience in manufacturing home textile products. Which explains how they have pretty much perfected the art of making warm, comforting comforters like the All-season Goose Down-Alternative Comforter. The comforter uses a microfiber fill, similar to Linenspa’s, which allows it to be used no matter what season. The classic design of the comforter allows you to use it in any room to provide a nice restful environment.

The comforter comes in 9 different colors for you to choose from. Allowing you to mix and match with your room’s decor. It really provides a luxurious feel to the bed. We felt that the Linenspa comforter was slightly softer than this one but the Swift Home All-season Goose Down Alternative Comforter is a great comforter also.

Clara Clark White Goose Down Alternative Comforter Duvet

Clara Clark White Goose Down Alternative Comforter Duvet

​Our rating:​​​​                      

​   Cost: $


  • check
    Soft and comfortable
  • check
    All season comforter
  • check
  • check
    Comes in various sizes


  • exclamation-triangle
    Not as fluffy as the other two comforters

​​​​​​​Many people are unaware that their comforters may be the reason why their allergies act up. Comforters harbor germs and dust that triggers allergies. That is why hypoallergenic comforters are wonderful as they don’t harbor dusts and mites. The Clara Clark White Goose Down Comforter is a wonderful example of a hypoallergenic comforter that is not only comfortable but also protects from allergies. This is another year round comforter that is soft, but not as fluffy as the other two comforter on the list. It is however, the cheapest out of all three and made with good quality so worth the investment.

If you are looking for the best quality and comfort in a goose down blanket then the Linenspa’s comforter is your best option. The other two comforters are also good, but they don’t match the comfort and softness of Linenspa. All three are in the similar price range so price shouldn’t be much of a factor in your decision. They all are reasonable priced under $50.

Should I Buy a Mattress Pad?

Mattress Pad

Is your mattress not as comfortable as it once was? Rather than tossing and turning on your uncomfortable bed, you can consider getting a mattress pad. Many people don’t want to spend excess money on buying a new mattress, after all they aren’t cheap you know. However, sacrificing your sleep to save money doesn’t really cut it either. That is why mattress pads were invented, to provide comfort when your mattress doesn’t.

Benefits of mattress pad

Extra comfort

Whether your mattress has run its course or isn’t as comfortable as it initially was, mattress pad can restore the comfort. All you have to do is purchase a mattress pad to your liking, test it out of course before you buy it. You spread it on your bed and say hello to your sweet dreams. Mattress pads are also beneficial in the sense that if you and your partner have different preference of the type of mattress you sleep on. Then you can get a pad for your side based on your preference and your partner can for theirs. This way everyone is happy and no more nights of tossing and turning.

Protects you from your mattress

Mattress can be a breeding ground for germs. When you lay down on your mattress, the germs are transferred from you to your mattress. Which means they can easily attack you whenever they want. However, with a mattress pad that doesn’t happen so easily. A moisture resistant mattress pad not only protects you but your mattress also. Since it is placed on top of the mattress, the germs have no access of getting to it. Being moisture resistant, the pad is antibacterial so germs will not be able to settle on it properly protecting you from them.

Prolongs the life of your mattress

An average mattress has a lifespan of 7-10 years. However, most mattresses start to give in just after 5 years. A mattress pad adds more life to your mattress. With it on top, your mattress is still useable and the pad provides the comfort that your mattress originally should have. So you save money on not having to buy a new mattress as your old one pretty much has a new life thanks to the mattress pad.

They keep you cool

Most mattress pads are made of breathable material such as wool. Regular mattresses tend to attract body heat and retain it. Since mattress pads are more breathable and not as thick, they don’t really retain heat much. This keeps you cool for the most part when you are lying down on a mattress pad.

Helps with back pain

If your mattress is in its last stages, chances are it isn’t doing much for your back. The firmness of the mattress is probably causing you more pain than anything. A mattress pad can help provide the natural curvature of your spine when your regular mattress doesn’t. This relieves back pain and aligns your body properly from your neck down to your hips so there is no back pain.

So should you get a mattress pad? Well the answer is dependent on how satisfied you are from your mattress. If your mattress no longer provides that comfort you crave when you sleep then a mattress pad is a great option. They are far cheaper than buying a new mattress and can easily be adjusted on top of your current mattress so you get the proper sleep you need.

How to Sleep on your Back

Sleep on your Back

The importance of sleeping in proper posture

Have you ever experienced the feeling of waking up after a good night’s sleep, ready to attack your day only to suddenly realize that your body is stiff, achy and not at all capable of doing all you wish you were going to do? Cases where you were supposed to wake up well rested, but instead you felt like a zombie?

Poor sleeping quality can mess up your everyday life, work, activity and energy levels as much as poor sleep quantity. There are many possible, likely culprits for it, like constantly overindulging in stimulants in your awake hours, but sleeping with improper posture is very high on that list. The problem is further magnified if you suffer from a chronic condition like neck or back aches. Sleeping improperly will exacerbate these problems and in all likelihood make you feel weak, tired and achy.

Sleeping Positions

Generally, people are divided in their sleeping patterns on the following broad categories. Each has its place and its assorted pros and cons and none is strictly better than the other:

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    Stomach sleepers: In cases of intense snoring and sleep apnea, sleeping on your stomach could prove to be a valuable tactic as it generally tends to diminish these issues. Other than that, stomach sleeping puts unnecessary stress on your body, as it flattens the spines natural curve. Moreover, as stomach sleeper’s usually keep their necks turned to one side, their neck conditions also tend to worsen. Recommended only if snore severely and suffer from sleep apnea. Try sticking a pillow under your hips and lower abdomen.
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    ​Side sleepers: The fetal position is good for people who suffer from lower back problems and gastrointestinal issues. Unfortunately, it is also a contributor in acne breakouts and a premature formation of wrinkles. Moreover, considering how your shoulders bear the brunt of your body-weight it is likely you will develop some sort of shoulder stiffness at one point or another.
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    ​Back sleepers: Sleeping on your back is, for most people, the safest sleeping position you can have. Your back is straight, the mattress can adequately do its job of supporting the spine and since you do not suffocate yourself up against a pillow, you will likely develop less facial wrinkles. The only real downside of sleeping on your back is that it is closely linked to sleep apnea.

Sleeping on your back made easy

Whether you wanna do it to save yourself some wrinkles or because your current sleeping habits have led you to trouble, starting to sleep on your back is not an easy thing to get into if you are not used to it. The concept is pretty easy: You just lay on your back. The hard part is sticking to it even if it feels uncomfortable. We will give you our best tips to make it go as smoothly as possible for you:

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    ​It all starts with your mattress. In order to make back sleeping as easy as possible, you will want to invest in a just firm enough mattress. Too soft a mattress and you are in danger of sinking down to the bottom. Likewise, too firm a mattress and you put too much pressure on the sacrum, shoulders and on the back of your head. Make sure you give it a try before buying a new one. You wouldn’t buy a new car without driving it, would you?
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    ​Even though skipping the pillow theoretically is healthier for you, as your neck stays in a neutral position, in practice, pillows are much, much more comfortable. Thus, make s16ure you get a good enough pillow to support your head. The neck should be in as neutral an alignment as possible – the pillow must not be too high, nor too low. Also, try keeping another one under your knees if you feel any back strain.
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    ​Lack of flexibility and tightness in the hips and hamstrings can lead to misalignment of your lower back when laying in back position. These conditions are the product of spending too much time sitting. If you have a desk job or for any other reason you spend a big chunk of your day sitting, make sure you do some hamstring and hip stretches each day. If you are serious about this, you might even want to invest in a foam roller.
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    ​Be persistent. You want to change your habitual position for a reason. Even if it seems uncomfortable at first, that feeling will soon lessen. Your body will thank you, eventually.

​The Starfish Position

The Starfish position is a sleeping on your back variation that does wonders for any neck or back pain you might experience. Basically, you lie on your back keeping your arms up your head. Alternatively, you put your hands behind your head, just under your pillow. This way your spine remains straight, free of any strain or contortion. If you are feeling even more adventurous, try sleeping like that without using a pillow. Even thought it might seem weird at first, if you sleep like that and skip the pillows, you maintain an ideal position for body composition.

Even though this stance swiftly deals with any body aches you have due to bad sleeping posture, it is not without its cons. Unfortunately, like all other back sleeping positions, the Starfish enhances the chances of snoring.


Your sleeping position matters a lot on how you feel when you wake up each morning. For the majority of people, sleeping on their backs is the preferred sleeping position and the Starfish variation in particular serves as an excellent tool in your arsenal for dealing with back and neck aches. Forming a new habit takes time. Even though sleeping like that might not feel natural for you at first, it is important that you stick to it if you are interested in reaping the many health benefits.

Make sure you have a good enough, relatively firm mattress and a quality neck-supporting pillow. Always try to stretch before going to bed. A quick routine will only take a few minutes. You can even experiment with a foam roller to really get the tight spots on your muscles. At the end of the day, keep in mind that learning how to sleep on your back with ease is a matter of persistence and commitment.

How to Sleep on your Back

PrimaLoft Deluxe Comforter Reviews

Couple Sleeping In A Comfortable Bed

In 1983 the United Stares army asked PrimaLoft’s former parent company, Albany International Corp, for a water resistant alternative to goose down so that troops could keep performing their best even when amidst the worst of weather conditions. The company delivered big time. In 1990, their revolutionary insulation technology became accessible to the public, in the form of a synthetic down alternative, a brand new product of similar weight, compressibility and warmth when dry and superior performance when wet. For over twenty five years, PrimaLoft Inc. has pioneered in the development of comfort solutions of all kinds delivering limitation defying innovations.

The PrimaLoft performance down blend is completely focused in keeping you comfortable no matter what. The company has since branched out into dozens and dozens of new product lines, maintaining their elite level quality and versatility, anywhere, anytime and in any condition.   Products made by their blend include outwear, sleeping bags, footwear, pillows, comforters and mattress toppers among others. This article will thoroughly review and present you in depth the PrimaLoft Deluxe Comforter product.

What is a comforter?

A comforter is a thick, fluffy blanket that is often quilted designed to keep you warm. It is filled with synthetic fibers and is available in many patterns or colors. Even though they are mostly placed on top of the sheets, they can also be put on top of another blanket to offer even more thickness and warmth. The thickness of the filling determines the weight as well as the level of insulation. Comforter sizes typically correspond with bed sizes: queen, king, full, twin etc. They are usually slightly larger than mattress sizes so that draping them over the sides of the bed is possible. They are a great choice for anyone who likes a layered look for their bedding.

Downlite: PrimaLoft Comforters - Full/Queen

PrimaLoft Comforters - FullQueen

Brought to you by Downlite, this fully quilted, down proof comforter product is made of PrimaLoft blend. It is extremely cozy and fluffy allowing you to sleep soundly and completely carefree – exactly what you need after an exhausting day at work. Despite being light as a feather, it has a top quality insulation that will keep you comfortably warm no matter what all year round guaranteed. It is easily cleaned up, as it is machine washable and dryer safe. It can be used all by itself or combined with a duvet cover. This is a product that will go above and beyond all your expectations. We highly recommend you give it a try, especially given how relatively cheap it is: Its currently listed on Amazon for only $120, a meager price for all the nights of deep, warm sleep the comforter will gift you with.

Downlite: Hotel Bedding Collection Hypoallergenic PrimaLoft Luxury Down Alternative Comforter

Hotel Bedding Collection Hypoallergenic PrimaLoft Luxury Down Alternative Comforter

Another great product brought to you by Downlite, this comforter is widely used by some of the finest hotel and resorts. It has a distinct silky feeling and is surprisingly soft and comfortable. It can be machine washed and driver over and over with none of its properties diminished. The comforter features a very durable, 230 thread count cambric cotton fabric, and is of a weight level that is rated light to medium. It is also of hypoallergenic properties. It is very affordable, particularly suited for those on a tight budget: It is currently listed at just $75.15 on Amazon, a significantly cheaper price than most products made of PrimaLoft synthetic blend.

The Company Store: LaCrosse Medium Warmth PrimaLoft Comforter

LaCrosse Medium Warmth PrimaLoft Comforter

LaCrosse promises you will be able to enjoy their luxurious PrimaLoft comforter year after year, enjoying its warmth, hypoallergenic properties and inherent softness. It is crafted of fine, 295-thread count cotton twill, combining extreme durability and lightness of weight with eco-friendly standards. Interestingly enough, there are different versions for those preferring different levels of warmth. Depending on the comforter’s weight, light, medium and heavy, you will get a differently designed product, offering slight warmth all the way to super, extra hot warmth. It is currently on sale on Amazon, costing $129.00.

Pendleton: Luxury PrimaLoft Down Alternative Vintage Wash Grey Comforter – Diamond Pattern

Luxury PrimaLoft Down Alternative Vintage Wash Grey Comforter – Diamond Pattern

Silky feeling and vintage styled, Pendleton’s PrimaLoft Comforter is an excellent alternative to typical down comforters. It is filled up to the brink with hypoallergenic PrimaLoft, offering you significant warmth without all the allergies typically associated with down comforters and has beautiful diamonds sewn all over it. It is machine washable and dry-able, making taking care of it easy as cake. This is sized specifically for oversized king bed’s: Its dimensions are 96 X 108 X 1.5 inches. It weighs about 8.8 pounds. It is currently listed at $199.99 in Amazon.

The Company Store: LaCrosse PrimaLoft Medium Comforter Queen White

LaCrosse PrimaLoft Medium Comforter Queen White

This is the costlier product on our list, but The Company Store’s PrimaLoft Queen-sized comforter is well worth it. It is handcrafted, made of an exclusive PrimaLoft Deluxe fill that mimics all the strengths of down while keeping none of its cons: The product is thus completely allergy free and can easily be enjoyed by all those who have allergies to down. There are three warmth levels to satisfy all kinds of sleep styles, depending on the products weight: Light, medium and extra-warmth weights are available. The comforter is expertly finished with a double needle top-stitch featuring corner loops that can be attached to the corner ties of duvet covers to hold it steadily in place. The product currently has a 5 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon. And it does so for a good reason. It is currently listed at $209.00 plus the cost of shipping. If you can afford it, we would strongly advise you to give it a try.


PrimaLoft products are for those who take their sleeping and comfort seriously. Investing in getting one is a sound choice and will allow you to circumvent any down allergies you might have. All the aforementioned products are of great quality and utilize the amazing PrimaLoft blend to ensure you get your money’s worth back. They say you get what you pay for. And with PrimaLoft comforters, that saying could not have been any more true.

Best Color for a Bedroom

Color for a Bedroom

Your bedroom is your oasis of restoration. It is the place you go to rest your tired limbs after a heavy day at work. It is the place you cry your heart out after a particularly frustrating day or a heartbreak. You kiss your better half and make them feel special from the bedroom. Don’t you think that such a place need careful selection of color to go with its many functions?

The color you will choose for your bedroom make it look serene, organized and comfortable. The color you choose will radiate soothing ambiance. The shades and hues of the color will evoke passion and love. You are well advised to avoid shouting and energetic colors…your bedroom is not an exercise room. It is the place you go to relax and unwind in.

How to Choose the Best Color for Your Bedroom

Match Your Color Scheme to Your Furniture

Bedroom interior

You probably already have furniture in your bedroom. You are well advised to use the color scheme of your pieces such as bedspreads, chairs, and rugs on the floor. Try the paint color that closely follows those hues. Introducing a new color scheme will just clash or make your bedroom seem a bit too busy which is not good for relaxation.

Try Complementary Colors

Use a color wheel to look for a color that complements the furniture in your bedroom. A good strategy would be the colors at the opposite ends of a color wheel. For examples of complementary colors include violet and yellow, green and red, and orange and blue. A subtle hue to go with the dominant color will go very well. You can use paint alone or mix different colors to achieve the scheme you want.

Use Monochromatic and Closely Related Colors

To keep things a little bit mellow, you are well advised to use colors that are close to each other on the color wheel, however, you can differentiate them by applying different tones. The colors will have the same hues and thus appear stylish with uniformed appeal.

Choose a Style/Theme that States Who You Are

Best Color for a Bedroom

Don’t tear apart your personality by using a paint color that does not match your disposition. You can for example use the neutral colors – white and black - with a twist of apricot or cinnamon hue for your modern bedroom space or use ivory and other rich hues such as ivory in more traditional bedrooms.

Only Use Bold Colors for Accents

Never use the dominant, energetic colors in a bedroom as they can be too overwhelming. However, they are a great option for a toned down shade or as sparse splashes to accentuate other design details in your bedroom.

Add Drama to Your Wall Using Multiple Colors

Traditionally, bedrooms are painted in one boring color. To add drama to your bedroom, paint one of your bedroom walls in a different color. Note that the shade on this separate wall should be brighter than the rest to accentuate its depth.

Do Not Commit To a Color before Trying It

The common practice is to paint a corner of the wall of your bedroom, switch on the lights and see how it looks. If it looks great, then you can paint the rest of the walls. Otherwise, try another selection of paints until you stumble on the one that best works for you.

The Psychology of Color

Lighter Shades Give an Open Appearance

If you have a small bedroom, you may want to use the lighter shades which will make it appear larger and more open. If your bedroom is big, you are free to experiment with rich and bright hues which make the space look smaller and cozier. Do not compromise ambience on your quest to make your bedroom appear bigger or smaller.

Ceiling Colors

The ceiling can give you a change of mood depending on the color you have put on the walls. Low hanging ceilings should have light yellow or white color to make them feel opened up while high ceilings should feature shades that are darker to give your bedroom a feeling of coziness. A warm and enclosed space is great when you want to relax and unwind.

What is the Difference between Cool and Warm Colors?

Either of these colors would be great for you. Warm colors promote a feeling of coziness and the cool colors promote a feeling of calmness. Warm colors shades are energizing but a little bit oppressive while cool colors are relaxing and calming.

Warmth and Passion

Rich shades in burnt orange and red burgundy promote passion and warmth in your bedroom while neon shades create an overwhelming, energetic and vibrant space. Shades of orange and red are best put in a master bedroom where couples want to rekindle their intimacy.

Shades of Yellow

The golden hues of yellow make your bedroom feel warm by creating an illusion of additional light. Do not use sharp yellow as it is too dramatic for a bedroom. You will not be disappointed by trying this color.

The Airy and Cleansing Blue

Light blue hues are sort of what you see in the sky and on the seal they create a feeling of openness and free ambience. For a more sobering effect you can use the deep or medium blues as they can also be very soothing.

Best Color for a Bedroom

Serenity and Romance with Violet

Violet is the color of romance. It is not as energetic as pink or red. It lies on the cool side of the color wheel. Violet represents harmonic sensation and peaceful, lavender-like feel to it.

Nature is Your Best Teacher

You will borrow from the nature the best bedroom colors. Nature has medium to dark brown soothing effects. It lights up with light green and gives a feeling of openness using the blue in the sky and the ocean. Don’t overdo it though.

Neutral Colors Also Work

Neutral colors work with any other color. Use them as the main color scheme if you have no bright ideas of how your bedroom should look.

Always put your bed in front of the wall you have painted. It should also be the wall you see the moment you step into your bedroom. Add a decorative finish and yours will be a bedroom you will love to retire to after a hard day.

Top 7 Toddler Comforters

Batman bedding set 4Pcs for toddlers

Comfort and attractiveness of the bed will make it easier to put a toddler to sleep. Children love colors because they are very attractive in their sight and will attract their attention, so a bed that is comfortable, colorful, and has drawings of animals or out of space will attract your child attention and make him or her spend more time in that bed even when the child is awake and you not close by, they will tend to feel more secure on a bed of this type, and rarely go to mourn. This article gives an overview of some baby comforters/quilts that you can buy for your child.

1. Mackenza Crib Fill Power Down Comforter

This quilt is one of the best on the market and I personally recommend due to the fact that it is made from 100% cotton.


Mackenza Crib Fill Power Down Comforter
  • Material is 100% cotton made
  • Details of 100% cotton material Cambric
  • ​Gender neutral
  • Washing process - machine wash

Why buy this Comforter?

  • This quilt ensures that the baby stays warm, protected and comfortable during sleeping
  • The Mackenza Crib only requires low maintenance
  • ​A spring high quality filling makes it soft in the handle and acts as an insulating material
  • ​It can be washed easily in the machine with warm water and a mild detergent.
  • ​It has a pure white with a strong motive look elegant
  • It is available in various sizes that can be chosen for your baby depending on the size of the crib

2. Batman bedding set 4Pcs for toddlers

For young children who are addicted to superheroes and if your child loves Batman, then this is the best comforter for such a young child.


Batman bedding set 4Pcs for toddlers
  • Type is Polyester material made
  • With a weight of 2.2 lbs,
  • ​Available in bold color gray, dark blue, light blue, black, yellow and white
  • ​Dimensions: 12.5 x 10.2 x 4.7 inches

Why buy this Comforter?

  • Made of 100% polyester microfiber soft. This will maximize the coziness that the toddler will enjoy on this comforter.
  • You do not need to worry about washing by hand as is machine washable in cold water
  • Lower prices because it costs only about $ 39 to $ 45

3. Eddie Bauer Enchanted Hollow 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set

If you do not know what kind of quilt fits your toddlers gender, then this is what you should buy because it can be for boys and girls or even best for a set of twins.


  • Theme: Animals sorcery forest excavated
  • Cotton made
  • ​Weigh-5 lbs
  • ​Size:
  • ​44L x 36W inch (Assistant)
  • X 11H 157L inch (Bumper)
  • 52L x 28W inch (sheet)

Why buy this Comforter?

  • This comforter comes with duvets, dust ruffles and bumpers
  • Made from 100% pure cotton
  • ​Dark red, roasted chestnuts and green forest, this combination will attract your child
  • This crib set is decorated with pet friend that is favorite to your baby
  • ​Your bed set will keep its color and softness even after frequent washing

4. Minnies fluttery Friends 4 Piece Children's Bedding Set

This was done specifically for the girls, so if you have a little girl, this quilt will be a good choice.


  • Purple in color
  • Made of polyester material
  • ​Details of the Material 100% Polyester
  • ​Flat sheet 45 "W x 60" L
  • Sheet equipped 28 "W x 52" L
  • ​Pillow 20 '' H x 30 '' W
  • ​Duvet cover / duvet-57 '' W x 42 '' W
  • Weight- is 2.4 lbs in total

Why buy this Comforter?

  • It comes with a top sheet duvet, fitted sheet and pillowcase, all with vivid colors and fun design. Minnie Mouse is sure to brighten up a girl piece
  • You will be able to Machine wash in cold water saving on cost to heating wter
  • Minnie and flutter friends fly over this soft child bedding set, which is full of flowers. Your little one will like to go to bed with Minnie and his friends

5. Star Wars Full Bedding Set Rebels Fight Comforter Sheets

I love this comforter I think I will buy one for my secret room, yup! Why should the toddlers only be the ones getting the awesome things? This Comforter is great your little child will love and believe me you might end up sharing a bed with your child every time just because of this Comforter.


Star Wars Full Bedding Set Rebels Fight Comforter Sheets
  • A full size duvet size, the (183 x 218 cm) is about 72 x 86 inches.
  • A full sheet of the flat bed, the final size of 81 x 96 inches (206 x 244 cm).
  • ​A completely filled sheet. The two sheets above suitable full of standard mattress 54 x 75 inches.
  • ​Two standard pillow cases, each with a final setting pillow from size 20 x 30 inches to 20 x 26
  • Materialien100% Polyester

Why buy this Comforter?

  • High quality polyester microfiber. This will maximize comfort during sleep
  • The comforter is reversible. Get two looks in one
  • ​This product is manufactured under license. Hence you are assured of your toddler’s safety
  • ​Machine washable, no stress when it gets dirty as you will not have to wash it by yourself

6. Delta Wood Bed, Nick Jr. Paw Patrol

Delta Wood Bed, Nick Jr. Paw Patrol

This is another best quilt for all fans of the Paw patrol and if your child is one of them, then surely he/she will fall in love with this comforter.


  • Dimensions: 54.53 "x 29.92 x 18.90 L" W "H
  • Total weight is 42 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity is 50lbs

Why buy this Comforter?

  • It is designed with high walls that serve as barriers that give your child the independence they dream of, while keeping them safe at night.
  • Wood Nick Jr. Paw Patrol Children's Delta Delta Bed will definitely make live the excitement of a life-saving adventure full of rescue action in your child's room is a must-have for any Paw Ptrol fan

7. Nickelodeon Sponge Bob Mr Awesome Twin Sheet Set

Every child loves SpongeBob Square Pants hence this is for both sex female and male. It features so much of Patrick and SpongeBob, as they are "out of the water" on a mission to find the superheroes of missing recipes save Bikini Bottom Mal Burger Barba.


Spongebob Movie Sponge Out of Water Reversible Microfiber
  • Washable in a machine using cold water
  • Twin-set includes: flat sheet (66 "x 96"), fitted sheet (39 "x 75") and pad (20 "x 26")
  • ​Solids content: 100% polyester
  • The complete system includes the flat sheet (81 "x 96"), fitted sheet (54 "x 75") and two covers (20 "x 26")

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