How To Choose A Bedding Set In 4 Steps

1. Shop for your bedding set by size

Some sets are only available in one size so pick the right size before you fall in love with a design.  This is easy to do if you’re shopping online. Amazon lets you sort bedding sets by size:

2. Choose your bedding set by pattern and color

It goes without saying that you should choose a design you like!

I want to encourage you to take the extra step and make sure your new bedding matches and coordinates with the rest of your room too.

Color matching is easy as pie once you know how to use a color wheel.  Look at the wheel below and you’ll see that all colors that are connected with a black line match!
Match Your Bedding To Your Wall Paint

3. Check the fabric in your bedding set

You’ll want to look out for two things here.
First you should choose bedding sets made with natural fabrics.  Here are some sets made with cotton, silk, and bamboo.  Natural fabrics are better because they allow air to circulate.  Cheaper bedding made with polyester traps in moisture which means you’ll wake up covered in sweat.

1000 thread count bamboo comforter cover

Don’t these 1000+ thread count sheets look so soft and comfy?

Secondly you should make sure the fabric is high quality with a high thread count.  My absolute lowest limit when shopping for bedding is 200 thread count.  Anything below 200 will feel like sandpaper against your skin.  If you really want to live in luxury, splurge a little (it’ll still cost less than a good down comforter) on 1000+ thread count sheets.  You’ll feel like you’re sleeping on sheets of lotion.  I guarantee you’ll never be able to go back to regular low thread count sheets.

4. Make sure your down comforter bedding set is complete

1000 thread count egyptian cotton duvet cover set so soft and inviting

Check twice and pay once. Not the other way around!

This step isn’t the most obvious, but you’ll be surprised at how many bedding sets try to cheat you out of a pillowcase or fitted sheet!

Most good quality bedding sets will come with the following:

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  • 2 pillowcases
  • a fitted sheet (this goes on top of the bed)
  • a top sheet (this is the sheet that goes on top of you)
  • and a comforter or duvet cover (don’t get the sets with a comforter, they’re cheap and can’t be replaced)

Double check that your set comes with a duvet cover and two pillowcases.  And not just one pillowcase unless you don’t mind having one odd mismatched pillow in the middle of your new perfectly made bed.

Ready to shop? I’ve found some complete bedding sets with duvet covers here at