A Guide to Pacific Coast Feather Company

The Pacific Coast Feather Company is one of the largest textile and bedding producers in the United States. With an almost 100 year history, their main products have been feather filled bedding including goose down comforters, pillows, and feather beds.

Based in Seattle, the Pacific Coast Feather Company is run by the Hanauer family and is an American manufacturing company. Their dedication to American-made materials and American artisans and craftsmen ensures a high quality product that has withstood the tests of time.

They’ve received many “Best of” awards from Good Housekeeping and it’s no wonder that Pacific Coast Feather Company’s goose down comforters are found in many 4 and 5 star hotels. With the convenience of online shopping, these luxurious comforters and pillows are now available to the average family at affordable prices.

Why Is Pacific Coast Bedding So Special?

Pacific Coast Goose Down Bedding is known for its high quality down feather filled duvets, pillows, and feather beds. What separates Pacific Coast from other textile manufacturers is their dedication to quality materials such as high thread count fabrics.

Pacific Coast sources and makes all their products locally in North America.

With 8 manufacturing plants in North America, they have maintained high quality standards in stitching their down comforters. These details and differences in construction is what makes Pacific Coast bedding so durable and long-lasting with proper care.

Pacific Coast Down Feather Products

Pacific Coast is most famous for their high quality goose down comforters. A combination of high thread count fabrics, high fill power goose down feathers, and durable baffle box stitching has separated Pacific Coast down comforters from other competitors and made Pacific Coast a standard in many 4 and 5 star hotels.

Besides feather comforters the Pacific Coast line of products also includes feather pillows in different sizes and softness. Larger king sized or body sized pillows as well as lighter soft and high loft pillows are available for all types of sleepers.

As if a premium goose down feather comforter and down filled pillow are not luxurious enough, Pacific Coast feather beds are the next step in creating the greatest luxury sleeping experience. The high quality feathers and durable high thread count fabric used in creating these feather beds means less shifting of feathers and less painful pricks from feathers poking through the fabric.

Shopping for Pacific Coast Feather Bedding

To find the best choice of Pacific Coast bedding, I highly recommend going directly to their website. The Pacific Coast website lists the full collection of products in their luxury down comforter, down pillow, feather bed, and duvet cover lines. Not only that, they also have occasional 20% discounts and bedding set discounts on top of their low direct from the manufacturer prices.

Pacific Coast Down Comforter Reviews

I’ve only tried a couple of Pacific Coast’s comforters and from those experiences, Pacific Coast makes quality down bedding.  They pay careful attention to everything from the quality of materials to the durability and craftsmanship of their products.  While the prices for the high-end comforters may seem high, it more than pays off as you won’t have to buy a new comforter to replace them after a few years.

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You can read my review of my Pacific Coast down comforter here.

How To Take Care Of Your Pacific Coast Feather Bedding

Follow our guide to washing and caring for your goose down comforter. Never use harsh bleach or rough wash treatments to clean your down bedding. Chemical cleansers and hot water will damage the protective outer fabric of your bedding and over time will wear down the stitching holding the feathers in place.