What’s the Best Mattress for Light Sleepers

Couple Sleeping In A Comfortable Bed

Is there a way to choose a mattress for light sleepers? What would be the budget, motion transfer and materials used to make such a mattress? If you are able to answer these questions and you are a light sleeper, then you are sorted for a good night’s sleep. Read on.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is especially important when you are a couple. It is not funny at all when you are just trying to catch up with your sleep after a few days of work only to have your partner roll over you. You would want to get a mattress with low motion transfer to ensure that light sleepers are not disturbed during the sleeping hours.

Among the mattresses with the best motion transfer characteristics are the memory foam mattresses. Their construction is designed to help absorb or dissipate motion energy. They have an awesome feel that ensures everybody sleeps comfortably.

If you cannot get a foam mattress, then there are a few compromises such as polymer, hybrid and latex mattresses. They are a considerable improvement to the traditional coil mattresses. Unfortunately, their bounce response and sinking feeling is still there.


A mattress for a light sleeper should evenly support your body in all its sleeping positions. The spinal alignment is especially important to ensure that the light sleeper doesn’t toss and turn throughout the night. A basic quality mattress must meet these sort of requirements for light sleepers.

The sinking feeling is created when the heavier sleeper toss over to the center of the mattress and create a gradient which means the light sleeper will roll over their partner. This additional motion transfer interferes with the sleep of both partners.

Sex Convenience

Other than light sleeping, a mismatched couple will need to look into the bounce, edge support and comfort when engaging in their amorous activities. Note that the bounce and response time goes hand in hand as the higher the bounce response the better the push back feels. Most modern foam mattresses are made with very good response level and bounce.

Great Feel and Firmness

If you are a light sleeper, then you need to understand the characteristics of a mattress as far as firmness and feel are concerned. Most mattresses are made for universal adaptive feel, which means they are within the medium firmness spectrum. They are designed to accommodate any body weight, type and sleeping positions.

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A great mattress should have about 2 inches of hyper-elastic polymer, 3.5 inches of polyurethane foam and 4 inches of polyurethane foam, all arranged in that order. If you choose the universal mattress, then you can have a split option of split king or split queen.

Most mattresses manufacturing companies make them in different categories namely firm, medium and soft. They however keep all the other aesthetics and size. The most popular manufacturers of the split mattresses include; Brooklyn Bedding, Nest Bedding’s Love & Sleep, Leesa and Amerisleep’s Americana.

Recommended Mattresses for Light Sleepers

The list below gives the best mattress for light sleepers. They stress on factors such as support, motion transfer, firmness and adaptive designs.

Loom & Leaf

This mattress is 12-inches thick. It has 4 rather than 3 layers that are found on other foam mattresses. It is ideal for light sleepers who also have back problems and it is for this reason that it has been approved by chiropractors. The multiple layers also mean that it is good for the spine alignment. Buy this mattress and you have a luxury bed in your house.

Mattress Score

Score For light Sleepers9.7 out of 10
Customer Satisfaction9 out of 10
Price to Value Rating9.2 out of 10
Back Support Rating8.7 out of 10
Price$699 to $1499


This foam mattress was launched in 2017 and comes with a few differentiators to its competitors including the fact that it is softer than most. It has a medium feel than medium firm and comes with a full year trial and a warranty that lasts as long as the mattress. The Nectar mattress has a CertiPUR-S foams that don’t emit toxic gases. Its pricing is also competitive.

Score For light Sleepers9.5 out of 10
Customer Satisfaction9.3 out of 10
Price to Value Rating9.7 out of 10
Back Support Rating9.3 out of 10
Price$ 500 to $900

Sapira Sleep

Sapira is one of the newest foam mattresses to be released by Leesa. The mattress is thicker than its competitors and comes with hybrid layers of coils at its base. It has 3 layers of foam above the coil, enabling it to have a comforting feel as well as a balancing all over the bed. The Sapira Sleep is the best hybrid mattress for light sleepers in the market today.

Score For light Sleepers9.5 out of 10
Customer Satisfaction9.8 out of 10
Price to Value Rating10 out of 10
Back Support Rating9.4 out of 10
Price$975 to $1775


The Winkbeds is a hybrid mattress that aims at disrupting the mattresses’ luxury market. The mattress features multiple layers of coils, coolControl mattress base and the sort of technology that light sleepers need to have a comfortable night’s sleep.

Score For light Sleepers9.4 out of 10
Customer Satisfaction9.3 out of 10
Price to Value Rating9.3 out of 10
Back Support Rating9.5 out of 10
Price$749 to $ 1549


Leesa is a foam mattress with three layers. The first layer is the avena curved foam, the middle layer is the one memory foam and the last is a support foam layer. According to B-Corp, this is one of the most reviewed mattresses.

Score For light Sleepers9.4 out of 10
Customer Satisfaction9.5 out of 10
Price to Value Rating9.3 out of 10
Back Support Rating9.5 out of 10
Price$ 525 to $990