Best Down Comforters – Top 3 Budget and Luxury

The Best Down Comforters Of 2016

After more than 40 days of research and trying 30 different comforters, I found 6 down comforters that are consistently better than all the other brands. This is my list of the best down comforter brands. I hope this makes it easier for you to do your research.

Are Quality Comforters Always Expensive?

I know that not everybody has thousands of dollars to spend on a goose down comforter. That’s why I’ve split the list into two parts. The first part lists the top 3 goose down duvets that cost less than $300. The second list includes the top rated down comforters that cost more than $300. Use this guide to find the perfect comforter that fits your budget.

6 best down comforters for your money

Top Rated Comforter Brands By Price

So here it is! Without further ado, here are my top goose down bedding choices from inexpensive to the top of the line. These comforters and brands were chosen based on several criteria including:

  • quality of materials and manufacturing
  • customer service
  • buyer reviews
  • and value you get for your money.

Top 3 Budget Friendly Goose Down Comforters

At an affordable price under $300, these comforters are a good choices for your first down comforter. Not too warm or too luxurious, these are the perfect comforters for year-round use.

#1 Pacific Coast Grandia Classic Weight Year Round Comforter

The best down comforter for year round use

Pacific Coast Classic Weight Down Comforter At under $200, this comforter made Good Housekeeping’s list of the best rated down comforters in the budget category.

The Grandia Classic Weight down comforter from Pacific Coast is a year-round medium warmth comforter. It is unique in that it is one of the few hypoallergenic goose down comforters on the market. Filled with 525 fill power “hyperclean” goose down, this is the perfect choice during cool spring/fall weather. This year-round duvet will keep you warm even if you keep the thermostat down below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.


#2 Pinzon Pyrenees White Goose Down Comforter

#1 best-seller on Amazon

Pinzon Pyrenees White Goose Down Comforter Buyer ReviewsA great entry level comforter with high end features. Pinzon is’s house brand for bedding and linens – like how Costco rebrands their products under the Kirkland brand. Amazon’s Pinzon branded comforters are actually manufactured by Downlite, the company that also makes down filled bedding for Eddie Bauer, Bloomingdales, and other high-end retailers.

This 600 fill power white goose down comforter with 400 thread count cotton fabric is a steal at the Amazon exclusive price of under $200. The comforter is filled with European Pyrenees down and has features often seen in $400+ comforters such as real baffle boxes, white goose down, and 1″ gusseted side walls. As this is an Amazon product it is covered under their generous a-to-z returns and exchanges guarantee.


#3 Blue Ridge Home Fashion 1000 TC European White Goose Down Comforter

The best duvet for the money

Blue Ridge Home Fashion 1000 TC European White Goose Down Comforter

A bit more costly than the above (still in the mid-$200s), but one of the few comforters that have a 1000 thread count shell that will give a feeling of a premium  comforter with a relatively inexpensive price point.

While this comforter costs a bit more than the Pinzon Pyrenees, this Blue Ridge white goose down boasts 700 fill power goose down and a 1000 thread count cotton shell that just cannot be beat for the price. Goose down that is this warm and lofty and cotton so silky and smooth is usually only seen in $600+ comforters.


The 3 Best Luxury Goose Down Comforters

Bedding connoisseurs will appreciate the attention to detail and exclusive materials that are used to create these luxurious comforters. Extra stitching prevents down from shifting to the edges of the comforter. True baffle boxes give your comforter an extra 2″ of loft. Only the very warmest Northern European white goose down and tightly woven European cotton fabrics will do.

#1 Pacific Coast Ultimate Extra Warmth White Goose Down Comforter

The best-rated comforter for winter

Pacific Coast Ultimate Extra Warmth White Goose Down Comforter This oversized comforter wraps you in a dream of warmth and lightness and is big enough to fit California king beds. What more could you ask for?

By far one of the warmest and lightest comforters you can buy under $1000. Made in the USA with 600 fill power white goose down and 500 thread-count Egyptian cotton. Luxurious imported white goose down combined with true baffle boxes means this comforter will expand to 3+” when fluffed. Superior quality white goose down is lighter than regular down and yet warm enough for Northern European winters.


#2 Warm Things Supremium Baffle Box Medium Weight Hungarian Goose Down Comforter

The best combination of quality materials & construction on the market

Warm Things Supremium Hungarian Goose Down Comforter Brrr… subzero winter temperatures require an extra warm goose down duvet to snuggle under.

This superior quality comforter is made with Hungarian goose down which is even warmer than regular down. The supremium model is the highest grade of comforter available from Warm Things. The supremium will keep even the coldest of feet toasty warm through the night!


#3 Pacific Coast Luxury Goose Down Comforter

Real Simple Magazine’s best-rated down duvet

Review Of Luxury Down Comforter By Pacific Coast If you are looking for one of the very best comforters with the highest fill power white goose down and a buttery smooth cotton shell, then this is it.

Pacific Coast’s Luxury Goose Down Comforter is filled with divine 700 fill power goose down, the highest quality down you can find short of buying a $10000 eiderdown comforter. High quality craftsmanship and attention to detail combined with premium white goose down makes this one of the warmest and coziest comforters I have ever come across. “Real Simple” magazine thinks so too! This comforter was chosen as the best down comforter for year round use by “Real Simple”.


This list will be updated so be sure to bookmark this page or sign up for updates.

Prices & Shopping Comparison

Here’s a quick and handy summary so you can compare each brand side by side.

I Want...The Best Down ComforterRating
Why I Love It
Price Range*Shop
A classic down comforter by a company with solid customer service that I can use all year long.Best Down Comforters – Top 3 Budget and Luxury
Pacific Coast Grandia Classic Weight Year Round Comforter

Comes with a 10 year warranty.

Prices start at under $200.

One of the few down comforters with 525+ fill power down at this price point.
$179-$229Check Prices
A luxurious white goose down comforter with silky soft high thread count cotton and extra warm and light white goose down inside.Best Down Comforters – Top 3 Budget and Luxury
Pinzon Pyrenees White Goose Down Comforter

The only down comforter for less than $400 with real baffle boxes.

Made with lotion-y smooth 400 thread count cotton.

Filled with 600 fill power goose down that's warm enough for Canadian winters.

1" gusset walls keeps down from shifting to the edges and gives the comforter extra loft.
$189-$245Check Prices
An extra warm down comforter for winter use that costs less than $150.Best Down Comforters – Top 3 Budget and Luxury
Royal Hotel Siberian White Goose Down Comforter

The only "extra warm" down comforter that you can buy for under $150.

Filled with Northern European goose down that can keep you warm even during the coldest snowstorms.
$130-$140Check Prices
A luxurious down comforter that fluffs up to over 3" high. The perfect comforter for oversized California King beds.Best Down Comforters – Top 3 Budget and Luxury
Pacific Coast Ultimate Extra Warmth White Goose Down Comforter

Available in hard to find sizes like California King

Special pillow like baffle box construction lets the goose down fluff up to 3" of loft.

Comes with a 10 year manufacturer's warranty.
$449 - $649Check Prices
An extra warm comforter with real baffle boxes and high fill power European goose down for less than $450.Best Down Comforters – Top 3 Budget and Luxury
Warm Things Supremium Hungarian Goose Down Comforter

One of the few comforters with European goose down for less than $400.

True baffle box construction and 700 fill power goose down means this comforter will expand to over 2" high when fluffed.
$301-$485Check Prices
A goose down comforter made with the finest materials so I can sleep like royalty.Best Down Comforters – Top 3 Budget and Luxury
Pacific Coast Luxury Goose Down Comforter

Filled with 700 fill power goose down - the warmest and lightest down you can buy short of eiderdown which costs thousands of dollars.

The silky smooth 680 thread count cotton shell will make you feel like royalty.
$599-$699Check Prices

*at the time of publication

Are you looking for something more specific? The comforters mentioned in this list are medium warmth comforters that are perfect for year-round use and average winters. This means that you’ll find them to be warm enough if you keep your bedroom around 50F-75F. Some of you have special circumstances and would be better off with other choices.

You might need a light or summer weight down blanket instead if…

  • You live in the tropics or the South – in Florida, Texas, or Asia – where it is both hot and muggy throughout the year.
  • You are always hot and wake up soaking wet in sweat under normal comforters that most people say are fine.
  • You want the fluffiness and lightness of a down comforter without the warmth. Some people are cuddlers and absolutely cannot live without their down bedding even during the summer when it’s 90F+ outside.

If any of these descriptions apply to you, then you would be better off with one of the recommended down blankets on this list.

If you came here because you want to replicate the amazing bed you slept in at a 5 star hotel…

Then you will want to get the same bedding that the top hotels use! I did a bit of sleuthing and information gathering and found out which hotels use which brands of down comforters in their chains. Fortunately almost 80% of the down comforters, feather beds/mattress toppers, and pillows at the top hotles are supplied by 2-3 companies and the bedding manufacturers do sell the same products to the public too! Check out my guide to hotel collection down comforters, feather beds, and pillows if you want to replicate the 5-star experience at home.

What about other brands of comforters like LL Bean, Pottery Barn, or Eddie Bauer?

Here’s a secret that you may not know about “brand name” bedding. Most of these comforters are outsourced and manufactured by a down bedding company that sticks on the retailers tag to their product. You can get the very same products at a much lower price – sometimes as much as 50% off – if you buy the “non-name brand” versions. For example, did you know that the Pinzon Pyrenees comforter mentioned above is actually made by the same company that makes down comforters for Macys and Eddie Bauer? The only difference you’ll notice is in the price tag! You can save almost $80 (for the King size comforter) if you buy the Pinzon comforter instead.

9 comments on “Best Down Comforters – Top 3 Budget and Luxury
  1. Laurie Morales says:

    I am looking for an eiderdown comforter, twin size just to snuggle myself in. Do you have a recommended company?

  2. Kay says:


    Two companies come to mind for eiderdown comforters:
    1. Daniadown
    2. Cuddledown

    Both of these comforters are available in twin size and the Cuddledown comforter has 6 different levels of warmth. Both comforters have baffle boxes and the outer fabric is made in Switzerland/Germany.

    I really like both of these companies since they’re still owned and run by the original founding companies.
    Most of the other big brands have been bought out and the manufacturing has moved overseas where labor and materials are cheaper.
    Both Cuddledown and Daniadown remain as the last companies that make niche products like eiderdown comforters by hand with strict quality standards.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Shawna says:

    I’m looking for a down comforter but in black. Do they make them?

  4. Kay says:

    Hi Shawna,

    All I could find were black down alternative comforters.

    What about a black duvet/cover over a regular down comforter? There’s some really nice high thread count covers for less than $30.

  5. Lisa says:


    I have a question to ask instead of a comment.
    I have many painful medical conditions that keep me in bed a lot year round. I accept the illnesses, but I am so frustrated with not being able to find comfort at least with my bed.

    Insomnia is one of my problems, making comfort an extreme necessity to help lull me to sleep and keep me asleep!
    I have a very hot body temperature in general, so sleeping with covers of course adds to the problem. To get comfortable enough to sleep; I like to be able to snuggle under a lite, soft, fluffy comforter. I have about given up on believing I can find a fluffy oversized down comforter for a cal king, yet does not let me stay cool enough even with fans on me. I have tried the alternatives and just regular comforters, they all make me hot also. The bed I have is supposed to keep one cool even that does not work, and (it broke the non existent bank). I had friends try this bed to see if they felt it was cool, they agreed with me it was nothing like the one I tried in the store. I am so tired of being ripped off and promised things that don’t come true!
    Is it really too much to ask for a reasonably priced, very fluffy, soft, lite down comforter to help me sleep? I am so desperate for sleep! Trying to sleep with just sheets and a blanket so I don’t sweat, does not comfort me therefore, I sleep very little and my illnesses get worse. Any new suggestions to give me some hope would be greatly appreciated!!!

  6. Kay says:

    Hello Lisa,

    I know exactly what you’re looking for. We have the same problem with bedding when we’re in the tropics in S.E. Asia. We’re used to sleeping with soft fluffy comforters and feather beds from our time in Europe, but the stifling heat, humidity, and sweat drive us crazy and keep us up at night. Until we found the right combination of bedding we barely survived on 3-4 hours of sleep every night as we’d wake up drenched in sweat at 3am every night.

    It’s still above 90F degrees with 80%-100% humidity here so I really feel your pain right now!

    So far we’ve settled on a combination of:

    1. A thinner down blanket with special stitching to create “fluff” & loft without the extra weight of lots of down feathers. We use this one from Pacific Coast. It’s as thin as a blanket but each section of the blanket is stitched/tufted so it puffs up like little pyramids. This way it feels fluffy like a comforter, but it’s not heavy or overwhelming. We’re using the Queen size, but their King size measures 112″x98″ so it should work with a Cal-king bed too.
    2. I know everybody says that cotton is the best fabric for hot weather, but we’ve found that in Asia people favor silk as the smoothness feels cooler than cotton against your skin. I figure people here would know better than we do since they do live in the tropics! The material does have to be real “mulberry silk” though and not satin since satin traps heat and moisture. You can get real silk sheets for around $150 as long as you’re not looking for fancy patterns.
    3. As for the mattress, we avoid anything with latex or memory foam because those materials just don’t breathe! There’s no need for special mattresses as all you need to do is to elevate your body off the mattress so you can get some cool airflow between your body and the mattress. A thin bamboo or tatami mat like these really helps a lot. The mat can go under or over your bedsheets. I feel a bit like my grandparents whenever I roll out the mats as this is what beds and pillows are traditionally constructed of over here, but it really does work! I still slip the mat under my sheets because the mat will bunch and shift otherwise.
    4. I see you already use a fan, but I’m going to include this since other readers might find it helpful. A fan aimed at our stomach/feet to create air flow in the room works wonders even if you already have the AC on. It’s amazing how much this helps with my breathing and sweatiness even though it doesn’t decrease the temperature of the room.

    I hope this helps!

  7. VicKy says:

    I would like to buy a goose down comforter very good quality

  8. Marlene says:

    Do these companies carry the Downmark quality guarantee?

  9. Kay says:

    Hello Marlene,

    Downmark is a Canadian association and as such, the companies that carry the Downmark guarantee are Canadian based. The brands on this list are all American companies, so they are not registered with Downmark, however I do know that two of my favorite brands, Highland Feather and Daniadown, make comforters that carry the Downmark quality guarantee. I recently wrote a short comparison of Daniadown vs. Highland Feather’s comforters here.

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